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Press Releases For October: Meet The Artists

Press Releases For October
The Velveteers are among these press releases for October

The Velveteers, KUNZITE, Joy Crookes, IAMEVE, My Son The Doctor, Destroy Boys, Rubber Band Gun are among these press releases for October.

The Velveteers – “Father of Lies”: The new trio has shared another track, a pulsing badass number with a ferocious and heavy guitar riff served by Demi Demitro’s bright vocals. This comes off the band’s debut album, “Nightmare Daydream,” produced by GRAMMY Award-winning artist Dan Auerbach, released this month via Easy Eye Sound. “’Father of Lies’ is about having a little devil who likes to sit on your shoulder and whisper in your ear. It’s about battling the evil voices in your head,” says lead singer/guitarist Demi Demitro. “The chorus instrumental guitar riff is one of my favorite riffs on the album because I think it really embodies this sort of heaviness that the song carries.” The Velveteers, made up of Demitro and dual drummers Baby Pottersmith and Jonny Fig, opened for Guns N’ Roses last month at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO, underscoring their reputation for uniquely energetic live performances. The song comes with a video.

KUNZITE – “HALOHEAD”: An intergalactic organ and a blasting electronic sound matching the visuals of the video., featuring artwork and animation by Haoyan of America + Afuttersak. ‘HALOHEAD’ is a song that lives in its own universe and inspired the formation of the band. It features explosive guitars and cosmic soundscapes and is built around a vicious breakbeat. The song has moments that sound alien-like and others that sound almost classic heavy metal à la Black Sabbath, taking the listener on a journey that defies genres and opens up more doorways with each spin. “We hope we’ve created an album that can be enjoyed both on the dance floor, AND within a sensory deprivation tank” the band said. “The ‘HALOHEAD’ video is about a journey into unknown waters,” notes co-director Alex Futtersak. “Those who are able to dive head first into the beast, may see their way through it.” The formation of KUNZITE (Mike Stroud and Agustin White) saw both men able to merge their minds and mission, with a sound that blends psychedelia with electronic, beat-heavy production and live instrumentation.

Joy Crookes – “WHEN YOU WERE MINE”: A soulful track with glorious horns and Crookes’ sultry and nuanced vocals over a vintage orchestration that belongs to the classics. Joy Crookes—who is already garnering Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill comparisons from her own songs—began her musical journey years before her magpie-like introduction to brass. The daughter of a Bengali mother and an Irish father, she grew up listening to an eclectic mix of genres. Whether she’s dealing with heartbreak or trying to come to terms with the latest Trump headline, Joy is committed to translating her most honest and vulnerable feelings to music. Her candid songwriting and fearless attitude have won her dedicated grassroots following, while her cover of “Hit the Road Jack” caught the attention of 600,000 viewers and her first management company.

IAMEVE – “Raindrops”: Ethereal vocals over intriguingly dark electronics, IAMEVE has already been compared to Kate Bush, NIN and ’90s era industrial Bowie. This new single comes from her forthcoming EP “Archetype” out on October 22nd. The song was written on an uncharacteristically rainy day in Los Angeles. She is not one to revel in sunny weather so this was pure joy for the songwriter who had been struggling with writer’s block and feeling stifled by traditional song structure. To help work through this creative desert and her desire and break out of her box, IAMEVE abandoned her usual methods. Steering clear of old habits and removing the ‘agenda’ of songwriting gave her the space to let things unfold and capture the moment.  The rain put her into a trance-like state and started looping some music in the studio and something just clicked. Each song on the EP speaks to a different soul archetype, and the theme of ‘Raindrops’ is The Seeker. A seeker follows their curiosity, independent of the world around them with a sense of adventure and devoted to fulfilling their soul purpose. In the video, we see the metamorphosis of Eve splitting off and reuniting with her offshoots in a whimsical and musical exploration about human creation and the metamorphosis that our souls go through as we evolve.

My Son The Doctor – “Rubber Hands”: A raucous, in-your-face track that delivers energy, fun, and humor, spoken-words-and-beat-driven, drawing influence from everyone from “Gang of Four to The Strokes”… and maybe Parquet Courts too? This is a track from Brooklyn’s new-wave punk band My Son the Doctor’s new EP, “Taste Those Dreams” released via Paper Moon Records. The song, which was inspired by the interpolation between punk and jazz, will have you dancing in no time. “We liked the idea of making a song that felt like punks trying to play jazz,” said the band. “It’s a common complaint that people are statues at Brooklyn indie shows. We work hard to be both confrontational and inviting all at the same time. It’s an energy we really feed off and we tried to capture that in ‘Rubber Hands.’ The main goal of the song was just getting people moving.” Some songs are written painstakingly over months, but “Rubber Hands” came together surprisingly quickly over about two days. Guitarist Joel Kalow came to practice with an early form of the riff and from there the band worked to keep the bones of the song while changing up the feel entirely. For this single, it was about rhythm, achieving an almost swing – but not quite – feel, mixed in with a bass line that was equal parts stilted and driving. Ultimately, succeeding in getting their fans moving.

Destroy Boys – ‘Escape’: A fuzzy, high-energy punk song that radiates with pop hooks and garage rock boldness. “’Escape’ is about wanting an out from the regular life I was living,” says frontperson Alexia Roditis. “I wrote it pre-pandemic, though you might not have known that if you listened to it. It’s about wanting to go on tour and wanting to escape reality in any way possible.” “Escape” follows the band’s no holds barred formula of speaking their mind with cutting commentary on how our culture views artists, through unapologetic lyrics such as the monologue mid-song: “You know I don’t see anyone asking anyone of any other profession except for artists what their plan B is. Like if you’re gonna be a mathematician no one asks you what your fucking plan B is even though who knows what they do, I don’t know. Ok. But we need art to live and survive but, I need a plan B? I do. Me. You know I could really go without ever hearing that question ever again.” “Escape” is the final single from their album “Open Mouth, Open Heart, produced by Will Yip and released this month via Hopeless Records.

Rubber Band Gun (ft. mem. Foxygen, Lemon Twigs) – “Like That”: A harsh pulsing beats mixed with chorus-like voices, the song will surprise and charm you. Produced and engineered by RADO (Weyes Blood, The Killers), backed by members of Foxygen, The Lemon Twigs, and Jackie Cohen, the eclectic track showcases a unique sonic variety wrapped around sweetness and oddity. Rubber Band Gun is the project of producer, engineer, and multi-talented performer, Kevin Basko, who had this to say on the track: “‘Like That’ is a song about excuses. It’s all the reasons not to do something. It’s your own unreliable narration, pulling you away from something better. Recorded in Los Angeles and produced/recorded by Jonathan Rado, ‘Like That’ is another take on popular music stylings crafted swiftly and without hesitation. We built it in a day and what you hear on the record is our single days findings. The whole Cashes Out album is an attempt at quick under-baked pop ideas, plastic-wrapped and ready for the free market. This song is the exemplar of that philosophy.”  The new EP “Cashes Out,” out November 2 Via Earth Libraries, was written with the express idea that it would be Basko’s big leap into the conventionality of the music business. That said, rather than streamline or simplify for that pop approach, the record retains the multiplicity of ideas and tones that run through the Rubber Band Gun catalog.

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