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Press Releases For September, Here Are The Artists

press releases for September
Boychik is among these press releases for September

Fujiya & Miyagi, Lily Donat, Hunter Daily, Kelsey Magnuson, Kodaline, The Paranoyds, and Boychik are the artists among these press releases for September.

Fujiya & Miyagi – “Slight Variations“: A rhythmic disco dancefloor mixing electro-pop hooks, ‘70s krautrock style, icy vocals, funky guitars, and slick arrangements. This is the title track and second single off British experimental electric outfit Fujiya & Miyagi’s forthcoming LP, due September 30 via Impossible Objects of Desire. “Slight Variations” is a strutting piece of disco-funk-pop, featuring the backing vocals of Everything Shook. Inspired by equal parts disco and house, the track’s bassline also nods specifically to Charanjit Singh’s proto-acid classic “Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat.” “We wanted to make a record that shows where we were, where we are, and where we will go in the future,” says David Best of Fujiya & Miyagi. “I like the idea that if someone were new to us and they played this record it would convey everything that we are about.” “There’s a strong desire to leave something good behind you when you are no longer here,” Best says. “To create things that wouldn’t have existed if you had never been born. That and wanting to make people dance, of course.”

Lily Donat – “Build It”: Airy synth for an emotional ballad haunted by Lily Donat’s melodic vocals. “I started writing this song on the back of a motorcycle, looking up at redwoods,” says Donat. “I started to feel the divinity of nature, and it felt separate from any people or memories associated with it; the trees were beautiful and perfect on their own. That’s when the lyric “And he didn’t build it” popped into my head, and it resonated deeply. This song is a celebration of wildness, adventure, and femininity that is separate from the boyfriend you traipsed through the woods with, or even the patriarchy that is so embedded in our culture and aims to dull the untamed feminine force that blooms with nature. Originally more solemn and folky, the song became an optimistic pop banger in the studio. Stefan Mac, a great previous collaborator, produced the song.” Lily Donat is a Los Angeles native and long-time songwriter. At age 11, Lily learned to play acoustic guitar and began composing songs instantly. She has always found healing through writing and singing music about her real life. Laden with symbols, images of nature, personal narrative, and themes of darkness and hope, her songs are the pages of her diary she’s willing to share. Inspired by pain, growth, nostalgia, love, heartbreak, and all things human, Lily likes to write the messy truth. Look out for new music this fall.

Hunter Daily – “Die In LA”: Soaring pop ballad with emotional vocals for an LA love anthem. On her debut single, Hunter wrote: “‘Die In LA’ is about being from LA and never feeling like I can leave or see other places because of the industry I’ve chosen. It’s the juxtaposition of hating LA and the scene and not feeling like I fit in, but it’s also where I come from; I love LA just the same. I don’t want it to be the only thing I ever experienced at the end of the day. Everyone else gets to make that leap to follow their dreams and come here to LA or wherever to follow their dreams, but when you’re from here and in this industry, you’re forced to stay put. This song is about my longing to see more of the world and escape some of the monotony that is LA.” Continuing on its accompanying music video, she wrote: “This song was written as a kind of love/hate letter to LA because it has been my home my whole life. The essence of the city is such a part of me and I wanted the video to capture that, and I think it does. Making your first music video can very much be an intimidating process. I had to learn to go with the flow and accept the imperfections of the process. I loved collaborating with the director, Gus Black, having my friends dance in the background of one of the scenes, driving around the city in a vintage convertible, freezing my butt off, and jumping in pools time and time again for each take… all of that contributed to bringing out the spirit of the LA that I grew up in.”

Kelsey Magnuson – “Faking It”: A vulnerable piano-led indie song, a bit disoriented at times, with melancholic mellow grooves, dream-like vocals, and an overall Northwest vibe. This is the second single off indie rock singer-songwriter Kelsey Magnuson’s recently announced debut LP, “Don’t Budge (set for release on November 2 via Earth Libraries). On “Faking It” and the move to Olympia from Nebraska that influenced its outcome, Kelsey writes: “That song lyrically encapsulates a lot of the vibe for the whole album. I’m so happy to have landed on this fuller, more orchestrated feel that only came after moving to the Pacific Northwest. I feel more a sense of connection and pride in the music I’m making and the community around me is making than anywhere else I’ve lived.” The track comes alongside an accompanying music video that admires the beauty of Kelsey’s new home and illuminates the connectedness she feels to her surroundings. With her band, Kelsey Magnuson creates lyric-heavy songs with catchy licks that convey her feelings on making out, growing out of your twenties, and sports as a metaphor for polyamory.

