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Press Releases For November, Here Are The Artists

press releases for November
Julia Daigle is among these press releases for November

AXLAUSTADE, Saya, Sea Lemon, Julia Daigle, Tangerine, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, San Fermin (featuring Wild Pink) are among these press releases for November.

AXLAUSTADE -“oui no na”: Reverb guitars for an atmospheric shoegaze-y instrumental by AXLAUSTADE, a grunge trio hailing from Montreal. This is another single off their forthcoming debut self-titled LP, produced by Justin Raisen (Angel Olsen, Sky Ferreira, Kim Gordon, Yves Tumor) and due November 19 via La Tribu. The band wrote this description for Talkhouse: “‘oui no na’ is one of the first pieces we ever did. After a couple of months playing the tune, we got tired of it, feeling no more sympathy for its slow tempo, the repetitive swing of the bass, or for any other good or bad reason really: we just felt it had become less exciting. So up until the rehearsals before our recording session began, we left it aside. But as the rehearsals went on, we eventually got to the point where we played it again just for fun, adding then a new bridge section that felt cool, dreamy, soaked in a vaguely pinkfloyd-ish mood. The song was recorded at night (the only nighttime session we did), in the dark. The only remaining light was coming from the nearby room where both guitar amps were stacked. Minus the bridge, the album version is quite close to what it was on day one. Musically, we wanted to stay low profile while preserving some kind of vivid energy. That’s when we had the idea of a “double vision drum set”: two drums playing simultaneously, one on the right side, the other on the left, creating a wider space as well as a feeling of turmoil. Both drums overlapping one another at some point with different fills, then straightening up to stay on the same beat. Oddly, even with this punchy arrangement, drums (and bass as well) are certainly meant to lay low, creating a neat terrain for the guitar to play on it. We felt the guitar had to take the lead to guide us through the song. Steve’s old Jazzmaster shines brightly but discreetly, proposing a glow-in-the-dark theme, airy and dreamy, quite elusive.”

Saya – “SICK”: Immersive synths behind Toronto-based alt-pop star Saya’s youthful and sultry vocals for a fusion of genres, from R&B to electro-pop, reggaeton, and even hip-hop futurism. The cinematic music video, created with director Gennelle Cruz, is the “perfect visual accompaniment to the track” to the “pulsing dark pop anthem that is equally vulnerable and sultry,” says Popwrapped. Lyrically, the song explores feelings of frustration, vulnerability, pain, and desire within a chaotic romance. These themes are exemplified in the music video by Saya taking center stage, confident and powerful while performing to an empty theater till her ex walks in, arousing moments of vulnerability and weakness within her. On the video, Saya shares: “The video is an intimate and cinematic experience where I am performing for an audience of 1 – my ex-lover. Startled by his appearance, there are moments throughout my performance where I struggle with allowing myself to put up with him. The song explores feelings of frustration, vulnerability, pain, power dynamics, and desire. The video is voyeuristic in a sense and is a play on how the lyrics are perceived. The director did an amazing job working with me to capture the song’s aesthetic sensibilities.” “SICK” was created, setting the foundation for her upcoming EP, “READY TO BURN” due out 2022.

Sea Lemon – “Sunday”: An upbeat dream pop song with Natalie Lew’s superbright vocals and an ‘80s vibe in the tempo. This first release from Seattle-based Sea Lemon song is about the dichotomy of how easy it be to sabotage relationships—friendships and romantic relationships alike—and how, from the outside, those ‘sabotaged’ in relationships often aren’t privy to the fact that there’s an issue in the first place. “Sunday” was inspired by Natalie’s guilty and anxious feelings during the pandemic, all circling around not being physically around those closest to her, and how that stress and anxiety built day by day into a cloud of untamable worry. The closing line of the chorus ‘but it’s over now,’ is meant both from the perspective of the person sabotaging a relationship—feeling that the relationship may as well be ‘over now’—and the perspective of the person on the other side, wanting to tell their loved one that the past can live in the past, and to let bygones be bygones. The bright and sparkly sounds of “Sunday”, discordant with the anxiety-inducing concept behind the writing, is meant to sonically surface that awkward and confusing tension. It was written and recorded by Natalie and produced, mixed, and mastered by the terrific Stefan Mac (producer and engineer for Wallows, No Vacation, and more) all remotely.

