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Press Releases For March: Here Are The Artists

press releases for March

Lucius, Monako, Andy Frasco & The U.N., TITUS BANK, JOHNNYSWIM, Laura Jinn, Blonde Diamond are among these press releases for March.

Lucius – “Dance Around It”: A hard-hitting dancefloor with an upbeat vibe and Lucius’s familiar harmonies. The tune features special guests Brandi Carlile and Sheryl Crow making appearances in the video that accompanies it. Reflecting on the song, Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe share, “In many ways ‘Dance Around It’ cracked the intention for the entire record; to dance through the darkness. To take what may have been isolating and internal, and instead, make it loud, and put it on display – give it legs to dance. When we brought it to the studio, we asked our dear friends and collaborators (pinch me) Sheryl Crow and Brandi Carlile to sing with us; they were so present and instrumental during the writing and recording of our record – and hearing them sing on this track felt like dancing through that last part of a dark tunnel.” “Dance Around It” is the latest song unveiled from Lucius’ anticipated new album, “Second Nature,” which will be released April 8 on Mom + Pop Music (U.S. and Mexico), Dine Alone (Canada), Second Nature Records/Secretly Distribution (RoW). Produced by Dave Cobb and Brandi Carlile, “Second Nature” is a portrait of Laessig and Wolfe’s shared reflection, chronicling each other’s seismic life shifts—motherhood, divorce, unplanned career pauses—and setting it to music. In celebration of the new music, the band will embark on an extensive North American headline tour this spring followed by a series of European shows in September. In addition to the headline shows, the band will join Carlile on several marquee concerts this summer including Washington’s Gorge Amphitheatre, L.A.’s The Greek Theatre, and Colorado’s Red Rock Amphitheatre. “It is a record that begs you not to sit in the difficult moments, but to dance through them,” Wolfe says. “It touches upon all these stages of grief—and some of that is breakthrough, by the way. Being able to have the full spectrum of the experience that we have had, or that I’ve had in my divorce, or that we had in lockdown, having our careers come to a halt, so to speak. I think you can really hear and feel the spectrum of emotion and hopefully find joy in the darkness. It does exist. That’s why we made Second Nature and why we wanted it to sound the way it did: our focus was on dancing our way through the darkness.”

Monako – “Killing Feels”: A cinematic and hypnotic song with a melancholic melody coupled with Massarweh’s entrancing vocals, while the video opens a sensual dimension to the dreamy soundscape. This is the second single off German-Canadian alternative-pop collective Monako’s upcoming EP, “In Shapes I-III” out April 13th via [PIAS] Recordings Germany. “Killing Feels” features Montreal-based Bibi Club and draws an arc to Monako’s origins: singer Sadek Martin-Massarweh and founding member Naomie De Lorimier were born and raised in the Canadian metropole and have been friends with Bibi Club’s members Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Nicolas Basque for years. With Monako’s “In Shapes I-III” project, it was time to revive this cross-globe partnership and work on a song together. Bibi Club’s subtle guitars and soothing vocals add smooth textures to the song while Monako once again showcases how versatile and detail-oriented they produce their pieces, always unfolding a journey rather than going for symmetrical compositions that wouldn’t challenge the listener. The accompanying music video was directed by fellow Canadian videographer and friend Adrian Villagomez who realized creative directress Elif Kücük’s vision and caught the cinematic sound of “Killing Feels” while literally embodying its intimacy through physically entangled humans.  Sadek Martin-Massarweh says of the song: “Maybe I’ll walk away, no one knows how to fight these plain white fields“ – this line, that I wrote a few years ago when I first learned how fundamentally hopeless grief could feel, sums up the what killing feels is about: Contemplating on giving up at last, when all the high hopes and aspirations I had for myself were covered by an overpowering emptiness, that felt too heavy to stem. I wanted to experience all that life could offer: the love, the joy, the curiosity, and its bliss, I knew it was there in front of me, but these snow-covered plain white fields were hiding it. What if I just walked away?” “It’s probably the folkiest song we recorded to this day interwoven with some experimental songwriting techniques and sounds we were working with over the last year. It perfectly represents the deep dive into Sadek’s emotional past that will always be a part of him and therefore crucial to our band and friendship today,” adds the band Monako

