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Press Releases For September: Here Are The Artists

Press Releases For September
Night Shop is among these press releases for September (Photo by Kimberly Corday)

PLOSIVS, Constant Follower, Dear Rouge, Night Shop, Jordi Up Late, Newton Faulkner, Garden City Movement are among the press releases for September.

PLOSIVS – ‘Hit The Breaks’: The explosive fired-up rocker, which charges with exaltation and a punk fun vibe, never forgets about the melody. This is the first track from PLOSIVS, the brand new outfit featuring John Reis (Hot Snakes / Rocket From The Crypt / Drive Like Jehu), Rob Crow (Pinback), Atom Willard (Against Me!), and Jordan Clark (Mrs. Magician). The song, which is described as ‘a headfirst charge straight into the highest form of kinetic energy, be it sonic, fluid, or pure human euphoria,’ was recorded on a day in October 2020 at Singing Serpent Studio with engineer Ben Moore at the controls. Reis had the following to share about the formation of the band: ‘I think part of why we started this group is that we needed a positive reaction to combat the overwhelming uncertainty of life. We need to make stuff with guitars and voices to feel normal.’ PLOSIVS will be making their live debut on the west coast in November. Performing at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, CA on Friday, November 5 and at The Quartyard in San Diego, CA on Saturday, November 6, these two appearances will mark the first performances of the songs that will comprise the band’s forthcoming debut album.

Constant Follower – ‘Weave Of The World’: A melancholic fingerpicking guitar ballad executed with a folk style and poignant vocals. This is the second release off Constant Follower’s upcoming debut record ‘Neither is nor ever was,’ due October 1 via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings. Of the track, frontman Stephen McAll — who spent the last decade recovering from a devastating head injury that took every memory from his childhood, with the goal of being able to write songs again — recalled: ’I wrote it during a period of anxiety or maybe mild paranoia. You can hear that in the words. But it’s taken on a new meaning for me since what I must have thought might happen, didn’t. There’s still a lot of darkness in there, but the song reminds me that feelings are real but they aren’t facts. Even when you think things are going very wrong, there’s always a way to turn it around.’ ‘One of the most beautiful records I have ever been privileged to be a part of,’ said Kramer, Shimmy-Disc Founder, ‘filled to the very brim with moment after moment of poetic clarity, and not a moment too late…an interior force to be reckoned with. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. It weaves elements of the past around a future I was wholly unaware of before hearing these breath-taking songs, each one a kind of memorial to a memory that may or may not have merely been imagined or hoped into existence.’

Dear Rouge – ‘Fake Fame’: A late-night-club-ready anthem roaring under the spotlights with a rebellious flair and a daring message. The Vancouver alternative rock duo Dear Rouge is calling out the overinflated socialite influencers we see splashed across our social media. On the new track, vocalist Danielle spits out ‘I don’t want your fake fame!’ with palpable bitterness, the latter word stretching out like an elastic before snapping into the chanting chorus melody. ‘Stardom is alluring and fascinating,’ said Danielle. ‘It can also be toxic, destructive, and entrapping. Just before writing this song, I actually deleted all social media from my phone. It felt like a small act of rebellion against the anxiety and pressure I felt. In our digital age where anyone can blow up overnight, or one can buy followers and validation, what does notability mean? ‘Fake Fame’ is our attempt to answer to this question. It examines our addiction to technology, social media culture, fast fashion, and the tension between desiring and despising fame.’ Dear Rouge’s eagerly anticipated third record is due in early 2022.

Night Shop – ‘Forever Night’: A dynamic, catchy indie song sounding familiar at the first listening… maybe because it sounds like a track from Kevin Morby? This is indeed the solo project of Justin Sullivan, who is best known for playing drums for Kevin Morby, in addition to playing with Flat Worms and The Babies. Justin explains: ‘’Forever Night’ is a song about feeling grateful and inspired by the pace and lessons of the city and the pace and lessons of getting to experience a life spent playing music. It is a statement of purpose of sorts for this project.’ The forthcoming LP, ‘Forever Night,’ features Meg Duffy on guitar (Hand Habits), Jess Williamson, Anna St. Louis, and Jarvis Taveniere (Woods/Purple Mountains), is engineered by Jarvis Taveniere, co-produced by Justin and Jarvis, and will be released on Dangerbird Records. ‘This is a special album to me,’ adds Sullivan, ‘but it is also merely part of the continued joy of making music with my friends. If we’re still here, after all these years, then we’re very, very lucky. So let’s enjoy it and let’s do it to honor those who couldn’t make it to this day, for whatever reason. Let’s not take it for granted.’

