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Some Songs: Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Our Streets –  DJ Premier, A$AP Ferg – This is a huge song for me right now, it sounds like 90s hip hop with an intriguing track that sounds like a doctored alarm on a car and it continues unabated for the entire tthree minutes, the verses is A$AP Ferg honoring Harlem, and money of cause, but better still the in the hook with the armed by other means “turn the music back up” the last word on how music saves you even as you drag back down, meanwhile Ferg considers where he is and moves on by – A

Slouching Towards Bethlehem – Joni Mitchell – From Yeats rough beats to Didion’s dismantled hippie scene to Joni from Woodstock to Haight Asbury and back to Yeats “The Second Coming”‘s  vision of an evil arising out of the sea. The term is contagious and Joni finds a contagious melody and a fluid sense of paradise dismissed – A-

feelings change – yaeji – Hard sounding whispered beauty heard from a great distance, like rain or a secret, one of those songs you don’t hear until you do hear – B+

Textin’ My Ex – T-Pain, Tiffany Evans – Nobody uses autotune like T-Pain, others use it to keep em on key but T-Pain sees it as an additional instrument, he draws you closer with it. This is a 21st Century story, kinda self-evident, but it isn’t: it isn’t a sex as such, “I let you down but we need to lean back up…” Evans is also Autotuned and she ululates with an edginess that transforms the song – A-

The World Tonight – Paul McCartney – I was going review to Flaming Pie today but I wasn’t ready for it, I need more time to get it right, I am not crazy about the album though what I like, I love and this is my second favorite song on the album, a song that can see for miles as Paul seems to be moving from 67 to 97 after four years of immersion in the Beatles history. The guitar is Jeff Lynne who absolutely kills it – A

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