Andy Frasco & The U.N. – “Grow Old”: An uplifting guitar-driven song that works like a sunny blend of soul and pop, while the nature-and earth-oriented music video (featuring content from Emmy Award-winning wildlife cameraman Neil Bromhall and National Geographic photographer Owen Reiser) fully reflects the optimism of the tune. Speaking on their new single, Andy wrote: “Grow Old” is a song about not giving up on love before it even has a chance to bloom. We seem to run away from love when the going gets tough, but what I’m realizing as I get older is that true love doesn’t just come without effort. It takes work, and it takes going through the full cycle of emotions to really let that love blossom like a flower. This is the second single off their forthcoming LP, “Wash, Rinse, Repeat.,” due April 8. Continuing on the album, he wrote: “This album means a lot to me because it sparked new ideas of what life is about. I’ve been on tour for so long that I have never been in my house for this long ever. I got sad, I got confused, I got existential because all these feelings were new. Normally I can run away to the next town, see new things and distract myself if I’m feeling sad or depleted. But during this pandemic I really had to stay at home, live with the demons in my head and figure them out myself. Through this, I found who I am and what I like a little more as I’m getting older. I’m just trying to be friends with my brain again.”

TITUS BANK – “The Way You Love”: A pop song with an R&B-inspired sensibility and an anthemic envy à la Hozier, while the tune is more on the dance side. However, Titus Bank’s smooth croon is probably what you will notice first. After his debut single, “I Do Yeah,” which has just surpassed 125k streams with 50k in the first month, he has announced his debut EP (out in April via Everything Forever) with a new single “The Way You Love,” a Harry Styles-esque alt-pop bop. Produced by BIG KILL, the song showcases Titus’s stunning vocals and knack for writing infectious melodic hooks, as well as BIG KILL’s studio production prowess and impressive pop sensibilities. Part ballad and part radio-ready hit, this track is sure to get stuck in your head. On the track, Titus shares: “I wrote this song almost on a whim, just to ease the urge in me to write big, loud, overemphatic love ballads. I love “love”, so this song is simply me standing on a mountaintop screaming to my wife that I love her love. This was produced by BIG KILL and it really turned into something incredible since my original demo was just a simple beat, piano, and vocals. The sound is floaty but also extremely groovy and just feels great. The bass done by Parker Bossley pretty much unlocked this song to be a duel of sorts between a beautiful ballad and an absolute bop.” Four years on from the 365 Songwriting Challenge, Titus is left with positive thoughts about the experience. While Titus has certainly proven he can come up with folk, pop, and R&B-leaning hooks at a reasonably prolific clip, his approach these days is more measured and mature. “After the 365 challenge, I started focusing more on quality rather than quantity, like, ‘OK, I know I can write a ton of decent songs, but how can turn those into great songs?”

