Renee Fleming At The Shed, April 21st, 2021, May Well Be My First Concert In Over A Year

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I haven’t been to a concert since The Brothers , March 10th 2020 (here), and, like you, I am seriously up for one. I woke today to Alyson Camus’s ready us for the great return (here), and an email from The Shed -the new arts center where we saw Bjork in 2019 (here), telling me they were back in business.

Renee Fleming is, debatably, the best soprano of her generation and while she is now semi-retired, moving herself onto Broadway and pop fixtures for good, she still has the voice even if not through an entire opera. The Shed have announced a Fleming gig for April 21st, tickets go on sale next week.  I am not certain what The Shed have in mind for us, but whatever it is it is better than the best streaming live show. With any luck, I can go to the show, go home, wake up at 845am, turn over and be at work. Oh brave new world…

The last two days, with the addition of millions of vaccine vials, New York seems to be getting back again, it is like watching a bear come out of hibernation, and really very pleasant. There were times at the start when it was all bizarro world, and points in the middle where Trump seemed hellbent on killing us all. And there were passings. Many. I lost my big brother in Australia and my nephew in Orlando -not to Covid, though Covid stopped any chance of a decent farewell. But the world still ticks over day in and day out, people are being vaccinated, and the hospitalization numbers are tumbling.

The world must return and it will return and the only hope is now we will take pandemic’s seriously and be much better prepared. As bad as Covid-19 has proven itself, if it had been more contagious or more deadly the numbers would have been terrifying.

One of these days I have to take a serious look at refunds or new dates for the shows I’ve missed; I’m happy I don’t work for stubhub because man they have some pissed of customers, they were just killed. In the meantime, life is beginning to change gears again.





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