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Sherry Nelson “Everyone’s Little Muse, Raised by Canadian Royalty”

An inspiration to those surrounding the her, the former “Queen of the Canadian Forest and Lumber Industry” now Maxim Model, and overwhelmingly popular TV/radio host and personality, Sherry Nelson has become America’s sweetheart.

Sherry has hosted the most innovated and illuminated podcasts, zoom shows, “Movie Reviews and More”, “Freakin’ Awesome”, “Roger The Wild Child” and FanRoom Live. She has interviewed and hosted showcases featuring the most iconic celebrities including: Leland Sklar from Toto, Kenny Aronoff, from Smashing Pumpkins, Scott Page from a Pink Floyd, Randy Edelman, world famous pianist and film scorer, Chuck Billy and Alex Skolnick from Testament, C.J. Ramone, author Howard Bloom, TV Host Mickey Burns, Kenny Lee Lewis from The Steve Miller Band, Stephen Perkins from Janes’s Addiction, actor Leon, Kenny Olson from Hendrix Experience, John Velasco world famous music publisher, and the list goes endlessly on.

While Sherry continues to inspire, motivate, and captivate wherever she goes, she too has a source of encouragement, actually 2….Bud, her dad who has done more for Canadian forestry then even Canada realizes, and Diva, her fluffy pink and white Chihuahua who rules above all! In a very subtle way Bud has guided his daughter with many of the things she is and everything she will soon become. The hard-core Dodger fan lives in a small town somewhere in or near British Columbia and although quiet and reserved Bud packs a big influential and compelling punch when it comes to his daughter….and certainly deserves the “Father of the Year Award.”

As for Diva….She rides around in her golden chariot taking no prisoners…..

Sherry Nelson is a success story with a fairy-tale ending. She followed her dream and made it come true by not allowing that dream to get in the way of her actions. She is limitlessly working, and has even been coined the Prime Minister of research. Give her a guest and within days she will find out every living detail about them, including things they didn’t know about themselves…..Mickey Burns watch out! However, she is in high demand and if you plan to hop on the band wagon just be sure to check in with Bud…and of course Diva!

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