JOHNNYSWIM – “Desmond’s Song”: A dreamy and soulful ballad sung with fervor by Amanda Sudano-Ramirez and husband Abner Ramirez above a sweeping string orchestration. Meanwhile, the track also features acclaimed Houston-based artist Tobe Nwigwe, for a rap verse. In conjunction, the duo debuts an accompanying video, directed by and co-staring Nwigwe. “We wrote ‘Desmond’s song’ 15 years ago about the television show ‘Lost’ but never found the right production or sound for it to live on one of our albums. Then this year while writing the album, we started messing with different sounds and beats, upright bass, and piano… Next thing you know, after 15 years in the making, it finally found a home,” recalls Abner. “We wanted Tobe on a song and sent him a bunch of music for him to pick from, giving him cart Blanche. As he sifted through the music he landed on ‘Desmond’s Song’ and said, ‘Desmond’s song might be the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.’ Tobe brings an element to the song that had been missing all those years and can’t wait to share it with the world.” This new track is the latest to be revealed from the band’s fourth full-length album, JOHNNYSWIM, set for release on April 8. Created during the height of the pandemic, the self-titled album gives voice to life’s ups and downs while Amanda and Abner translate their memories, moments, and milestones into spirited anthems steeped in the singer/songwriter tradition. The new work marks a notable evolution for JOHNNYSWIM, pushing the pair to a new level as they shed light on relationships and the challenges that have emerged in a changing world. “This has been the most isolated we’ve been in a creative process,” Amanda reflects. “But part of that has been really nice because instead of going off what we feel other people are responding to we’re really just trusting our own instincts and saying what we feel we need to say in the way we need to say it. In a lot of ways, I feel like it’s the most ‘us’ a record has been in a long time.” “Hopefully, it gives sound to some of our collective struggle as humans for the last few years,” Abner adds. “If we could bleed music it would sound like this album.”

Laura Jinn – “Gasp”: Inspired by alt-pop artists such as Britain’s Fka Twigs as well as Grimes, the song is a bit avant-garde with soulful and percussive verses suddenly dropping into a chorus of crashing waves and shimmering synths as Jinn witnesses her heart bend and break. This is the new single by electropop artist Laura Jinn shares a new single, “Gasp,” an electronic indie-pop banger with an extraterrestrial flavor. Stalking around a crowded room, Jinn addresses a rival with desperation and desire balanced on the knife-edge of pain and pleasure, seeking release. On the track, Jinn says, “‘Gasp’ is about the ecstasy and agony of jealousy and the intense, peculiar relationship between two romantic rivals. No one understands the beauty of the one you love like someone else vying for their attention. I think that relationship is beautiful and precious.” Laura Jinn fosters a macabre sensibility with gleeful abandon to create experimental pop songs for house party fight scenes and late-night highway getaways. Combining the grandiose death drive of her emo heroes with an irreverent genre-melting production style, Jinn’s electro-pop tracks fixate on the romance and absurdity of suburban life.

Blonde Diamond -“Strange Times”: A dream but dark synth-pop tune with an explosive chorus and an accompanying video bombarding us with a chaotic collage of fantastical scenes from a parallel universe, drenched in Technicolor and speckled with anything from intergalactic pop art, geometric shapes, and even jungle creatures. Speaking on the music video, Alexis Young wrote: “Lyrically, the song ‘Strange Times’ takes place in a fantastical parallel universe, so it only made sense that the video should represent that. We chose to use a bright and dreamy palette to provide a luxurious backdrop for our characters to obliviously dance away on. As it becomes clear through elements of foreshadowing that there is a clear impending doom, we ignore the signs and carry on. In the background as we see chaos and destruction unfold, we try to keep the dream alive until we become swallowed and it reveals that the universe goes on without us, unaffected. Strange times indeed.” Director Brandon William Fletcher continued: “The video itself was a trip, the story sort of sprang into existence of its own accord. I spent a month in pre-pro building visuals and scenes (about 70% of which wouldn’t even make it into the video) before a single image was even shot. Once we completed production there was a bunch of back-and-forth with the band, this really collaborative atmosphere of world-building to uncover our story. At the heart of it for me, I think, was the myth of Icarus (and indeed the current state of the world as it stands); humanity’s hubris taking us to the brink and this cognitive dissonance where we’re unable or unwilling to see the seriousness of our situation so we just keep dancing. All presented in this glossy, magazine format, where each image is vying for your attention more than the previous, conveniently distracting you from reality. Additional inspiration came from artists like Hiroshi Nagai, Eizin Suzuki, and Hiroshi Takahara who really seemed to define the look of the Japanese ‘city pop’ genre, and architect Luis Barragán.” Last fall, Blonde Diamond shared a brand-new single entitled “Red Flags,” alongside an accompanying horror-inspired music video, which was also directed by Brandon William Fletcher. Their full-length debut record is due out in early 2022.

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