rock nyc Is On Christmas Vacation But Will Be Back New Year’s Eve

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rock nyc began life April 9th, 2009 and haven’t intentionally taken a day off since than. The website crashed on and off for a month a couple of year ago and that stopped us, and we took a few days of mourning when rock nyc’s Donna McElroy passed, but otherwise we haven’t missed a day, and considered every day of the week a working day while most music websites close up shop on the weekend.

But finally, we’ve decided to take a small vacation from 12-24 to 12-30. It is a very quiet time of year, the quietest, and that’s one reason. Another is exhaustion, Alyson and I never really stop at all. Every morning I wake up, pour a cup of coffee and start writing. Every morning for years and years and years. And tomorrow I shan’t. I wonder how I will kill time???

I will probably still cover some stuff (UK’s Christmas single 2016, new Nine Inch Nails album, Michael Feinstein gig at 58 Below for sure, maybe US Charts if they’re released)), and Alyson Camus will add anything timely I’m sure, but essentially we will be black till December 31st.

Merry Christmas, see you soon.




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