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Press Releases For May: Here Are The Artists

press releases for May

Graham Czach, The Manic Boys And Girls Club, Stella Rose, Sid Seth, Megafauna, MisterWives, and Salem Ilese are the artists among these press releases for May.

Graham Czach – “Follow Me and I’ll Follow You”: A pounding-drum-multi-harmonies impressive track with melancholic but melodious vocals and layers added as the song progresses, while lush moments and unexpected detours are revealed. The genre-bending, hopeful, full-length concept album “Originalien,” by LA-based multi-instrumentalist rocker Graham Czach, will be released on May 26 via Ropeadope. The single comes with a self-directed, artificial intelligence-generated music video, featuring GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter and keyboardist Rachel Eckroth. Describing the unusual, eye-catching video, Czach explains, “The video is loosely based on the concept story of the song utilizing abstract, fast-moving images that you follow pulsing to the music through this maze of intense, kind of disturbing changes, where you almost want to look away but you can’t.” The solo forthcoming LP was born out of the life-altering effects of the pandemic, the drive Czach has to bring about positive change, and the support the artist had from his closest friends and family. Expanding on the significance of the album, Czach says, “It feels like a culmination of my long and diverse career in music that tells a story about universal messages and issues I’m passionate about to help make a difference.” He continues, “The world has changed a lot in the last few years, and this is my way of trying to bring people together to realize what’s important in this fleeting life, which is love, kindness, compassion, and respect.” It was throughout this creation process that Czach turned inward to expose his deepest vulnerabilities, culminating in his most realized, honest work to date. Over eleven tracks, “Originalien” blazes a new path where music doesn’t need to fit into a genre or be classified, rather it ties together a wide range of influences from the past and the present to propel the music forward into the future in a new light with a completely unique sound free from any constraints. Czach’s work commands instant attention with its sincerity wrapped in soundscapes rich in texture and depth. Czach expands on his process and the new album, articulating, “I’m a very visual composer inspired by real-life experiences, issues, and causes, where I can see the scene and story unfolding through the music. This album comes from a very deep place in my being during some of the hardest times the world, myself included, has seen and lived through.”

The Manic Boys And Girls Club – “We’ll Be Fine”: A cathartic pop song with vocals mimicking a loud whisper soon transforming into an anthemic hooky chorus. Toronto, ON-based duo The Manic Boys And Girls Club have announced their self-titled EP due out July 13 and a video directed by Ernie Vasquez and accompanying the single which offers a sense of hope and encourages forgiveness for past mistakes and wasted time. Explaining how the song came about, Fernando Ferreira explains, “We all live with the mistakes we’ve made. Maybe the tattoo you regret, the relationship you should have never been in, the words you should have said, what you should have not said, or maybe the time we’ve wasted.” The rising Toronto duo, made up of siblings Bela and Fernando Ferreira, was born out of a desire to escape from the mundane, and instead, form a refuge for misfits. After being raised strict Catholics and shipped off to Portugal to live with their grandmother–a former nun–the siblings decided to run the other way, and refuse to become submissive and apathetic. Enter The Manic Boys And Girls Club and their forthcoming self-titled EP. Over five tracks, the duo blends alternative rock and indie pop to forge a path all their own, much like the trajectory of their own lives. Produced by Gavin Brown (Glorious Sons, Hoobastank, Metric, Billy Talent) and engineered by David Mohacsi, the band crafted a collection of five wide-ranging tracks where they experimented with varying sounds and styles like never before. It culminated in a hopeful body of work that rings true to themselves and how they were feeling the moment the music was created. The result is a cathartic release of every emotion that has stirred within them since the band’s inception. Fernando explains the current iteration of the band can be traced back to their roots. “It’s basically the latest version of the same band we started in our parents’ living room, so we’ve really just been on hiatus since elementary school.” Today, the musicians are proud to present the art that has grown up with them–art that allows them to tell their stories on their own terms. “It is a celebration of our imperfections. It’s not about the perfect take, or sound, or musicianship. Just our stories are told to whoever cares to listen. There were rarely more than three of us in the room when we were recording. No outside opinions. No collaborators. No outside influences.” Yet, there’s a specific unifying quality about the music that holds universal emotions and experiences. “These five songs and their vulnerable transparency remind us we are all connected. As different as we all seem, we share the same common desires, frustrations, hopes, and flaws.”

