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Press Releases For November: Here Are The Artists

press releases for November
Hunter Daily is among these press releases for November

Hunter Daily, Cash Langdon, Wesley, Tearing Up, hurt season, Kainalu, and Rodolphe Coster are the artists among these press releases for November.

Hunter Daily – “Before It Falls Apart”: With emotive raw vocals soaring over a delicate guitar, the song is a vulnerable and lovelorn admittance of struggles when it comes to accepting love. The track also comes alongside an official music video. Speaking on the song, Hunter wrote: “‘Before It Falls Apart’ is my self-inflicted heartbreak song. Growing up, I never had any real examples of a healthy, long-lasting relationship around me. In turn, it made it hard for me to believe that a relationship can work out at all. This song is about my experience with letting my head get the best of me and letting my pessimistic ideas about love ruin a good thing, even before it has a chance to start.” This September, Hunter made her official debut with a brand-new single entitled “Die In LA,” the first in a series of singles she’s releasing via Flush Records. Alongside Executive Producer Jenna Andrews (the hitmaker behind BTS’ “Butter” and “Dynamite,” in addition to Benee’s “Supalonley”), Daily spearheads music that encompasses the romance, heartbreak, and complexity of her hometown. Jenna Andrews said of working with Hunter: “Hunter is one of the most talented and exciting artists I’ve been around in a long time. She is a ‘true artist,’ and completely authentic to herself.”

Cash Langdon – “Hearts Feel Wild”: Jangling guitars, ‘60s sweet pop harmonies for a heartwarming song that will remind you of some emotive and melancholic soundtrack. The song has been described as an amalgam of The Field Mice, Elliott Smith, and the Monkees, and I would agree with some of it. This is a song from Birmingham musician Cash Langdon’s new solo debut, a record entitled “Sinister Feeling,” released via Earth Libraries. Cash said of his new LP: “I had been writing songs that didn’t feel like they fit with my other band, Caution. I just wanted to have another outlet for songwriting. Conceptually, the album has a lot to do with the ideas of home and family, but that came naturally as I began to work on the music. I think the pandemic had me thinking a lot about those things.” “Sinister Feeling” was introduced with “That Kid” — a song about empathy, chorused with epic guitar swells, playful organ, and roomy slide while “Hearts Feel Wild” is a more acoustic number detailing the feelings of dissociation that can crop up when entangled in love. Holistically, though, the record is a mash-up of twee, jangle-pop, classic rock, and even alt-country, commenting on concepts such as family, home, and more, largely inspired by his move back to his native Birmingham in April 2021.

Wesley -“Not Sure That Was Me”: A plaintive tone over indie folk guitars for a fragile and melancholic number a bit reminiscent of the glory of Fleet Foxes or Iron and Wine. This is a song from “Glows in the Dark,” the new album by Louisville, KY singer-songwriter Wesley (the alias of Jacob Weaver) recently released via Earth Libraries. The smokey track plays once on self-reflection, a theme that weaves throughout the LP, this time with the idea of being chased through one’s own mind by the demon of self-doubt. In the accompanying music video, Weaver stands off with what the so-called demon. On the visual, he recalled: “I’ve always really liked those red glowing eyes in movies and things. Like in Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, and the Cure’s video for ‘Boys Don’t Cry.’ I cut red reflective tape and put it over my eyes. At one point I was standing on the top of a ladder in the dark with tape over my eyes. I wouldn’t want to do it again.”

Tearing Up – “Monarch”: Big vibrant guitars, and loud vocals for a number filled with the energy of hazy indie rock mixed with psych-pop. Graham Caldwell is a longstanding creative force whose previous musical endeavor, Billy Moon saw him release a number of acclaimed, multi-genre singles and eclectic full-length LPs such as “Punk Songs” (2018). Over the years, he additionally shared the stage with acts such as Nada Surf, Day Wave, Will Butler, Born Ruffians, July Talk, and Ty Segall, among others. Graham explained his moniker: “Growing up, I loved punk bands that sneered in the face of authority, demanding their voice be heard. They made me feel like I was stronger than I was. I was the kind of person who avoided conflict since I’d lose every fight I’d end up in, but there’s still a part of me that itches to get its hands dirty, hence the name: Tearing Up.” “Monarch” is a song off his debut EP “Billy Is Dead.” Speaking on the track, Graham wrote: “This song makes me think of being in Greece, specifically Mykonos where all the buildings are painted white to reflect the heat of the sun. I spent a lot of time on that vacation just going for long walks through the streets of all the different places. I would just go somewhere and keep walking until I got tired. I’m a wanderer at heart, or rather, I have ADHD. This makes it kind of hard to make plans for things since I usually end up so distracted that I end up going with the flow with whatever’s around me. It’s not always easy, but some days… it’s alright. Some days you feel lost, but on others you can see the path you’re on. On the days that I try my best to stay on it, it usually takes me in the right direction.” The song comes with visuals.

