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Press Releases For May: Here Are The Artists

press releases for May
Hyphen Hyphen – photo credit: Kimdary

Deaton Chris Anthony, Hyphen Hyphen, Michelle Willis, The Mortal Prophets, Yotam Ben Horin, OSEES are among these last press releases for May.

Deaton Chris Anthony – “Shed Head”: A ‘80s synthscape, colored up with dreamy vocals and electronics but suddenly speeding up in a playful conclusion. This is a new track from visual artist Deaton Chris Anthony’s forthcoming debut album, “SID THE KID”; the music video for the track was directed by Julian Klincewicz. “Every summer, every year, my brother Korbin and I wrote songs, watched the News, played Punch Out, and ate every snack in a Shed in Kansas,” Deaton says of the inspiration for the song. “SID THE KID” is the story of the titular character, a lightly fictionalized version of young Deaton, and his older brother Korbin growing up in Kansas (where the real-life Deaton also grew up). “I draw inspiration from childhood. I have an older brother, Korbin. This record is dedicated to him,” says Deaton. “We would drive in the country in Kansas with the sunroof open. We’d listen to Dashboard Confessional, a lot of emo stuff, and he would scream the lyrics, looking up at the stars. That’s where “SID THE KID” takes place: rural Kansas. Imagine this: I was a chubby ten-year-old, and my nickname was Sid the Kid. Korbin and I lived in this little shed in the middle of this forest. This shed had our computer, T.V. and all of our music gear. We’d walk to school nearby, and we hung out at the skate park and the bowling alley.” “SID THE KID,” set for a release on July 29, takes Deaton in a bold new direction as the synth whiz’s first-ever guitar-based music, working with a list of acclaimed artists including Filipino-British songstress Beabadoobee, rising New Zealand star BENEE and multi-instrumentalist Mac Demarco, who plays bass and drums on the album track “Friends Don’t Hurt Each Other.”

Hyphen Hyphen – “Don’t Wait For Me”: An upbeat clap pop song with ABBA-inspired vocal harmonies and an energetic invitation to dance. This is a new single by award-winning French pop trio Hyphen Hyphen, co-written with six-time Grammy winner Glen Ballard (Alanis Morissette) and mixed by Charlie Holmes (Ed Sheeran). The song comes with an uplifting music video. “In the midst of chaos, we’ve chosen the light! Here is our new song ‘Don’t Wait For Me.’ We had so much fun writing it with Mr. Glen Ballard, hope you’ll feel the energy. Don’t wait anymore!” says the band. “It was a great privilege to be invited into the creative circle with Hyphen Hyphen,” says Ballard. “Their exuberance and talent was a great inspiration. This band has joy and energy at their core…I’m forever a Hyphenate!” Hyphen Hyphen will be making their US debut this summer at SummerStage on June 21. Formed while studying at the Conservatory of Nice, the band – composed of high school friends of Santa (lead vocals, guitars, synth,) Adam (guitars, keys, vocals,) and Line (bass, vocals,) – received the highly coveted “Best New Live Act” award at the prestigious Victoires de la Musique Awards in 2016. Together they have released two albums— Times (2015) and HH (2018)—with more new music on the way.

Michelle Willis – “Just One Voice”: A late-night club ambiance with wobbling keys, injected with jazz accords and Michelle Willis’s smoky to sultry vocals. This is the title track from her new EP out now on GroundUP Music and featuring performances by David Crosby; it follows the release of her sophomore album. In celebration of the new release, Willis is debuting a new live video for the title track. “‘Just One Voice’ is about needing connection and feeling unable to grasp it. This particular version was filmed and recorded at the renovated Buddhist-temple-turned venue, 918 Bathurst, in Toronto for a live audience Oct 5, 2019.” “I love Michelle Willis. She is one of my favorite singers in my whole life. Just amazing, fluid, powerful, graceful. Such a fine writer, a soulful, rich, deep player and bandleader who just swings as if her life depended on it,” declares David Crosby. The album “Just One Voice” was written during the intensity of non-stop travel, penned from the cramped seats of buses, planes and countless green rooms. One night, out on the open road, Willis played the title track for Crosby, her mentor and bandmate, who urged, “No one else sounds like this. This is you. You have to make this record.” Shortly thereafter she was able to secure a prestigious grant from the Canada Council for the Arts which set the recording process in motion. While finishing the studio record, Michelle performed, filmed and recorded Just One Voice (Live) in her hometown of Toronto with special guests David Crosby and The O’Pears.

