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Pure Grain Audio premieres Oginalii ‘s call for empathy–new single “Forgotten Kindness” out now

“With complicated arrangements and forward-thinking attitude and lyricism, Oginalii is taking the predictability out of rock music while holding onto the community and cultural aspects that make it such an enduring genre.” – EARMILK
“Oginalii frontwoman Emma Hoeflinger is a rock ‘n roll powerhouse–and don’t you forget it.”  – PopDust
“…a female-fronted group led by Emma Hoeflinger, a fierce woman with something to say to people who believe guitar music is dead and gone. It’s certainly not and this sits at the roots of what Oginalii is all about.” – Pure Grain Audio
“Provocative, dark, and burning with inner fire…” – Atwood Magazine

Nashville-based Oginalii (pronounced “oh-gan-ALL-ee” and which translates to “my friend” in Cherokee) unveils “No Littering,” a call for empathy and the third single from their forthcoming debut LP Cause and Affection, set for release on April 9, 2019. “Empathy is more than foreplay. Trying to grow understanding in any kind of relationship is difficult, especially when it’s hard to relate from the beginning,” says shredder and vocalist Emma Hoeflinger of the song’s meaning. “That’s why empathy has always and will always be at the forefront of situations I put myself in. Trying to put yourself where others are mentally and emotionally gives you insight into what it’s like to be outside of yourself. This glimpse into another’s perspective makes you a better human in my opinion. ‘Forgotten Kindness’ is about just that,” she continues. “This song is about humbling oneself, and instead of blaming others for the chaos around you, taking action and growing from it.”
From shining a spotlight of frustration on the treatment of women in the music industry with their first single “Further In/Out,” to championing freedom of choice with their second song “No Littering”–which Atwood Magazine said “kicks ass and kickstarts an important conversation”–the band has something to say, and they aren’t afraid to say it. Their sound cuts through the noise of today’s musical landscape and their message is of the moment.
Singer/guitarist Hoeflinger has been creating music as Oginalii since 2013, and in the years that have passed her sound has evolved, just like anything else. The project’s first form was acoustic music—Hoeflinger and her guitar against the world—but a night of noodling around on an electric guitar changed it all. The young singer-songwriter was fascinated with the new color palette, so to speak, and shelled out $100 for a knock off Les Paul.
Backed by Ryan Quarles (guitar), Simon Knudtson (drums) and Emma Lambiase (bass), Oginalii oscillates between kick-your-teeth-in sludge rock and hazy psychedelia, anchored by Hoeflinger’s smooth yet fierce vocals. Set in Led Zeppelin roots, she channels strong contemporary females like Karen O, PJ Harvey, and St. Vincent’s Annie Clark. “Annie Clark is the epitome of what it means to be a pioneer in females in music,” she declares. “I want to be an Annie Clark—someone who’s a fucking badass that you’re watching just melt face up there and take no prisoners.” This is the sentiment she brings with her on the road, as well as in the studio. As Oginalii fleshes out its debut full-length album, Hoeflinger is looking within herself for inspiration. When she writes, she does a lot of subconscious singing—letting the words flow from her without thought. During a particular session, she meant to say “cause and effect” but “cause and affection” came out of her mouth. It was her “a-ha” moment, and the concept of the band’s new chapter was born.
“The album is about learning and growing as a person and loving yourself throughout it all,” she explains. “Figuring out how to be okay with your faults, realizing some of those things you fuck up on are the best parts about you, and learning how to let those things shine through.” Rock & roll is more than music—it’s a vibe, a culture, a community—and Hoeflinger is ready to continue to evolve along with it.
November 14 – Classics Victory’s Live – Columbus, OH
November 15 – Urban Artifact – Cincinnati, OH
December 5 – The 5 Spot – Nashville, TN

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