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Press Releases For November: Here Are The Artists

press releases for November
Baker boy is among these press releases for November

Saya, Cold Weather Company, Hush Forte, BAKER BOY, Slack Times, Ok Cowgirl, and Brighton are among these press releases for November.

Saya – “SICK”: Synth swirls, dark immersive atmosphere, and sultry-seductive vocals for an alluring song with a danceable chorus. This is the new single from Toronto’s resident alternative popstar Saya, her first musical output since 2018, and the first single off her upcoming EP “Ready to Burn.” Behind a pristine electro-pop production, Saya’s lyrics explore the emotions of frustration, vulnerability, pain, and desire. “SICK” tells a story of an intoxicating yet chaotic romance: the verses are intimate and fragile, as she expresses hurt that builds up into the hook that feels like a burst of frustration and anger. After parting ways with a major label, music became a challenge for Saya. She felt discouraged and uninspired. After a year of trial and error, taking time to herself, finding a new producer (Damian Birdsey), and teaming up with long-time friend/writing partner Alexandra Soumalias, “SICK” was created. On the track, Saya says, ‘”‘SICK’ was written in 2019 and it was a really quick session – the song came to us all so naturally. Hearing the song come to life that day made me fall back in love with making music. I hadn’t written something that honest in a very long time. “SICK” became the driving force of the entire project. To me, “SICK” expresses a range of emotions that are more deeply explored throughout the entire EP.”

Cold Weather Company – “Golden Hour”: A warm and uplifting track executed with wide-screen buoyant instrumentation, vocal harmonies, and bravado in the lead vocals. The sweeping result sounds like a Broadway production at times with anthemic qualities. This is the first song off “Coalescence,” the long-awaited record from the New Jersey-based indie band released via Deko Entertainment last month. The band combines the various writing approaches and influences of its three members, Brian Curry, Jeff Petescia, and Steve Shimchick, to create unique arrangements with intricate layering. Over the past few years, the band has earned over eight million cross-platform digital streams and supported acts such as Tall Heights, Jamestown Revival, and Juke Ross. On their fourth full-length album, Cold Weather Company continues to expand their acoustic-forward, alternative folk sound into new territory. With delicate additions of synths and electronic instruments, as well as a broadened palette of horns, percussion, strings, and harmonies, “Coalescence” explores each song down to its smallest sonic niche.

Hush Forte – “GREATEST FAULT”: The strong funky beats build an interesting groove for a track that slowly moves along Hush Forte’s vocals. The producer, composer, rapper, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist releases the new track as he gears up to drop his full-length project, “Look Closely.” Forte states “Growing up I learned how to hide my weaknesses. Any fears, or feelings of sadness I’d keep them tucked. I figured no one cares and the people that do care will use it against me. It wasn’t until working on this project that I learned vulnerability is a superpower. I made “Greatest Fault” when I had this realization.” The young lyricist prides himself on his ability to be vulnerable and transparent in his art, and if you’re not in a complete trance from the beat, you’ll be repeating the standout lyric “the shadow never leaves his feet” – an ode to the duality of the young artists’ emotions.

BAKER BOY – “Survive”: A surprising and biting Australian rap track combining modern and old school elements. The choreographed beats are truly infectious and the flow is effortless, while you can even hear traditional didjeridu. Known in Australia under a handful of names – the Fresh Prince of Arnhem Land, Baker Boy, the “proud blak Yolngu boy with the killer flow” –  the bright-eyed, ferociously talented rapper born Danzal Baker has released a blistering, joyful debut album “Gela” via Island Records Australia. “Gela is who I am,” Baker Boy says, “it’s my story.” The music comes from an internal struggle, between his ties to his community back home, and his love for his art and the inspiring figure Baker Boy was becoming. It’s a struggle undoubtedly familiar to anyone who’s moved from somewhere remote to the big city, but one uniquely heartbreaking for First Nations people who move from remote communities to more populated areas. “Gela” is the story of Baker Boy overcoming this conflict and coming to terms with himself both as “Gela” and as Baker Boy — an inspiration and beacon of light to his fans, his family, and, most of all, himself. The “Survive” video is an intimate one-shot performance co-directed by Danzal and his Creative Director and stylist, Aurie Indianna, which leaves no room to hide from the raw power of Baker Boy’s message.

Slack Times – “Can’t Count on Anyone”: A jangle melody-driven pop song from Alabama with a strong hook and a nostalgia for the early ‘80s. The band describes the single as such: “This track is really about someone who’s chasing an unrealistic dream and perpetually failing in that pursuit. Eventually, the person embraces self-sabotage and spoils their dream. It’s also about depending on other people and, along the way, learning that you really can’t count on anyone.” The music video was illustrated, animated, and directed by Marine Hercouët, who the band got in contact with via Instagram. The video captures the story behind the track, which details an out-of-work actor who has a few too many drinks before arriving at an open-call audition. At the beginning of the video, the viewer sees the following expression: “Se me hizo bola.” According to Marine, “In Spanish, it literally translates as ‘it turned into a ball’ but it means ‘it got out of hands’ — usually when you’re obsessed with something, [you] forget about the time or the reality surrounding you, which is pretty much what happens with the story!” The track comes from their  EP “At the Blue Melon Rendezvous,” released via Earth Libraries.

Ok Cowgirl – “Across the Room”: A storytelling pop song with upbeat harmonies, dreamy guitars, floaty synth, and a certain melodic complexity of emotions. This is a new song from Brooklyn-based dream rock outfit Ok Cowgirl, announcing their debut EP “Not My First Rodeo,” due out on December 8. “In my experience,” says songwriter and frontwoman Leah Lavigne, “heartbreak does not dissipate with time. Feelings never completely resolve; they may get quieter, but you never know when they’ll grow loud again.” Upbeat and harmonious “Across the Room” will have you bopping along one sunny afternoon, and stopped dead in your tracks, paralyzed by lyrics all too relatable to anyone who has ever loved and lost. Lavigne’s potent vocals are an invitation into the echo chamber of the heart, where tenderness and bitterness bounce off of each other in small and large waves; let it wash over you. The music has been described by the band as “a place for reprieve and release.”

Brighton – “Dreaming”: A surging dense-dance track with a playful vibe, pulsing drum machines, and synth hooks. This is a song from Southern California native Brighton’s much-anticipated debut EP, “Dreaming.” Entirely self-written and self-produced, “Dreaming” is full of surging guitar riffs and pop-rock hooks. The EP centers around the themes of relationships: ranging from the heartbreak from his ex to his now cinematic and swoon-worthy love story with girlfriend Cassie Randolph. Brighton has an innate knack for blending together elements from electronic, pop, and rock music into a specific guitar-driven, high-energy, carefree sound to make the perfect soundtrack to any sun-filled weekend. He was born with a very rare bone disorder called Congenital Pseudoarhrosis and has had to undergo 20 surgeries during his young 24 years of life. “Music was the only thing that would help me heal and cope with the pain I would go through on a daily basis,” Reinhardt explains, “I was on bed rest a lot and always in pain. Once I picked up the guitar and taught myself how to play, all the pain seemed to slowly disappear because I was so focused on learning something new every day.”


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