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Press Releases For May, Here Are The Artists

press releases for May
Sarah Kinsley is among these press releases for May

Britta Phillips & Kramer, Ben Copperhead, Fatoumata Diawara, Eloise, Miya Folick, Abraham Alexander, Sarah Kinsley are the artists among these press releases for May.

Britta Phillips & Kramer – “Nocturne”: Haunting keys and creepy strings for an emotional and dramatic piece of music slowly sprawling for six minutes with Britta Phillips’ breezy and whispering vocals.  This track is part of “Rings of Saturn,” a new collaborative vinyl series from Shimmy-Disc, featuring six 7″ EPs, packaged in an ornate wooden box, and featuring Kramer and Britta Phillips (Luna, Dean & Britta), Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers), Jad Fair & Danielson, Eerie Wanda, David Grubbs (Gastr del Sol), and Rob Crow (Pinback). To help introduce the project, Kramer has shared his collaboration with Britta Phillips, alongside an accompanying music video: “‘Nocturne’ is a song possessed of deeply personal origins that must remain hidden. But I can illuminate the fictional parameters of its emotional birthplace, as follows, if you can imagine along with me…you have fallen in Love with a woman who is in Love with someone else. That ‘someone else’ then leaves her, and despite your desire to be the one who can now finally be near her, to hold her, to comfort her, you just can’t bear the thought of her being alone. And if she finds someone else, someone other than you, that’s good enough. So long as she’s no longer alone. It’s your knowing that she’s lonely that’s killing you, and as long as SOMEONE is there for her, at night, you know you’ll both be fine. That’s a Nocturne. And that’s Love.”

Ben Copperhead – “Franny and the Songbirds”: A vintage folk sound à la Donovan or early Sufjan Stevens with plenty of baroque strings, a piece that could find its place on a Wes Anderson soundtrack. Ben Copperhead (previously known as Baby Copperhead) recently released his LP, “Wailing Viridescence,” via Shimmy-Disc, and “Franny and the Songbirds,” is the second single with its accompanying music video. “Franny and the Songbirds” highlights Copperhead’s compositional and arranging skills for the string quartet, his exuberant Stringed Serpents: Jessica Pavone on viola, Tom Swafford on violin, and Brent Arnold on cello. The song was inspired by his timid window-gazing cat, Franny Kaede’s (Kae-chan) relationship with migratory birds. It also pays tribute to an injured migratory bird that he found and helped transport to the local non-profit, Wild Bird Fund, during the process of making this song. The music video was directed by a drummer and filmmaker, Jonathan Levy, who captured a classic NY story of ornithologist Franny (played by actor Fatma Layla Girle) and birds in action. It was shot entirely in NYC and Central Park. Wrote Copperhead of his newest single: “‘Franny and the Songbirds’ was written in 2020 during the lockdown on my nylon-string classical guitar. It’s about the day in the life of my eccentric cat Franny-Kaede aka ‘Kae Chan’ who is very independent. The dark closet ‘dungeon’ is her favorite place to sleep and she loves to watch birds from the window. The song unraveled into unexpected places harmonically so I thought a string arrangement would be a nice setting for the song. I was thinking along the lines of some Beatles classics with strings, like ‘Yesterday’ or ‘Eleanor Rigby.’ At first, I wrote a string trio arrangement for this song but then decided to add the 4th voice to make a string quartet. Voice and guitar were recorded together to tape, then I had the strings come into the studio later. Brent Arnold, who also played cello, and Mike Tarantino engineered the string sessions.” “Wailing Viridescence” is a 10-track album of sci-fi/psych-folk songs and instrumentals written by the NYC-based multi-instrumentalist.