Julia Daigle – “Usage Domestique”: Art pop sung in French with seductive disco-tempos, and an alluring soundscape between sensual dream-pop and dancefloor. This is a song from Montreal-based artist Julia Daigle’s debut solo album, “Un Singe Sur l’Epaule” released via Lisbon Lux. “Un singe sur l’épaule” is the meeting of the world of singer Julia Daigle (co-founder of Paupière) and producer and multi-instrumentalist Domininic Vanchesteing (Bernardino Femminielli, Jeff and the Holograms, Plaza Musique). In their first collaboration, the two visionaries share their common influences and their passion for storytelling. Combining contemporary alt-pop with echoes of music from the past, they create a bucolic and elegant universe evocative of Charlotte Gainsbourg or even the 70’s Quebec progressive band Contraction. A progeny of the reckless nights of the city’s infamous art scene, she is currently working on her solo career, recording with such artists as Guillaume Ethier (Chocolat), Asaël Robitaille (Bataille Solaire), and producer Dominic Vanchesteing (Femminielli). Journey through pop-infused dreams as Daigle fills them with mythical—and sometimes all-too-human —monsters.

Tangerine – “See You There”: A breezy lo-fi number with shimmering synths and Marika Justad’s bright vocals, working like a laid-back dreamy ballad during a sunny day. The song by the LA by-way-of-Seattle indie-pop duo TANGERINE marries Spanish guitar with dreamy synths and staccato rhymes to create something dance-y and unique. “See You There” was recorded at TANGERINE’s home studio in Los Angeles. Singer Marika Justad wrote the lyrics and melody over a little guitar riff Toby was playing on his old Spanish nylon guitar. The song was engineered and produced by guitarist Toby Kuhn, the third song by the band to be made entirely at home. Cian Riordan provided mastering (St. Vincent, Bleachers). On the lyrical inspiration, Justad says: ‘I was inspired by Toby telling me about drinking in town squares and water fountains as a kid visiting Italy and Spain with his parents. I wrote it at a time when I was feeling fairly anti-social but knew that I wanted to break out of my shell. I wanted to transport myself temporarily to this magical scene where I could see all my friends at a fountain and drink wine with them and feel carefree and anxiety-free. I actually wrote the lyrics right before the pandemic, and as things began to lock down it was weird how perfectly they dove-tailed with the loneliness that everyone was experiencing around the world. I think of it as a light-hearted song but there’s a bittersweetness at the core. Fun fact- the audio of people laughing and talking in the intro and outro is a combination of a recording of my sister Jade’s birthday party in Seattle years ago, and a phone video I took at a restaurant in Seoul of my family eating.”

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – “Corners Pressed”:  A relatively upbeat, dream-pop-influenced track, building a hazy mood with floating bittersweet vocals, light, and meticulous beats, and layered synths. This second single from their upcoming album is a slight shift from the usual heavier, gazier sound of the shoegaze-inspired band. Letting Up Despite Great Faults, founded in 2006 by Mike Lee in Los Angeles, is back with Lee on vocals, guitars, and programming, Kent Zambrana on bass, Annah Fisette on vocals and guitars, and Daniel Schmidt on drums. Their much-anticipated album “IV,“ due out in 2022, is the first full length in 8 years and is pouring with stories of growth, nurture, loss, and regret. With all the fuzzed and dreamy instruments and the album even mastered by Simon Scott of Slowdive, it’s hard not to label it shoegaze. But from deep storytelling to catchy pop melodies, it really is so much more. Letting Up Despite Great Faults shows their full maturation and patience on “IV.” The song comes with a visualizer.

San Fermin (featuring Wild Pink) – “You Live My Dream”: With strong keys, vaporous vocals, and steady beats, the song offers a lush and dreamy orchestrated soundscape, saturated with vocal harmonies and rhythms. The song, featuring Wild Pink, is the second single off their forthcoming collaborative compilation entitled “In This House.” The LP, which will be released via their label, Better Company, on December 10, will feature collaborations with Nico Muhly, Sorcha Richardson, Thao Nguyen, Wye Oak, Attacca Quartet, The Districts, and Wild Pink. “I kicked the idea off with some sounds that were a little more synthetic than I usually do,” Wild Pink’s John Ross says. “I just wanted to make something fun with some new textures. Ellis took the idea and ran with it. changing the chords and infusing some more interesting sounds. Claire kindly lent her vocals towards the end of the process and everything really started to click then. I haven’t done many collaborative songs like this before and I really enjoyed the process. Ellis’ songwriting and production are inspiring to me so to produce this track with San Fermin in addition to his contributions to A Billion Little Lights have been great.” “‘You Live My Dream’ started as some instrumental tracks from John with this hypnotic, kind of retro clubby beat,” San Fermin’s Ellis Ludwig-Leone adds. “I dismantled it a bit, added piano for warmth, and changed some harmonies, and then put in that simple top line in the choruses, to which John wrote lyrics. He added guitars, and then Claire sang backups and harmonies. I’ve been a big fan of Wild Pink since they came on tour with us in 2019, and it was so exciting to be involved in John’s process. He starts with these propulsive, stadium rock-type sounds, but by the time the song is finished, there’s an intimacy and vulnerability that is really beautiful.” The song comes with a video.

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