The Mortal Prophets – “Stomp the Devil”: A weird and creepy imagery haunted by John Beckmann’s gothic performance. The song digs deep “into America’s primal past” and “channels pre-war blues legends such as Lead Belly, Blind Willie Johnson, Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, via the experimental ethos of German Electronica, groups such as Neu!, Cluster, Harmonia, Brian Eno, David Bowie, and Suicide.” This is The Mortal Prophets’ debut single taken off their debut EP of the same name, due July 8. The video for the song “is a detour into the realm of a certain form of post-modern gothic. It is almost a sci-fi expansive space with shadows of the past blurring into a post-apocalyptic future,” noted filmmaker Michele Civetta. Beckmann continued, “Music functions as a form of exorcism; ghosts seem to slip in from the past to commune with us in the present, so for me, the song and video for ‘Stomp The Devil’ represent everyone’s inner demons that we each have to struggle with in our own personal ways. Yet there is an irony in that struggle, which is also mirrored in the song.” The band’s forthcoming debut EP was produced by David Sisko and features collaborations with Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart).

Yotam Ben Horin – “Santa Monica Pier”: A melancholic song with a jangly acoustic guitar wrapped by ’90s-style power pop and featuring a guitar solo from Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins.” “Santa Monica Pier” comes with this postcard-like video and is the third single off Yotam Ben Horin (Useless ID)’s forthcoming album, “Young Forever,” just released this month via Double Helix Records. Speaking on the track, Yotam wrote: “In late 2019, I was living in Sherman Oaks, California with Fat Mike in his punk rock compound, along with some other interesting people. We would work nonstop on recording and producing music—trying to get a full-fledged production team going. I was so wrapped up in work that I forgot to take a break sometimes. When I did sleep, I would crash on a bunk bed in the hallway. There were people coming in and out all through the day and night. When Paola (then my girlfriend, now my wife) came to visit me, and saw what was going on, she knew that I needed to step away from work, even for a night. She kindly asked that we go to Santa Monica Pier. I told her that I was too busy finishing up a record, and that I couldn’t afford to leave, but she asked again—and I decided ‘why not?’ When we got to Santa Monica Pier my eyes opened up: I saw families together in the sand, the sunset, and everything. Paola and I went on the Ferris Wheel, which suddenly stopped for 10 minutes while we were at the very top. At first, we sort of panicked, but then I noticed how both of us were sitting there looking out at the beautiful purple-ish sky and the waves—and everything suddenly felt much smaller than it is. I decided then and there that I was closing the chapter of living in the punk house and opening a new one.”

 OSEES – “Funeral Solution”: A furious and aggressive punk track, pushing and raging like the ones John Dwyer and his band are used to delivering. This is a track off OSEES’s forthcoming album, “A Foul Form,” due August 12 via Castle Face Records. To kick off the album cycle, they’ve shared the record’s first single, “Funeral Solution,” alongside an accompanying music video by Logan Feser. Speaking on the forthcoming record, certified OSEES fan, Black Flag’s Henry Rollins, wrote: “Osees don’t seem to mutate or morph so much as remain extraordinarily open to what moves them to do next and capable of getting music done that’s consistently good. What motivated the band to turn loose this hyper-concentrated slightly less than 22 minute burst of meteor density somewhat punkazoidal music? When it comes to the Osees, that’s at best a mediocre inquiry as they just do the next thing, genre, prevailing tastes or whatever influence might guide a lesser unit are not even a consideration. A Foul Form is a cool pivot from their 2020 studio efforts Metamorphosed, Panther Rotate and Protean Threat. A Foul Form vigorously shakes the Oseesetch a sketch clear so whatever comes next (which will probably be sooner than later) will likely be something completely different yet again. As far as a potential inspirational indicator, you might notice the final track on A Foul Form is a cover of Rudimentary Peni’s Sacrifice, which can be found on their Farce 7” released in 1982. A fitting way to blow out this rad slice.” OSEES recently announced a Summer UK/EU Tour, on top of their Fall 2022 North American Tour with Bronze and Automatic, beginning in September and continuing through October.

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