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‘StarCrowd’: A Revolutionary New Music Platform and TV Show

Co-Founded By 5-Time Grammy Winner/Producer/Songwriter Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd (Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Sam Smith, Skrillex, “Despacito”)

Shifts Power Back to Independent Music Artists and Fans

Indie Artists Can Now Sign Up/Audition on The New StarCrowd Platform For A Chance To Appear in The First Season of the StarCrowd TV Show


StarCrowd is a combination of Shark Tank meets The Voice meets American Idol meets GoFundMe”- Poo Bear

StarCrowd is a new online music/investment platform co-founded by superstar songwriter Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, a 5-time Grammy Award winning songwriter/producer for superstars like Justin Bieber, Usher, Rihanna, Skrillex, Sam Smith, and mega #1 hits like “Despacito” and many others. The StarCrowd platform is integrated with an “American Idol” style online TV show where fans can make micro equity investments (i.e., buy ownership) in promising contestants — rather than just vote.

For the first time ever, StarCrowd allows regular everyday fans to invest in indie artists — and become the controlling power base in the music industry rather than just a few record companies as it’s been throughout history. This, in turn, enables fans to earn profit from the music and artists they love, while also opening the floodgates allowing more striving, talented artists to share their gifts with the world.

The website which recently launched in beta mode, solves a major problem in the music industry: The fact that more than 97% of the estimated 20 million+ independent, non-signed artists around the world never get a fair chance at stardom, or even a record deal that would enable them to earn a decent living doing what they love.

Digital Music News/Next Big Thing reports that over 91% of these artists are undiscovered and unsigned. The remaining 9% or so, which are signed to major or independent record labels, represent about 97% of all music sales and music-related social media traffic. In fact, Financial Times reported that the top 1% of artists typically account for 77% of all recorded music sales.

This shows that millions of unsigned music artists around the world are in a “no win” situation, as unsigned indie artists have neither the funds nor the marketing know-how to gain enough traction to get on the radar of an indie or major label, much less become stars on their own.

A recent change in U.S. financial laws has given rise to StarCrowd — and provides hope for these artists. The site utilizes a little known new law, the JOBS ACT, signed by President Obama and implemented in May 2016, to not only allow indie artists to take control of their careers and be discovered — but also give their fans an opportunity to become real investors/partners in their careers.

“I wanted to level the music playing field to give more artists a shot in the industry”, says StarCrowd Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd.

The StarCrowd online platform is designed to systematically develop indie artists into new music stars – with artists owning all their music and rights, and fans directly funding and profiting from these artists.

StarCrowd forms corporations for artists and initiates equity crowdfunding campaigns under the JOBS ACT, enabling passionate fans to collectively invest up to $1 million in these artists. The funds raised are then used for what StarCrowd’s founders call “360 artist support,” i.e., administration, studio time, branding, promotions, music videos, distribution, sales, national tours and all other services necessary for success.

The Integrated online StarCrowd TV Show allows fans to make micro-investments and buy ownership shares in promising contestants — rather than just vote. The StarCrowd platform then allows fans to track the artist’s progress and share in the artist’s profits as they grow.

For the next 30 days, StarCrowd’s co-founder, Poo Bear, along with music superstars and executives will personally review artist profiles, music, and videos on the site, and choose the best of the bunch to appear on the first season of the StarCrowd TV show. To have a chance at being “selected “, artists must simply create a profile on the StarCrowd platform and upload their best music, videos, and photos.

“Poo Bear” Boyd will sit in as a StarCrowd TV judge, along with other music superstars who will act rotating guest judges. The StarCrowd TV show is slated to debut in early 2019, and will air exclusively on Starcrowd’s online platform and then be distributed online throughout all major social media channels daily/weekly with enticing, viral highlights and backstage footage.

The StarCrowd Platform and online TV Show collectively creates a new industry model that produces a stronger tie between artists and fans — and gives millions of striving indie artists new hope.

How it works:


Independent/unsigned artists simply sign up at: and upload their best, music, videos, and photos.


Music superstar partners, like Poo Bear, will select the best artist, or they will be chosen by fan vote, for a chance to appear on the StarCrowd TV show, receive funding, and StarCrowd’s complete major promotions support.


StarCrowd prepares selected artists for funding by forming their corporations, etc, at no cost. Fans, alongside music superstars and experienced investors, then invest (as little as $50) in these artists via the StarCrowd online platform, or the StarCrowd Online TV Show, which will showcase the website’s top 10 artists each week.


After funding, artists receive complete support through StarCrowd and its major promotions partners. This includes videos, promotions, and global distribution. As Investor Fans track their star artist’s rise on the charts, they can track and count their profits on the StarCrowd platform.

Meet the Man Behind the new StarCrowd Phenomenon…

Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd — Chief Creative Officer Poo Bear is 5x Grammy/Music Award winning producer/ songwriter for superstars like Justin Bieber, Usher, Rihanna, Sam Smith, Chris Brown, Pink, Jay Balvin, Robin Thicke, and many others. He wrote most of Justin Bieber’s last album, and recently co-wrote simultaneous #1, #2, and #3 top global Billboard global hits, like DJ Khaled’s “I’m the One”, and the remix of Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”, featuring Justin Beiber and Daddy Yankee.He has undoubtedly redefined the entertainment industry with his innovative, dynamic and empowering abilities to deliver music through the power of words. It is without question that after over 350 million records sold worldwide, he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry as a Star Hit Maker.Poo Bear’s evolution began after the first recorded tornado in Connecticut history left his family homeless. With the gracious donations and fundraising provided by the neighborhood church, Jason’s family moved to Atlanta, Georgia just as the city was evolving into the mecca of the music industry.StarCrowd is now the center of focus for Poo Bear. It’s his way of giving back — helping struggling artists who would otherwise never have a chance, and enabling fans to participate and have a real (equity) stake in their careers.

Recent press coverage on Poo Bear:

Join the ‘StarCrowd’ RevolutionWebsite:





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