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Press Releases For November: Here Are The Artists

Press Releases For November:
Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul

Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul, Carleigh Aikins, Woolfy, J.R.C.G., Dream Phases, Night Shop, CVBZ are among these press releases for November.

Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul – “Blenda”: A dynamic and stripped down track filled with weird electro beats and African drums by the Belgian-Caribbean provocateur duo made of Charlotte Adigéry and her long-term musical partner Bolis Pupul. “Blenda” references how “I am a product of colonialism,” says Charlotte, “and I feel guilty for taking up space in a white country.” The song was inspired in part by Reni Eddo-Lodge’s book Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race. “It talks about the colonial past and post-colonial present in the UK,” Charlotte continues, “but that isn’t merely a British or American problem, Belgium is part of that as well.” She says that her home country is likewise “oblivious to a big part of its history” which “results in general ignorance and a lack of understanding and empathy towards Belgian inhabitants of immigrant descent.” The duo has announced their debut full length album “Topical Dancer,” due March 4 via Soulwax’s iconic label DEEWEE. The album themes go from cultural appropriation, to misogyny and racism, social media vanity, post-colonialism and political correctness, some talking points that you would not ordinarily hear on the dancefloor but Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul are ripping up the rulebook. They are rare storytellers in electronic music: they take the temperature of the time and funnel them into their playful synth concoctions – never didactic and always with a knowing wink. There is a video accompanying the track while Charlotte & Bolis performed at Pitchfork Paris and Pitchfork London this month.

Carleigh Aikins – “Lose My Number” : A soulful powerhouse with plenty of character and range over an old-school R&B fueled by horns and an infectious tempo. This is a single from Canadian singer-songwriter Carleigh Aikins’s long-awaited debut solo album, “JUNK JEWELRY,” due December 3 via SilverDoor Music. The album offers a landscape of Carleigh’s diverse vocal range and ability- from her tender vibrato to her distinctive and explosive vocal fry. It serves not only as a landmark of her prowess as a backing vocalist – but as a powerful front-woman in her own right. “JUNK JEWELRY” is a collection of songs Carleigh wrote over the span of a decade while touring. After years of touring and performing on world stages as a supporting band member, or the shiny pretty thing standing in the shadows of prominent artists as a backing vocalist, Carleigh Aikins finally emerges to reveal herself as a true Canadian vocal treasure worthy of the spotlight on her debut solo album. The songs all began as junky demos that were diamonds in the rough, waiting to shine; with the assistance of collaborators including Marcus Paquin (The National. Arcade Fire), Brad Barr (The Barr Brothers), Don Kerr (Bahamas, Ron Sexsmith), Drew Jurecka (Dua Lipa), and members of Patrick Watson, The Mynabirds and Zeus.

Woolfy – “Shooting Stars”: A bright handclap turning into an uplifting and danceable track with traces of LCD Soundsystem and wide-eyed indie pop. Known around the world as an indie-disco troubadour with an unmistakable English-inflected vocal delivery, usually caught somewhere between drawl and “mesmerizing falsetto,” Woolfy’s new EP sees him leaning more into an indie pop /psychedelic sound. He is joined by art rock legends Django Django and daytime disco don and ex-Poolside founding member Turbotito. With stints on various labels like Future Classic and James Murphy’s DFA, Woolfy amassed a sizable following. Now, pursuing a newer, fresher sound, he is partnering with Ritual Release for “Shooting Stars,” helping launch the label. On the EP, the title cut serves as a pep talk to Woolfy’s teen daughter, encouraging her to sidestep society’s neat little boxes and shoot for the heavens on her own trajectory. “Shooting Stars” is out December 3rd Via Ritual Release

J.R.C.G. – “Lowrider“: A disoriented and disorienting dense soundscape borrowing from noise rock, krautrock, and shoegaze with a taste for experimentation and sonic exploration. This is a new single from J.R.C.G. (the solo project of Dreamdecay’s Justin R. Cruz Gallego) taken off their forthcoming debut album, “Ajo Sunshine, “due November 19 via, of course, Castle Face. “Ajo Sunshine” (say it with me folks, “Ahh-Ho”) is heralded by an alarming horn ensemble, stabbing with the dramatic urgency of a killer’s theme in a midnight movie. It’s a jarring but appropriate entry point for this brilliantly blasted listen, an array of exquisitely sharp edges punctuated by kaleidoscopic respites of throbbing warmth and surprising tenderness. J.R.C.G. (Justin R. Cruz Gallego)’s previous work with Seattle’s excellent Dreamdecay may foreground the broad strokes here, but he’s pushed things way outward in terms of his sonic palette.  Abutting field recordings captured from rodeos off Ajo Way, a stretch of highway that leads you westward out of Tucson Arizona directly into the sun, both acoustic instruments and gleaming walls of synthetic noise are framed in dour and dissonant chord shapes, crackling with overdriven drum mics and seasick waves of distortion.  It’s homage that plays out like a collage, a dream switching from station to station, a series of dedications broadcast on late night radio. All pin-hole size images from scenes never seen whole, strung together in but one version of complete.