Kodaline – “High Hopes”: A heartfelt soaring key-and-string-driven anthem sung with beautiful vocal harmonies and performed live by international chart-topping hitmakers Kodaline. This is the third single from their forthcoming new live album, “Our Roots Run Deep,” recorded live at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre, and out October 14th, 2022, via Fantasy Records. Watch Kodaline’s intimate live performance of the song. “High Hopes” originally appeared on the band’s double-platinum debut album, 2013’s “In A Perfect World,” a #1 smash in their home country and a Top 20 hit in the UK. This heart-warming, new live track captures a rapturous sing-along response from the crowd at the intimate Olympia Theatre in Dublin, where the album was recorded in March of this year. “This album is something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time, it’s also something entirely new to us,” the band said in a collective statement.  “It’s a stripped-down acoustic show with no click, which basically means, it’s very raw and unfiltered. We wanted to try and capture the energy and atmosphere of the night as best we could. It was an intimate show recorded in one of our favorite venues in the world, in Dublin City at home in Ireland. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed playing it.”

The Paranoyds – “Freak Out”: Waves of distorted guitars mixed with grungy pop hooks and three-part girl harmonies. This is a song from Los Angeles-based DIY rock band The Paranoyds’ sophomore LP, “Talk Talk Talk,” released via Third Man Records. Alongside the release of the album, the band has shared a live video shot on VHS, ahead of their lengthy fall tour across North America and the UK.  This second album is a sentimental, sci-fi-infused testament to the band’s almost lifelong unbreakable bond that gives them space to expand, evolve, and above all, have fun. Over 11 tracks, the band experiments with sounds like vintage synthesizers, sampling, and multi-layered drum tracks that melt together showcasing the innovative range of the rising rockers and best friends. Expanding on what the album means to the band, bassist and vocalist Staz Lindes shares, “‘Talk Talk Talk’ is a wild ride of sentimentality sprinkled with Twilight Zone paranoia and just plain old fun pop rock. I love the diversity of this album. We experimented with new sounds and pushed ourselves to try it all. ‘Talk Talk Talk’ is our child born from the strength and dedication of The Paranoyds in a wacky, depressing and confusing time.” Lindes continues, “We were able to overcome something super scary together and kept a dream alive that at times felt irrelevant and unattainable. And damn it was fun!” Before the official fall tour kicks off, The Paranoyds will support Jack White for four dates this month including Asheville, NC, New Orleans, LA, Houston, TX, and Shreveport, LA.

Boychik – “Dust After Rest”: A dramatic and poignant soundscape of astral piano, emotive strings, and chords haunted by eerie-operatic vocals, and free of traditional pop structure. This is the first track from Boychik’s highly anticipated, self-titled, ten-track LP. The album carefully chronicles the deepest parts of the multi-disciplinary artist Boychik, and the multi-dimensional person, Ben. It necessarily brings Boychik’s queer voice and lived experiences to the forefront, bearing their heart on their sleeve, but not without bandages and bruises. “There’s a lot about the release of this record that scares me. I’ve sat on this music for many years. For a long time, writing music was a very private solitary act. But I found collaborators that created an environment for me to open up this music safely.” They say, “Being able to expand this sound into what it is alongside Jake Luppen, Nathan Stocker and Brad Oberhofer was one of the greatest joys of my life.” With such an intimate collection of music being made public, Boychik hopes the time capsule released is handled with care. “…Dust After Rest,’ [is] a debut single of profound depth and beauty. This ethereal exploration of queer identity is coupled with visuals both imaginative and life-affirming, directed by Ross and John Novotny, that transition from intimate close-ups to puppetry and idyllic landscapes.”

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