hurt season – “worship”: Dissonant to dystopian electric throbs for a smooth hip-hop flow. This is a new track from hurt season’s forthcoming project. At 21 years old, the alternative experimental artist is already familiar with the concept of evolution. Previously known by the moniker HRT SZN, he feels like the new name and project are a more accurate reflection of him — someone who is less afraid of criticism and more willing to be authentic. Where HRT SZN conformed, hurt season is breaking out of the box. Music has been a safe space for hurt season since childhood when his family would cruise around Mexico listening to the smooth electric guitar of Santana. Even now, whenever chaos is ensuing around him, he revisits those memories and collects himself by creating new music to process. Since he was 15, hurt season has utilized songwriting as a way to connect — with himself, with fans, and with those close to him. Inspired by the likes of XXtentacion, 7981 Kal, and Pierce the Veil, hurt season’s new music follows his experience of finding a healthy outlet through creating. After hitting a personal low, hurt season has sought out a life through music that allows him to try, fail, and grow. hurt season has found his voice and is ready to share it with the world. More new music coming soon.

Kainalu – “Ginseng Hourglass”: A sunny dancefloor transpiring a distinctive brand of funky psychedelia and dynamic instrumentation completed by chilled-out vocals. It’s as smooth as a ride along the coast on a sunny day, and this is a new song from “Ginseng Hourglass,” the new album by Madison, WI-based rising psychedelic-funk multi-instrumentalist Kainalu. It comes with an accompanying vibrant lyric video and highlights a heavier, more personal side of Kainalu as he grapples with the finiteness of life, and powerfully captures the complexities of loss and the importance of growth. It asks, in a fleeting lifespan, how should one spend their time? Kainalu shares the title track is, “a psychedelic funk song that explores everything from deep rhythm and overblown heaviness. Ginseng is a representation of the darker, grittier side of the album. The song is written about wrestling with the reality of your fleeting lifespan. As depicted in the album’s artwork, Kainalu adds, “Ginseng – the traditional, medicinal herb, and hourglass – the falling sands of time. Together the words symbolize the sands of time. How will you spend the life you’ve been gifted?” The song’s weighty subject matter was inspired by a conversation Kainalu had with his mother before she passed away. Referencing the track’s compelling lyrics, Kainalu continues,”The contemplation presented by the song climaxes in the bridge: “When you’re life’s run, will you tell it like you turned your lights off? Did you spend it all overly cautious? Were you someone your mother was proud of? Or did you keep running from all of your problems?” This line resonates deeply with me because it was written after I had one of the final conversations with my mother before she passed of stage 4 cancer. In those last moments of her life, she imparted as much love and wisdom upon me to “carry me through the rest of my life” because she knew she wouldn’t be there to help me along.” Though the lyrics may be dark, the energy is juxtaposed by the track’s bubbly, glittering instrumental signaling that a sense of hope remains.

Rodolphe Coster – “Seagulls Fly On Highways”: A loud psychedelic track rocking its way through fuzzy swirls of synth and pounding beats before soaring into dense electronic textures. Multidisciplinary artist and legendary activist from the Brussels scene, Rodolphe Coster has already lived several lives, died several deaths, and had as many resurrections. At 43, he has just released his first album “High With The People,” under his own name. Recorded at the legendary Studio G in Brooklyn, the album was produced by Matt Jones (Male Gaze, Castle Face Records) and brings together a dream team of soulful musicians including Jeff Tobias (Sunwatchers), Sarah Register (Lou Reed, Depeche Mode, Protomartyr), Atsuko Hatano, (Jim O’rourke) and Maya Postepski (Princess Century, The Organ) among others. The result is cold and irreverent rock, free from all shackles and oozing the rage to live through every pore. Last month, Rodolphe and his European band got together to perform two tracks from “High with The People” and the session, filmed in a sequence shot by Minhea Popescu, captures all the electrical power and life impulses released by Rodolphe Coster and Band. The session opens with “Gilles Memory”, an unreleased song, written in tribute to a friend of Rodolphe who died during the terrorist attacks that took place in Brussels in 2016. The second song performed was “Seagulls Fly on Highways.”


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