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Press Releases For September: Here Are The Artists

press releases for September
Nolan Potter is among these press releases for September

Lonr., Nolan Potter, AJ Lee & Blue Summit, Face to Face, Brighton, Caroline Kingsbury, Astrologer are among these press releases for September

Lonr. – ‘Save my Love’ ft. Amber Mark: A very emotional and cinematic track, big on vocals, rising like a soaring anthem with powerful beats. Lonr. teamed up with Amber Mark for the song featured on the soundtrack of ‘The Reminiscence,’ a neo-noir science fiction thriller film. Lonr.’s signature sound blends together the DNA of a multitude of genres together for a future-forward sound, while seamlessly showcasing his undeniable vocals. This is a follow-up to ‘Land of Nothing Real’ that the singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer released last year. The project has amassed over 68 million streams, while the single ‘Make The Most’ ft. H.E.R., has been a breakthrough moment for him. More new music from this rising star is coming soon.

Nolan Potter – ‘Stubborn Bubble’: With metal-like riffs, the buoyant track sounds like a layered cut from the Osees dropping from its stratospheric riffage mid-section to float into a psychedelic ether, before starting again. On the track, Potter says, ‘Stubborn Bubble is really all about my love for sci-fi. The imagery in my head as I wrote it came from Dune, The Wrath of Khan, and Moebius’ illustrations for Jodorowsky’s Incal series of graphic novels. I wanted to evoke that spirit while making a jam that was a little heavier and a little more modern sounding than some of my other stuff. I think it stands out on the new record for its length and its slightly more aggressive nature. People will probably need lyrics sheets for this one cuz I wanted it to sound like the vocals were coming through a fucked up space helmet from a distance.’ The 8-minute track comes from Nolan Potter’s upcoming album, ‘Music Is Dead,’ out on Castle Face, on September 24.

AJ Lee and Blue Summit – ‘When You Change Your Mind’: A very engaging bluegrass cut with a powerhouse sound (including fiddle, banjo, and mandolin) and a very cinematic vibe. This is the new single from award-winning Bay Area-based AJ Lee and Blue Summit’s forthcoming LP, ‘I’ll Come Back,’ due out August 20. Lee said the song is about drinking and thinking about ‘how you’ll never be deserving of someone who loves you because you’ll only hurt them in the end. You’ve also got your own issues and it’s too much trouble to explain yourself to someone else.’ Unlike their first record, which featured experimentation with session musicians and electric instruments, ‘I’ll Come Back’ is a pure reflection of the live sound of the group, hearkening back to their acoustic roots. Each band member performs at their peak, and the variety of songs on the record caters to their broad fanbase.

Face to Face – ‘Farewell Song’: A muscular and fast rocking number, with an arena-sized anthem ambition. This is the second single off Southern California punk veterans Face to Face’s forthcoming album ‘No Way Out But Through,’ out on September 10. ‘Farewell Song’ is about moving on in one’s life and is a send-off to the past. ‘Scott [Shiflett] brought in ‘Farewell Song’ and at first I was reluctant to work on it because I thought it sounded like The Cure or something,’ frontman Trever Keith recalls. ‘However, as we were working on it, I realized that this was a song I could pour myself into as an artist and I think it’s one of the strongest songs on the album.’ ‘No Way Out But Through’ is a melodic-punk masterpiece teeming with blistering guitar riffs, fleet-fingered basslines, and vocal harmonies that are so infectious they’ll be rattling around your brain for weeks on end.

Brighton – ‘Dreaming’: A high-energy pop song with a rave party envy, pulsing drum machines, synth hooks, and dreamy vocals. Southern California native Brighton has also shared the beachy-great outdoors video for the song, featuring girlfriend Cassie Randolph. It is the natural companion to the summer smash, equally as upbeat, romantic, and beachy with Brighton’s surging guitar riffs and pulsing pop-rock hooks that score his romantic, feel-good lyrics. ‘The Dreaming music video was shot in my hometown of Southern California,’ Brighton says. ‘The idea of the video first started when I was writing the song.  I knew I wanted it to have a dreamy, beachy, 60’s vibe. I gave the vision I had to my brothers August and Cole, and they took it from there along with my girlfriend who stars in the video. We really hope you enjoy what we created!’ With over 1.2M streams on Spotify, he is ready to release his self-produced/written, and recorded debut EP ‘Dreaming,’ a 6-song project based on notes and moments he had penned down into his journal. ‘Four of the six songs are love songs about my girlfriend, and the other two are about how I felt after being cheated on by my ex,’ he says. ‘I have gone through a lot in the last year and a half and I wanted to be as vulnerable as I could with this project.’

Caroline Kingsbury – ‘In My Brain’: An explosive song sounding like some ‘80s smash hit, with Caroline Kingsbury’s dramatic and powerful vocals. The vintage video could not fit more the synths and the glam dancefloor, and the single comes from her new LP, ‘Heaven’s Just A Flight,’ out Via Fortune Tellers Music. Kingsbury delves into the details of the song, ‘This is such a strange time to be young. Progress alongside regression can make you feel like there’s only two choices for the future; hope or fear. There’s no in-between. I wrote ‘In My Brain’ as an anthem for the uneasiness my generation feels about our past, present, and future. ‘Don’t want to live in the present, don’t want to go back in time, don’t want to be here forever, middle finger to my future life. The culminating chorus line “’middle finger to my future life’ is the dramatic reaction to feeling like our future is out of control.’ The rising pop/rock artist has announced a fall tour alongside Caveman, that kicks off in Buffalo, NY on September 9.

Astrologer – ‘Tomorrow’: A jangly, high-energy, catchy track with a deliciously retro video, created by Salvador Cresta and Candy Caballero, and taking on an ‘avant-garde, and colorful approach that sees the singer-songwriter singing his way through the song as a series of cool footages and clips overlap or are feature alongside.’ This is the first single off the upcoming 7-track EP titled ‘Legerdemain (L)’ coming out later this year on Lolipop Records. Astrologer is the musical project of songwriter Andrew Cameron Cline, which features an ensemble of collaborators, blending various influences into an experimental pop mosaic. With material both personal and universal, disparate and familiar, the common thread running through Astrologer’s songs is Cline’s whimsical sincerity and wonder.

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