Stella Rose – “Faithful”:  A dark, intense, and dramatic atmosphere with electrifying and menacing energy, witchy folksy vocals, and a strong presence that will undoubtedly seduce all the goths out there. NYC-based singer, poet, and musician Stella Rose has announced her forthcoming debut LP, “Eyes Of Glass,” due May 19 via KRO Records, and her first single of 2023, “Faithful,” comes alongside an accompanying music video directed by Ben Howley. Stella Rose met producer Yves Rothman in November 2020, after being introduced to her lo-fi voicenote poetry, Yves spent two weeks in the studio with Stella Rose, crafting the recordings seen on her upcoming record. During a time when things remain uncertain outside the studio, the stars aligned. Last year, Stella Rose (who is Dave Gahan’s daughter) made her official debut with an electrifying, yet haunting single entitled “Muddled Man,” and she returned with her second single, “Angel.” “Eyes of Glass,” recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Yves Rothman, combines the poetic soul of Stella Rose’s lyrics with the serpentine sound she and Rothman have developed. Earning its place feels less like a descendant of what has come before, than a piece in conversation with its artistic predecessors. Nothing outweighs the significance of creating her work. “At the end of the day, I’m a writer,” she says. “It’s the only way for me to process my feelings, and when I write I might not understand the meaning or gravity of my words but at some point later they’ll explain where I was and how I’ve grown. That’s how I make music: I collect things over time.” Whether they’re written in fresh ink or are years old, you can be sure Stella Rose has found just the right way to use them to make an unforgettable statement that feels both of the moment and timeless. “The best work I do,” she says, “always resonates now.” Last month, she opened for Depeche Mode at Madison Square Garden.

Sid Seth – “Hopeless War”: Fragile to dreamy vocals over keys and claps, a pretty pop song that shines thanks to its yearning and honesty. NYC singer-songwriter Sid Seth has shared a video for the single. Sid wrote: “‘Hopeless War’ comes from a classic situation: a battle of ‘you did this, I did that.’ Both parties go crazy, and after a certain point in the argument, it doesn’t even make sense anymore. Someone takes the lead and is like, ‘Okay, let’s just end this, it’s pointless.’ It’s that scene. And after all that, it leaves you with silence and the question lingering ‘Where do we go now?’ I was playing pretty chords on a summer’s Friday night. Looking back, I was not having the most Friday night experience with what was going on in my head. It’s funny how in most situations when I’m not having the best time, I’ll try to make something sound happier than it is. And then I just started singing the line, ‘Where do we go now?’ and I really enjoyed it. I built the rest of the song except the final bridge that night. There is something very movie-like about the sound of it. I want people to hear the song and instantly immerse themselves in their own movie scene.   I usually write from my own experiences, and this was something that I needed to let out. I find it calming when I can write a song about what I truly feel. About something that you can’t say or can’t find a way to tell anyone. It’s not often that I write something along these lines, because I usually start overthinking it after I write it and then don’t share it. But, this felt honest to my story as an artist and was an active situation of what it was. The song is a conversation and I want the listener to enjoy the melody, beat, and sonic aspect first. But, when they listen to it again (hopefully) I want them to hear the story. If you are in your teens or above you’re gonna get it.” Sid Seth is currently working with music producer Torna (Sesame Street, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Jesse Malin, Jukebox the Ghost, and A Great Big World) on more music that will be out soon. He has additionally previously worked with Kris Crawford (Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Josh Groban) and Grammy-winning mastering engineer Alex Psaroudakis. Stay tuned for more music coming soon from Sid Seth.

Megafauna – “Dozer”: A heavy psychedelic rock track with an aggressive and furious tone, metal-like riffs, and Dani Neff’s ethereal vocals. “’Dozer is one of the most aggressive songs on Olympico,” Neff says. “I’d even call it metal adjacent. In this song, I plead to Dozer, a symbol for Shiva, the Great Destroyer, to take down our patriarchal system. My bandmate, Winston, brought me the song as an instrumental piece with the name Dozer. Hearing the name and how heavy it was, I felt the song should be about destruction to make way for something better. This was right around the time that Roe was overturned. After a heavy guitar-driven first half, followed by a mellow Portisheadesq middle section, the song culminates in a raucous festival of voices and a guitar-driven climax.  Over the end, I sing, “Did you think I would freeze in a cell? I’ll retire with my ladies in hell. With my foot on the gas, I’m a goblin… Dozer starts it over right now.” This is a track from “Olympico,” the recently released album by Austin-based psychedelic rock band Megafauna. Jolting from headbanging math rock to an ethereal wash of psychedelia to grungy, garage riffage in an instance, Megafauna blends angular rhythms with beautiful melodies in a way unlike their Austin, TX rock and roll peers. Led by the ethereal vocals and guitar wizardry of Dani Neff, Megafauna draws from progressive powerhouses like Rush and The Mars Volta, Avant-indie instigators Radiohead and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and contemporary shredders like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Mastodon. The band has evolved over the years to the current lineup of Zack Humphrey on drums, Will Krause on bass, and Winston Barrett on guitar/keys, each bringing precision and edge to the outfit. On the band’s expansive sixth full-length album, “Olympico,” they worked with producer/engineer Charles Godfrey (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, …Trail of Dead, Swans, Holy Wave). The album confidently meanders through touches of shoegaze, doomy stoner rock, sludge, and various corners of the heavy, progressive, and alternative rock esoterica.

