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Prince Wanted To Be Chris Brown’s Mentor




How Christian and religious was Prince? Very religious apparently, he was such a devoted Christian that he thought he could save the fallen and the sinful, he was so religious he believed in unconditional forgiveness.

During an almost lost 2014 interview with Rolling Stone in 2014, Prince admitted he wanted to mentor Chris Brown. He even invited Brown to his home studio Paisley Park, and when the journalist dared to mention to the Purple one that people felt Brown’s treatment of Rihanna was ‘unforgivable’, Prince expressed his disagreement: ‘Unforgivable? Goodness. That’s when we go check the master, Christ… Have you ever instantly forgiven somebody? It’s the best feeling in the world, and it totally dismantles that person’s whole stance.’

I am not against forgiveness, it is great in certain circumstances, but in a case of repeated violence, in the case of a women beater, it is not such a great thing at all. You have to love believers like Prince, they always think people can change whereas people very rarely do, they have a misplaced faith in humanity and are convinced that everyone can turn into a good person. Would that be great if it were the case? Unfortunately, humanity is filled with sociopaths, psychopaths, scumbags and other woman and child abusers, and there’s not much you can do to save and change these people. Their brain is damaged, fucked up and very few will ever change a tiny bit.

Then, Prince may not be fully aware of the game played by women beaters, isn’t it an endless circle of beatings and reconciliations with the unnecessary forgiveness which leads to more beatings? The ‘it totally dismantles that person’s whole stance’ is so naïve and unrealistic.

But Prince continued with this same all-loving feeling in the interview, even mentioning Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, he may also have saved probably:

‘He [Jackson] is just one of many who have gone through that door – Amy Winehouse and folks. We’re all connected, right, we’re all brothers and sisters, and the minute we lock that in, we wouldn’t let anybody in our family fall.’

‘That’s why I called Chris Brown. All of us need to be able to reach out and just fix stuff. There’s nothing that’s unforgivable.’

Really? The holocaust? The atrocities committed by the Khmers rouges or the Islamic terrorists, all this is forgivable? Sure we are just talking about a guy beating his girlfriend but Chris Brown has had a few other violent outbursts over the years, toward fans or other artists, and Rihanna tried to forgive him without real success.

At the end, Brown is probably not the worst person in the world, not even the worst person in the music business, and Prince was not a saint either. It’s interesting he brought up Michael Jackson, since the king of pop and he had one of the most epic rivalries in pop music history, they simply didn’t like each other: ‘Prince has always been a meanie. He’s just a big meanie. He’s always been not nice to me,’ said once Michael Jackson in an interview. There are many examples of this meanness, like for example this story told by the Inquisitr:

‘And at one point, Michael sent Prince a song called ‘I’m Bad,’ with hopes that Prince would jump in it and they could collaborate on the song together. Prince was so offended at the notion of Michael Jackson doing a song called ‘I’m Bad’ – in a world where Prince existed as an actually bad person – Prince re-recorded the song, and sent it back to Michael, like ‘Here’s how you should have done it.’’

So all this forgiveness talk looks very good post-mortem but Prince was not the forgive-to-all type of guy,  he was very competitive and a control freak, and he was way too self-centered and too focused on his own art not to have seen some advantage in his Chris Brown mentor role.

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