Ryan Adams Still Cancelled By Spotify… And Nearly Everyone Else

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Ryan Adams was cancelled and if you wanna deep dive into the whys do so here, because I’m just gonna assume you know what happened.

On Friday December 11th, Ryan released his first album, Wednesdays,  since word spread that he was a woman abuser. I don’t say presume, Adams clearly has mental problems when it comes to women, he is a serial seducer of women he is working with (sometimes, women who need his help for what sure smells like quid pro quo) which is problematic enough, but then to make it much worse his emotional range was seriously compromised, “Who Is Going To Love Me When You’re Gone”, newer than anything that would have been on Big Colors before the fall, is exactly the way he reacts to lovers.

So it dropped on Friday and the music business ignored it. The result was predictable: The first song on Wednesdays received a pitiful 90K streams, in comparison, the first song on Prisoner, “Do You Still Love Me?” is cuming at NINE MILLION. I found Ryan on precisely one Spotify playlist, “Release Radar”, which is based upon artists I, personally, follow. Apple Music is the same, the only reason Wednesdays isn’t on their hottest playlist list, “New Music”, is because it is Ryan 2020, it would certainly have been there in 2017 (he certainly was, I saw it).

Spotify have it on none of their rock and/or Americana playlists, they don’t have him on 00s Rock Anthems, they don’t have him anywhere.

I gave Wednesdays a B+ on Friday morning but it is growing on me and is now an A- grade. As singer songwriters confessionals go it never stops confessing, the voice and the sound is immaculate but his gift of melody lets him down. It is still one of the best albums of the year.

But who cares? Ryan is a fragile asshole, he is rude to his audience (here) (“No I won’t stop fucking talking. Fuck off, it’s my own fucking show with my fucking name on it. You fuck off. It’s called free will, it’s called comedy if you don’t like it something’s wrong with you. You’re at the wrong show, 311 don’t play till next week. Siddowwwwwn,”), he is rude to his girlfriends or if rude is wrong, he is so needy he drives them insane. Phoebe Bridgers, whom he taught a tremendous amount to, threw him under the bus as though he was manipulating their work together for sex. Perhaps, but that isn’t how the relationship worked out, he didn’t treat women like prostitutes, he treated them like lovers. The 13 year old girl who claimed he texted sexually never got to the point where the police took an interest and, believe me, the LAPD would have loved to have done a number on him if only for the publicity.

The problem for Ryan becomes:

1 – people didn’t like him because he was an asshole

2 – there is an implied force when a rock superstar seduces an upcoming and coming (and younger) woman. She must feel forced to allow the seduction to continue and, even so, he didn’t make the women feel a transaction, he was too much in need of mothering to be Harvey Weinstein.

The thing is, Ryan Adams acts so much like the act we’ve known for all these years that it becomes his method of romance and while I get why women are furious at him, it’s like canceling the Romans because they had slaves.

I am here to neither praise nor bury Adams. I am here to say the way the industry treated him was unjust. And it hasn’t ended, no reviews, no playlists, they ignore him and hope he goes away. Luckily for him, he is too talented to simply disappear.

Wednesdays – Ryan Adams – A-






15 Responses to “Ryan Adams Still Cancelled By Spotify… And Nearly Everyone Else”

  1. Inez

    Cancel culture remains haughty and spiteful. Ryan Adams is not likely to ever change “enough” (if at all) for the herd- mentality absolution needed(?) for Spotify-approved circulation. None of this can silence him forever, for which I am thankful.
    His music and song-writing has always been next-level. Wednesdays proves this. My only complaint: he’s gotta get over her. Perhaps it is selfish of me, but I really want new-new songs, if that makes sense? Regardless, Ryan Adams is my favorite singer-songwriter. He is not only prolific, but also brilliant. Call me naive (or worse), but he does not deserve utter banishment: I want more of Ryan Adams. A fabulous conversion story might soothe the masses; regardless of this ever happening, I hope new releases follow Wednesdays.

    • Cheryl Jones

      Ryan Adams isn’t the creep he’s been made out to be. I love Neil Young, yet watched him tantrum on stage more than once. Yet, a long time ago about Ryan Adams age then. Yes,he’s done wrong. He’s human and evolving as a man ,and has owned up. Is words and melodies are truth enough to show the true soul.

    • Scout

      Amazing talent. Love Whiskeytown and all his collaborations with A+ talent. He is hailed the “Neil Young” of the progressive generation. Hmmm. I will say, like Neil, he has repeatedly written a complex and deep music. Don’t know him. Never met him. Based on his catalog he is brilliant. Nobody seems to want to work with him. Gotta be a not cool thing. He is a generation talent…

  2. Trixie

    Cancel culture hurts survivors. If iTunes and Spotify want to be true to the cause, they should remove every great musician who has ever done harm to women or committed a capital crime. The cull would be too great and it would send the music industry spiraling downward. This must stop.

  3. Bryan McAdams

    Thank you for this article. Sexual abuse situations are not black and white. He is not Harvey Weinstein, as you pointed out. I don’t believe he is innocent or a great guy, but I also don’t believe his entire career and life should be destroyed when the accusing women had lengthy relationships with him, used him to get popular, and then say “he was manipulative to get sex”. These were lengthy romances. How many million times every day do women manipulate men with sex to get what they want? That’s totally OK, but not reversed. Double standards are the new black.

  4. Nathan

    I’m glad to see him back at it and look forward to the other two releases 🤘🏼✌🏻❤️

  5. Carly

    His punishment has way exceeded his crime. Other celebs have received much more grace. He has his demons that he’s been open in his struggle. I was thrilled with his new release which most of his die hards will be.

  6. Andy K

    Couldn’t have said it better my friend Bryan.
    Thinking of you and MB tonight and thanking the DRA for sharing the music. It will be his masterpiece. In a catalogue that I could literally swap “favorite” titles daily, this stands out. Lyrically and gut wrenchingly raw.

    I congratulate him and tell him keep going and we all support you AND the women involved.

  7. Nah

    Aside from everything else, producing and mixing and studio time is expensive AF. I’d have slept with him for “help” with music for sure. Not to say it’s a great album, because I dig it. Like it’s been said, these were consentual relationships. I mean, my shitty ex boyfriend didn’t give me a grand for therapy. Then again, we dug 69.

  8. Janer

    The only thing should be canceled is wearing a skeleton suit everywhere you go and acting like you haven’t had every privilege hand delivered to you in an engraved envelope. Bridgers is a marginally talented, shallow, banal woman-child. I don’t imagine she thought any farther than her own gain before, during, and after her association with RA. Too bad for him. That other one doesn’t ever merit a name check, so insufferable is she. For his sake, I hope the songs on Wednesdays are full of hyperbole or at the very least, those big feels are in the garbage with her album sales where they belong. For christ.

  9. deadmeat

    in your mind…ice

    spinning the brilliant ‘Big Colors’ now. very nice


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