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Taylor Swift’s Baby Pictures


Taylor Swift and her mom


Taylor Swift is the biggest star in the world right now, she is even more than that, she is a role model for many, miss perfect and the apotheosis of achievement, selling millions of records in a music world where nobody is selling anything anymore.

Iman adores her, but I find her to be a rather boring and calculating woman, while her songs are predictable and commercial,… but what do I know, she has been nominated for more than 470 awards and has won 231! Plus there is now no distinction we can possibly make between the mainstream world and the indie world, as there is no difference between her and Ryan Adams anymore! That was a shock to me.

But what do we know about her? Have you already seen her when she was a baby, a toddler, a teen? It’s now done with these 30 pictures of Taylor Swift posted on Twentytwowords. I stole a few of them, and look at this little girl, she is all about confidence and determination! Damn, she looked right at the camera in each of these pictures! Her lips are so red, was she already wearing that famous lipstick? It’s funny how you could predict her future just at looking at these photos.

She is this little blonde girl who seems to tell us, be prepared, I am going to crush the music industry in a few years, will have my squad, a A-list of actors and models whom I will call ‘close friends’, I will dominate the world and even make Kanye eat in my hands… yeap this little girl says all this in her daring stare. I will pick my boyfriends among the elite, and I don’t care if some of them will be considered as the elite of the douchebaggery.

Actually no gossipy detail has never stopped Taylor to do whatever she wanted, she has always seen the big picture, he is a DJ, very successful and relatively good looking, means he is the key to success. Taylor is all about appearances, good ones, perfect ones, she changes hers for each one of her albums, boyfriends come and go but her career is her most serious commitment in her life. She does not want any famous and powerful people to be against her, they are all part of her squad, and they have no choice… yes I see all that in that little girl’s stare.


Taylor Swift is a winner

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