Jordi Up Late – ‘TLQ’: An ambient jazzy song with a cool R& B inspiration, creating a very unique feeling well served by a video directed and edited by Jordi Up Late herself. The song is unapologetically blunt, expressing her up-front nature regarding her no-bullshit attitude and her inability to skirt around her point — she says what she thinks, and feels how she does, without feeling like she needs to explain herself. As the song details, she can traverse the line between nice and mean, as she sings, ‘When I’m sweet, those words are like honey / And if you think I’m cruel, it’s not ugly / And I know you’re feeling low, it’s not funny / Hey, but I want you to know, I’m not sorry.’ On the track, Jordi Up Late says: ‘I don’t remember the context but one of my friends titled me the ‘tough love queen’ over text and I knew that had to be a hook. ‘TLQ’ perfectly describes my personality. I’m a straight shooter with a really big heart. I’ll tell you what you need to hear but I’ll also be there for you when you cry about it. I’m very unapologetic about being blunt because it comes with being my most genuine self. Of course, brutal honesty can get me into trouble sometimes, but it’s served me in all my relationships both platonic and romantic. People know where I stand.’ In anticipation of an upcoming debut, this release is a follow-up to a handful of previous singles including ‘IDRK’ and ‘Back In LA,’ which received much acclaim.

Newton Faulkner – ‘Leave Me Lonely’: A falsetto à la Steve Perry for a soulful folk/rock song that soars and layers up while showcasing Newton Faulkner’s rich vocal range. The song is featured on his forthcoming album ‘Interference (Of Light),’ available October 8 and recorded throughout lockdown from his recording studio in East London, while exploring a number of new styles and musical ideas. ‘I’m not very precious anymore,’ he remarks. ‘The music is a bit chunkier, it’s definitely way heavier and much less acoustic than previously. I feel like the stuff I’ve written recently is simpler, but it’s tasteful… it works as songs. I can feel it.’ ‘Interference (Of Light)’ is an album that has seen Newton push himself musically and vocally: ‘I want to boil things down to their strongest form,’ Newton says. ‘It’s about the songs. However good you are at playing, if the voice isn’t up to scratch and the songs aren’t good enough, no one is going to listen to them. It’s grizzly, soulful, and a step further,’ he says of his new material. ‘Vocally, I’ve learned a huge amount over the years. I was a guitarist and a writer who sang. That’s kind of where I came from. And now I feel like my voice has caught up with the stuff I was doing on guitar.’ Since the release of his debut album ‘Hand Built By Robots’ in 2007 (featuring the smash hit ‘Dream Catch Me’), Newton Faulkner has become one of the UK’s most successful singer-songwriters of this millennium. Later this year, he will be heading out on tour to play to live music-starved fans across the UK, and plans for a North American tour are in the works.

Garden City Movement with Lola Marsh – ’Summer Night’: A slick disco dancefloor with electronic EDM envy by emerging trio Garden City Movement. In addition, the group unveils an accompanying and sexy video, directed by Charlie Di Placido (Jungle, Diplo, Little Simz) while the track appears in the soundtrack of FIFA 22, an upcoming football simulation video game. ‘‘Summer Night’ captures our experience and emotions from the summer of 2020, in which our lives changed in a most unexpected way. The experience of both bands collaborating and writing together was something we’re so thankful for in these hard times. The song talks about the belief that change is always possible, even in what seems to be our darkest hour. It begins with us and we have a responsibility to make change happen,’ says the group. The band from Tel-Aviv first made waves with the release of their debut EP ‘Entertainment’ in 2013, which garnered early praise from everyone, and their second studio album is set for release in 2022.

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