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Press Releases From May 2020: Here Are The Artists

Press Releases From May

Bright Eyes among the press releases from May


News songs from Bright Eyes, Cigarettes After Sex, Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton, some original indie projects and a new Guided by Voices video for these new press releases from May

Cigarettes After Sex – ‘You’re All I Want’: A very slow, languid and dreamy song slightly evoking Beach House sparkling guitar lines, but also very similar to the ones the band has already produced. It is the band’s latest single, and the first since the release of their acclaimed sophomore album, ‘Cry.’ The song chronicles the passion from a new love, as it tells ‘a story I saw as a fantasy or dream involving my girlfriend & I. Sort of reversing our roles & retelling the way we met while imagining what a sweet future might look like together…’ explains frontman Greg Gonzalez

Bright Eyes – ‘One and Done’: This is the third track of Bright Eyes’ highly anticipated album, and although the song was written before the current events, it has some semi prophetic lines for this COVID-19 pandemic/riot era: ‘This whole town looks empty, but we knew it wouldn’t last/ Behind bulletproof windows they’re still wiring the cash/ Whatever they could scrape up, whatever that they had/ there’s a lot of mouths to feed through this famine…’ the press release says ‘it reflects a resignation in the singer’s mind as to what seems like the final days of civilization and the rapid disintegration of one’s long-held worldview.’ Meanwhile, the music has a rather cinematic vibe with full orchestration of strings, horns, meticulous rhythm section, and keys as if Bright Eyes were composing the soundtrack of some retro and French movie. It also comes with a lyric video.

Eric Hilton – ‘Infinite Everywhere’: An ambient exotic instrumental with vast orchestration and Turkish percussion vibe from Eric Hilton of the legendary duo Thievery Corporation. Conveying feelings of melancholy and optimism in equal measure, it is the titled track of his forthcoming solo debut album, described as ‘an elegant exploration of inner space,’ with a European feel. ‘’Infinite Everywhere’ is an introduction,’ Hilton declares, ‘the last 25 years of my creative output have been about Thievery Corporation. I dearly love my brethren, Rob, and although that project isn’t necessarily done, my solo stuff is what the next 25 years are about.’

The Brothers Macklovitch – ‘Give Love to Get Some:’ A Michael Jackson/Jamiroquai vibe dance track with soulful sexy horns and plenty of dub jazz and funkiness. Grammy-nominated siblings A-Trak and Dave 1, who go under the moniker The Brothers Macklovitch, have teamed up for this new one. The new track is part of a two-song release, with the second track and remixes of ‘Give Love To Get Some’ coming imminently.

Kedr Livanskiy – ‘Your Need’: A pretty strange glitchy and ethereal electronica by Moscow singer and producer Kedr Livanskiy, an artist at the forefront of Russia’s burgeoning electronic and experimental music scene. This is the titled track of her sophomore album, and she explains: ‘Fantasies and reality become one and it’s unclear where one space ends and another begins. Before us is the brotherhood of the ‘new day’ – the haven of the last romantics, industrial warriors of love and light. Strong love and friendship reign within the community. The heroes live a day full of fun and foolishness, but by nightfall, they find themselves in a dark forest; dark – like the depths of the human consciousness – where together they overcome and conquer fears, destroying invisible demons. They are initiated by fire and sword, and meet a new day, opening up boundless space for new exploits and challenges.’ The song comes with a video.

Heads Are Heavy – ‘That Sounds Okay’: A multi-leveled strange song with a propulsive theme, a kaleidoscopic culmination, and ambitious vocal effects sounding like an army marching against an opera tenor. This psychedelic experimental project is the collaboration between Julie Edwards (Deap Vally, Deap Lips) and Marc Smollin. ‘The only limitation for Heads are Heavy is that there are zero limitations,’ says Edwards, ‘In the studio, we did whatever the fuck we wanted – trying every trick available to further scientific exploration of moods, emotions, and thoughts, to defy tropes, trends, genres, to accept music creation as a therapeutic outlet for our own cozy, personal darkness.’ The song comes with a video, which shows dystopian scenes of fields ablaze, abandoned homes, and industrial devastation recalling Antonioni’s existential classic Red Desert.

Mountain Time – ‘Lady of the Radiator’: A piano-driven song with a ‘70s aura, sprawling into a beautiful orchestration adding guitar strumming, emotive strings, guitar steel while Chris Simpson’s vocals revisit some classic rock-indie folk themes. The song is the third track to be lifted from his forthcoming album titled ‘Music For Looking Animal.’ ‘‘Lady Of The Radiator’ tells the somber story of someone who has insulated and isolated themselves from the world in such a way that they can’t be reached or hurt. And the loneliness and sadness that comes from realizing you do need other people and it being too late.’

Cones – ‘Outside’: An ethereal synth-pop with plenty of sunshine filtering through the notes completed by breezy vocals. ‘Outside’ is a downtempo meditation on feelings of isolation amidst quarantine, with vague touches of Tame Impala. It could be a shoegazing invitation to a summery trip along the coast or a wonderfully simple day of lying on the grass, looking up at the sky. The song comes with an interactive video, an immersive 360-degree VR creation featuring coding and design by Michael and illustrations by Jonathan (who is known for his animated videos for Erykah Badu, Toro Y Moi, Eleanor Friedberger, Delicate Steve, and more).

Gabriel Garzón-Montano – ‘Someone’: An R & B playful ballad composed and produced entirely by Garzón-Montano as he plays every instrument on the song himself. His sharp and nasal vocals complete his unique style of this first-generation American, born in Brooklyn to French and Colombian parents. ‘I wrote Someone about a relationship that had arrived at an in-between place characterized by a string of escapist dinners + lovemaking rendezvous at my apartment,’ says Garzón-Montano. ‘On one such occasion – the final encounter – my ex asked for some head and then dipped immediately afterward. It added to my heartbreak – a strange blend of resentment and admiration that I felt the need to elaborate on in order to leave my lol mark on the canon of desperate so-called R&B ballads.’ The song comes with a video.

Guided by Voices – ‘My Valuable Hunting Knife’: This one is all about the video, that Guided By Voices has shared with Funny or Die. With it, comes the announcement of the 25th-anniversary vinyl edition of Alien Lanes out later this summer. The video was directed & edited by Mike Postalakis and features comedians, Justin Abarca, Nate Corddry, Rob Corddry, John Forest, Rich Fulcher, Brian Huskey, Seth Morris, and Jessica Renee Russell. ‘When I saw the announcement of the Alien Lanes reissue, I knew I wanted to create a video to celebrate the anniversary of such an iconic rock album,’ said Mike Postalakis. ‘There was one snag in the plan: Everybody was stuck at home. So I asked the band to film themselves rocking out around the house. What they each sent back more than exceeded my expectations. My main hope is that this video provides a two-minute divertissement from the news. Heck, maybe watch it twice.’ Yeah, we absolutely need this these days.

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