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Press Releases For October, Here Are The Artists

press releases for October
Noah Guy is among these press releases for October.

Noah Guy, Rodolphe Coster and Band, Suki Waterhouse, Ghost Light, Zoon, Kainalu, and Beach Bums are the artists among these press releases for October.

Noah Guy – “5 MO’ MINUTES”: A soulful R&B tune with a rich production, an intricately flipped sample of Stanley Turrentine’s 1974 jazz composition, “I Know It’s You,” and a surprising twist toward the end. Last month, rising soul singer-songwriter Noah Guy released the official video for his latest single, and the stunning visual beautifully compliments the ebb and flow of the emotional tune, dynamically taking viewers through the push and pull of a relationship’s powerful energy. The story he shares is really a destruction of self, as his inability to balance the gives and takes of a relationship consequently brings it to a devastating end. “5 MO’ MINUTES” will be featured on Noah Guy’s upcoming project, joining his previous single “2 DOGS 1 LEASH,” a dreamy tune that quickly surpassed the 1 million stream mark and gained acclaim from the likes of Billboard, 1883 Magazine and more. This new music is the byproduct of his changed physical surroundings — a cross-country move from his East Coast roots to Los Angeles — where the perpetual sunshine has helped him uncover a new, lighter side to his moody sound. With the new project expected to drop later this year, Noah Guy is ready to share more of himself with the world.

Rodolphe Coster and Band – “Seagulls Fly On Highways”: An anxious rock track with nervous drumming, hazy vocals, and an organ oozing all along the song. The song was composed by multidisciplinary artist and legendary activist from the Brussels scene, Rodolphe Coster, who, at 43, is releasing his first album, “High With The People,” under his own name. Recorded at the legendary Studio G in Brooklyn, the album was produced by Matt Jones (Male Gaze, Castle Face Records) and brings together a dream team of soulful musicians including Jeff Tobias (Sunwatchers), Sarah Register (Lou Reed, Depeche Mode, Protomartyr), Atsuko Hatano, (Jim O’rourke) and Maya Postepski (Princess Century, The Organ) among others. “High With The People” is out on November 25 via Capitane Records.

Suki Waterhouse – “Moves”: A very catchy pop song with Suki’s strong vocals over an upbeat and pleasant melody. Suki has been compared to everyone from Elizabeth Fraser to Hope Sandoval, to Lana Del Rey and Joni Mitchell, and “Milk Teeth,” her new EP, is slated for release on November 4 via Sub Pop Records. It features five songs from Waterhouse’s early career plus one new track, “Neon Signs.” “It means the world that Milk Teeth is getting a vinyl release,” Waterhouse says. “These songs were like secrets to me. They were witness to a time when I felt like I was drowning and I needed to connect on a profound level in order to stay afloat. I share them with everyone who collaborated me on this record. I’m so grateful for the guidance and permission they gave me to explore.” I saw her opening for Father John Misty at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Forever Cemetery in August, and she made quite an impression.

Ghost Light – “The Healing”: The title track from their new studio album, just released this month via Royal Potato family. It’s a straightforward pop-rock song, accompanied by a music video. For their new record, the band succumbed to a chaotic and constant state of change and that is where their story in The Healing begins. “The path to health and healing is often not the path of least resistance but the path of perseverance and doing the work,” says Tom Hamilton. “The Covid times allowed me to have an emotional reckoning with myself. The bouts of depression. The crippling anxiety. Waking up every day and choosing the difficult realizations and the hard truths.”

Zoon – “Playground”: A loud atmospheric dreamy-noise song with a foggy delivery over shoegazing waves of synths and hazy electronica. Between Panda Bear and My Bloody Valentine. This is a song from the new 4-track EP by Zoon (Zoongide’ewin), the musical project fronted by songwriter Daniel Monkman. “A Sterling Murmuration” EP is out now via Paper Bag Records. Speaking on the track, Daniel wrote: “‘Playground’ was written in Winnipeg around 2010. At that time I had just experienced a huge loss which was a close friend of mine. I returned to our hometown, Selkirk, Manitoba, to find some closure. One evening I visited the school that we attended together. I noticed so much change, new additions and extended class rooms, the fence was brand new, grass freshly cut and the play ground was completely changed. It made me really sad to see time and what it does to a material world. I saw both decay and a dying civilization clinging to rebuilding a crumbling empire… but also beauty. All of these thoughts sent me into my first panic attack and forever changed my life. To channel these newfound emotions I decided to write ‘Playground.’ I wanted to keep the song simple, just like how it was back in those days.” On the EP, he continued: “A Sterling Murmuration as a body of work is material from ten plus years ago. I then recorded these songs with my high school friends in Winnipeg but broke the record into a few different movements. Big Pharma was the first movement and this is the second. The title ‘A Sterling Murmuration’ comes from the movement that a flock of birds do for safety from predators. They use this technique for other reasons such as warmth at night, also to exchange information about feeding areas.  I feel very connected to this concept, I see it in humans and how we need a strong community to protect each other. isolation played a role in this body of work and is supposed to display the danger in isolating. while in this state we set ourselves up to be in harms way by outside forces but breaking out and embracing humility and community you can finally transcend into a healthy trajectory.”

Kainalu – “Inhibitions / Intuitions”: A smooth and mellow song with an infectious dance beat, a dynamic tempo, dreamy vocals, and a Tame Impala ambiance. This is a song by Madison, WI-based rising psychedelic-funk multi-instrumentalist Kainalu, along with a lyric video, featuring vocalist MUNYA. The contemplative, experimental sophomore LP, “Ginseng Hourglass,” is due out November 4. “MUNYA, aka Josie Boivin, and I have been collaborating on tracks together for several years,” says Kainalu. “We met through Instagram and have actually never met in person despite creating countless songs together. The song dives deeper into the story presented by ‘Queen of Wands.’ Fighting one’s inhibitions about taking risks in love versus following their intuition which has previously led them astray.” MUNYA notes the two collaborators, though never having met in person, work together naturally. MUNYA shares, “Trent and I have been working together for a few years now. Even if we have never met in person, we have built a strong connection that allows us to create and complete each other in a very natural way.” Thrilled to bring the latest work to life with Kainalu, MUNYA continues, “I had a lot of fun singing on Inhibitions / Intuitions and I’m so honoured to be part of Kainalu’s album. Super stoked for this one and the whole album.”

Beach Bums – “Overcast”: A raw track blending horror punk and metal influences with throat-shredding vocals, and dizzying levels of distorted chaos. Said Jawn Tang (vocals, guitar) of their newest music video: “The ‘Overcast’ music video was simple…moshing, crowd surfing, and capturing the BEACHxBUMS! Overcast ‘look’ in black and white. We wanted to capture a glimpse of what it’s like watching the band at a real show. We had posted an instagram story inviting fans from around LA to come rage and they did exactly that. Although the song covers deeper topics, the video shows another side to the song… the raw, chaotic energy of both the band and its fans going crazy.” Of their new record and its title track, he continued: “Overcast, the album, focuses on the different writing styles that Beach Bums can tackle. To put it simply, this album is the most updated version of the MYCORE concept and sound. ‘Overcast,’ the song, was the first song we wrote as the new 5 piece lineup. The song speaks on conflict in a relationship. This can be left to interpretation, meaning you can relate it to friends, family, lovers, enemies, and everything in between.”


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