Fatoumata Diawara – “Massa Den”: A rich and exotic African piece with textured guitars and a contemporary feel complementing Fatoumata Diawara’s longing traditional Malian sound.” This is a song by Grammy-nominated Malian singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actress Fatoumata Diawara, featuring French rock singer-songwriter Matthieu Chedid. There is an accompanying video. directed by Farid Malki. About the song, Diawara states, “Love is free, love cannot be forced upon someone. Let those who love each other be together.” Diawara’s highly anticipated album “London Ko” was released on May 12 via Wagram Music. With the new album, Diawara continues to reinvent traditional African music, combining her Mandinka roots with afrobeat, jazz, pop, electronic, and hip-hop influences. That synthesis is reflected even in the album’s title, combining the names of the Western metropolis of London with that of the Malian capital of Bamako. On “London Ko,” Diawara combines forces with collaborator Damon Albarn (Gorillaz, Blur) who co-produces a number of tracks on the album and is featured performing on the first single, “Nsera.” Diawara notes, “For me, “London Ko” means opening your mind. It also represents Damon Albarn’s connection to Malian music.” “London Ko,” a neologism coined by Diawara, represents an imagined continent bringing Europe and Africa together. While holding on to traditions, Diawara’s music gives a prophetic vision of what Africa can do. She invents an alternative space and time where it is possible to become master of your own destiny. Positioning herself as an actor in a future world, this album raises Diawara into the ranks of the great voices of Afrofuturism.

Eloise – “I Take It Back”: An emotional pop song with big hooks completed by a romantic and nostalgic vibe. This is a track of 23-year-old London-based singer-songwriter Eloise’s debut album “Drunk On A Flight” released via AWAL. Branching out beyond the soft, jazz-tinged soul of her early work, “Drunk On A Flight” sees Eloise broadening her horizons and applying her pop nous to a much wider palette of sounds. It is a coming-of-age album about embracing the moment; a heartbreak record that empowers listeners to luxuriate in their feelings –however messy or complicated they may be. Eloise’s timelessness, vulnerability, and whip-smart lyrics effortlessly captivate the attention of listeners. The focus track of the album, “I Take It Back,” is an expressive, absorbing pop and circles back to the flight mentioned in the album’s opener. It’s an upbeat, catchy track that details the back-and-forth emotions of a confusing relationship and Eloise reassures the subject that in case her plane crashes, she takes back the negative things she’s said. The visualizer for the new track provides a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the new record. Eloise leaned into her long-standing love of pure pop and the sense of liberation she was experiencing being single for the first time in four years as inspiration for the album. She challenged herself to continue writing every single day, quickly amassing a pool of more than 50 songs, from which she assembled Drunk On A Flight with South London producer Conor Albert. The resulting record is a deep dive into the complexities of love and relationships, inspired both by observed experiences and Eloise’s own dating history.“Ending a long-term relationship at 23, you feel such a loss of time and adolescence and that can make you so frustrated,” Eloise explains. “What have I learned from all of this? And what am I stuck with at the end of all of this? My songwriting has always been honest, but this feels raw –like I’m exploring all the shades of emotion.”

Miya Folick – “So Clear”: Acrobatic vocals for a pumped-up electro-pop song showcasing Miya’s pretty voice and aerobic bounce (watch the video here). This is a song (co-written and produced by Max Hershenow) from vocalist, songwriter, and producer Miya Folick’s new album, “Roach,” recently released via Nettwerk. “‘So Clear’ is about pulling yourself out of the wreckage you’ve made of your own life again and again, for the thousands of days we live on this earth and realizing life is so much more expansive than the petty concerns we waste precious time on,” Folick says. “An epiphany that I have over and over again is that I am very small, but my actions are very meaningful. So I have to choose to live truthfully every day. It’s not easy! The song is very dramatic, and I imagined it as a good karaoke song when we were making it.” Additionally, Folick recently wrapped a run of European dates with Dermot Kennedy and a North American tour with Aly & AJ and will tour in North America with The Head and the Heart/Father John Misty in August and September. With earworm melodies, heart-wrenching poetry, eclectic production and anchored by Folick’s once-in-a-lifetime voice, “Roach” is a document of where Folick is now and what it took to get there, all the head-spinning highs and soul-crushing lows included. Lyrically, the album prioritizes an honest and simple approach—following the release of her 2018 debut album, “Premonitions,” Folick got the sense that the only way forward was to dig beneath the dense poetry she used to hide behind and put her most honest foot forward, no matter how uncomfortable that process may be. Not only does “Roach” accomplish this, but it goes a step beyond too, with Folick learning to wear the hardship she has endured like a badge of honor. “It’s an album about trying to get to the core of what life really is,” she explains. With radical honesty as the guiding approach, Folick enlisted a team of collaborators who she trusted to expose the grittier side of her artistry, including Gabe Wax (War on Drugs, Fleet Foxes), Mike Malchicoff (King Princess, Bo Burnham), Max Hershenow (MS MR) and a team of some of LA’s best players. The result is an album that, in classic Folick style, straddles a line between pop and something more experimental and sounds as brutally direct and intimate as the subject matter at hand.