Dream Phases – “In a Box”: A gentle and upbeat psych pop rock song, a bit reminiscent of the ‘70s with its reverb-drenched guitars, tambourines and Brandon Graham’s plaintive falsetto. On the track, the band said: “‘In a Box’ was the first song written for “New Distractions,” in fact we played this song on our 2019 European tour. The song is about overcoming writers block, and searching for the inspiration to do just that. The chorus progressively get more hopeful as the joy of writing something new is felt. The accompanying music video was made by Matthew Lingo and Styles Wolff Baker and visualizes the journey through the sub conscious mind, searching for inspiration.” This is the final single off their forthcoming sophomore album, “New Distractions” which is due November 10 via Nomad Eel Records/Lunar Ruins. The single comes alongside an accompanying music video. “New Distractions”was largely written and composed during lockdown, with the band members working the songs through email and regular Zoom meetings. This situation paradoxically allowed for more creative freedom between the band members, as they traded songs back and forth and built them up from the ground, together. The album is, at heart, the record of a band exalting in complete creative freedom, a group with a curatorial eye toward their influences and an adventurous approach to the rock & roll canon. Dream Phases mastered their sound long ago. “New Distractions” is what happens when you push further on toward that unexplored horizon.

Night Shop – “For A While” : A reflective, sincere and classic-sounding piano ballad, slowly and delicately moving while demonstrating great songwriting abilities. This is a new single from Night Shop (the solo project of Justin Sullivan, who is best known for playing drums for Kevin Morby, in addition to playing with Flat Worms and The Babies) off his forthcoming LP, “Forever Night.” The album features Meg Duffy on guitar (Hand Habits), Jess Williamson, Anna St. Louis and Jarvis Taveniere (Woods/Purple Mountains), and is engineered by Jarvis Taveniere, and co-produced by Justin and Jarvis. Justin said, “‘For A While’ is a reflection on a home and what a homecoming might mean at this point in my life. What if coming home didn’t mean returning to that little railroad apartment on a street that doesn’t exist anymore. What if it meant finding peace in acceptance?” “Forever Night” is due on February 11 Via Dangerbird Records. It features a reunion with Meg Duffy (Hand Habits), a long time touring compatriot in the Kevin Morby band and their first time on vinyl together since Morby’s City Music. Another frequent collaborator Jarvis Taveniere (Purple Mountains, Woods) co-produced the album, which also features Evan Weiss (Sparks) on guitar, drummer Tiffanie Lanmon and Alex Fischel (Spoon), as well as backing vocal performances from Jess Williamson on “For a While” and Anna St. Louis on “Let Me Let It Go.”

CVBZ – “This Time is Right”: Intense soulful vocals over an explosive track blending electronics, R&B and fervor. The single, a collaboration between platinum certified singer, songwriter and producer CVBZ and multi-platinum alternative rock band, American Authors, is the second in a series leading up to the release of CVBZ’s EP due in early 2022. Of the new single, CVBZ states “This song is for you all— but really it’s a reminder to myself that life is happening on its own time, and that timing may not make sense just yet, but it will.” American Authors add “To think that we’ve known CVBZ for over six years now and this is the first time we’ve ever collaborated is insane! Everything from his writing to his production to the uniqueness of his voice has had my attention since the first day we met in the Hollywood Hills. I knew from the minute the intro guitar hit that there was something special about this song and it was worth the wait of working together to collaborate on this song” The sound of CVBZ utilizes evocative vocals and upbeat instrumentals to guide listeners through honest stories of self-discovery, spiritual experiences, transformation, past love and loss. Beyond his solo work, CVBZ has also collaborated, toured, and written for artists including Ke$ha, Cheat Codes, Fetty Wap, The Chainsmokers, NOTD, Lost Kings, SHY Martin, Flightschool and Slightly Stoopid.

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