MisterWives – “Out Of Your Mind”: A song that starts like a hard rocking piece and then immediately morphs into an addictive and euphoric pop dance track bouncing with frenetic energy. New York City/Los Angeles-based alt-pop group MisterWives usher in a new era with this incendiary, exasperated, and bold single. The once technicolor days of the band are now drenched in the blackness of sacred anger, as they embrace their whole selves — especially the emotions that are hot to the touch. “Out Of Your Mind” also comes with an empowering video that acts as a metaphor for giving that much-needed permission to embrace the parts of self that aren’t sunshine and roses. Breaking out of the mental cage takes tenacious strength when alchemizing pain into power. Set in a rage room, the accompanying video directed by Matty Vogel sees lead singer Mandy Lee break free from the confines of harsh expectations and regain her artistic liberty. Explaining the idea and inspiration behind it, Lee says, “Heavily inspired by ‘Severance’ and ‘The Matrix,’ we wanted the ‘Out of Your Mind’ video to represent the division of your brain and unlocking parts of yourself that have been conditioned to conform.” The viewer is introduced to several versions of Mandy all existing on different planes. One is hypnotized into a lull by an industry that sets tight boundaries and strips the artist of their agency. Another version of Mandy represents her subconscious repressed pain and anger towards these confines. These multiple selves live within Mandy’s physical body that has been kept dormant and unaware of the perpetual loop in which she’s been trapped. Her pain finally wakes her up and sets her free from the restrictive limitations that she’s existed within, revealing a new era for MisterWives. Director Matty Vogel says, “Mandy and I wrote the concept for the video together, and it’s a really transparent and honest representation of the journey she’s been on. It was important to show that your pain can become your power and be used to set yourself free, which is the crux of this song and album.” Vogel continues, “The message of ‘Out Of Your Mind’ is that you can absolve yourself from doubt, fear, and pain, and convert it into empowerment. With plenty of Easter eggs and visual symbolism, we are excited for this next world to unfold as the new album begins.” Equipped with renewed energy, newfound creative freedom, and glowing determination, MisterWives are ready to re-introduce themselves with their unapologetic anthem, “Out Of Your Mind” and reignite the five-piece in a completely new way to propel them into 2023. The latest track sees the band step out of their comfort zone, embrace uncomfortable feelings and take more artistic risks. They’re choosing both “truth” and “dare” — something they haven’t had the full autonomy to do previously. In an interview with PAPER Magazine, frontwoman Mandy Lee says, “Stepping out of our comfort zone and not masking uncomfortable feelings with arpeggiated synths and sweet progressions was a pivotal moment needed to let go of pain and anger that was no longer mine to carry, while also giving us creative freedom to not feel boxed into what might be expected from us.” Delving into the context of the track’s subject matter, Lee continues, “‘Out of Your Mind’ came from a time when I experienced devastating betrayal from people I trusted. This paradigm shift sent me into a deep spiral of self-doubt–one that gave weight to scathing comments and made me question whether or not it was time to give up on music.” Lee was able to channel this uncertainty into personal power, reclaiming her own self-sovereignty and full expression. She continues, “Instead of succumbing to the doubt, I finally began my journey with therapy and a new, emboldened sense of self emerged that fueled this album.”

Salem Ilese – “PainHub”: Youthful vocals and radio-ready pop exploring the dangers of doomscrolling, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Salem Ilese opens up about digital consumption as she shares her critical take at society’s strange fascination with doomscrolling, or the act of endlessly scrolling through negative news headlines and getting lost in dark corners of the internet. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the constant stream of tragic news stories. “Painhub” sheds light on this phenomenon and explores Salem’s own struggles with falling down deep, dark internet holes. Despite taking time away from her own music to expand her horizons as a songwriter, Salem Ilese’s RIAA-certified Gold hit single “Mad at Disney” has amassed over 3.5 billion streams, with her following single “PS5” amassing over 500 million streams. Her upcoming release, in collaboration with Rina Sawayama’s creative director Crystal Lockhart, is showcasing a fresh new sound that combines pop melodies with high-concept lyrics criticizing media consumption. “PainHub” is the first step on this journey towards a new era in Salem’s career. Beyond her own music, she has also worked with some of music’s biggest names including Gwen Stefani, Pussy Riot, Ke$ha, Addison Rae, and more, even earning credits for her work on Demi Lovato’s recent album, HOLY FVCK, and Bella Poarch’s hit single, “Build a Bitch.” With her unique sound, infectious energy, and unstoppable drive, Salem Ilese is a force to be reckoned with in the pop music world. Now kicking off the next era of her career with her biggest and boldest effort yet, Salem returns with “Painhub.”


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