Abraham Alexander – “Stay”: A slow melancholic pop/R&B-inspired track featuring Gary Clark Jr.’s atmospheric guitar and Abraham Alexander’s yearning vocals. This is a song from the rising singer-songwriter’s much-anticipated debut album “SEA/SONS,” out now on Dualtone Records. Alexander co-produced the record alongside Matt Pence (The Breeders, Yuck, Here We Go Magic) and Brad Cook (Nathaniel Rateliff, Kevin Morby, Bon Iver). The 11 tracks on “SEA/SONS” touch on themes of loss, redemption, longing, anguish, and joy. And while his lyrics speak to pain, trauma, and life-changing loss, he instills his music with a joyful passion and irrepressible spirit, ultimately giving way to songs that radiate undeniable hope. “The image on the cover is me and my brothers in the ocean in Greece,” Alexander explains of the album. “So, the title is me thanking my brothers in a way and just reminiscing about us being in the ocean and how time isn’t really a concept that kids grasp.” He continues, “’SEA/SONS’ is a reminder for us to be in the moment in the sea and to dwell in the healing place, not looking at the clock. Leading up to the release, Abraham has shared “Blood Under The Bridge,” “Heart of Gold,” “Stay (featuring Gary Clark Jr.)” and “Tears Run Dry.” The record features an appearance by Mavis Staples in addition to Gary Clark Jr.

Sarah Kinsley – “Oh No Darling!”:  With operatic and inflated vocals, and imaginative soundscapes, the ethereal pop song sprawls with urgency but doesn’t lack hooks and charm. Built on an undulating wall of harmonic sounds, Sarah Kinsley’s debut track blends soaring vocals, a haze of digital blips, delightful guitar riffs, and a screaming guitar solo. Underneath it all is a constant almost desperate foundation of driving beats that propel you toward an infinitely satisfying end – that begs you to instantly hit repeat. On her recent signing Sarah comments, “I’m excited to call Verve and Decca my partners for this next phase of my life as an artist. I’ve loved getting to know the teams and to feel their strong support towards me and my vision as a musician and creative.” Solely created by Sarah in her NYC apartment the track belies her age – “Oh No Darling!” is refreshingly seasoned with a nod to the ’80s and a wink to the future. Steering the production on the charming alt-pop track Sarah helms the synths, midi drum programming, guitar, and strings. The track brings a mix of wonder and improbability, musically and lyrically, and the accompanying must-watch video visually matches the aural spectacle of “Oh No Darling!” Watch the fancifully imagined video here. On the release of the song and video, Sarah adds “Oh No Darling! is a massive rush of chaos, unashamed irony, a distinct rejoice in the stupidity and silliness of youth. The track is enlivened by ambiguity: the impulse to leave, to run, to shut the door on childhood: to say ‘I am new and I am not who I was before!’  And yet here I am questioning at every point: do we ever really know? Was the illusion ever really there? Oh No Darling! is my tumbling into the ‘second decade’: of feeling and falling, of being unsure and yet free. The video is a cyclical visual expression of just that: a game trapping greedy players, to escape and return to their habits and youthful mistakes over and over again.”

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