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Press Releases For March: Here Are The Artists

press releases for March
Levi Evans

Art d’Ecco, Belief, Liz Lamere, Oliver Sim (The xx), MALIA, Levi Evans (The Edge’s son), Kate Clover are among these press releases for March.

Art d’Ecco – “Palm Slave”: A familiar soundscape reminiscent of the glorious days of glam rock, with biting synth and scathing guitars delivered via a driving rhythm section, and an unforgettable hook. The punchy song by Canadian glam, art-rock singer-songwriter/producer Art d’Ecco is described as “a cautionary tale about obsession, and how a misguided search for meaning and purpose, may lead some to very dark places.” The press thinks that Art d’Ecco is channeling the spirits of Bowie, Bolan, and Jobriath, while others have cited New York Dolls or the early Killers records. His most recent album, “In Standard Definition,” came out last year via Paper Bag Records. He is set to release a brand new LP later this year.

Belief – “Ulu”: A cosmic sound of synth swirls, slowly sprawling while steady beat loops and electronics grow. This is an instrumental by producer and drummer Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint, Kurt Vile, Courtney Barnett) and veteran LA producer Boom Bip and a single of their debut EP as Belief, “Versions,” out on April 8. “Ulu is the Hawaiian word for growth, to rise or sprout,” says Boom Bip. “Ulu is one of the improvised tracks on the album that was recorded mostly live. The pad loop was the foundation and the addition of the 303 bass line brought me back to an era of music we both love. Once the improvised tracks were laid down live, we went back and added a drum break played by Stella and I added a bass guitar. It all came together quickly and felt complete in only a few sessions.” In addition to “Ulu” (video here) “Versions” will include the duo’s debut single “I Want To Be,” released in January to critical acclaim, remixes from Falty DL, Vanishing Twin, and Boom Bip himself, plus rising U.K. producer HAAi’s rework of “I Want To Be,” which dropped last month as part of Lex Records’ 20th-anniversary remix series Lex XX. Furthermore, Belief will play two shows this spring with Vanishing Twin: March 30 in Los Angeles and March 31 in Joshua Tree.

Liz Lamere – “Lights Out”: A disorienting and hard-hitting track with brutal electronic drums, intense and poetic vocals, countered by dynamic textures and melodic synth riffs. This is the single of “Keep it Alive,” Liz Lamere’s upcoming album out May 20 via In The Red. After collaborating with late partner Alan Vega (Suicide) for over three decades on his solo work, and starting out playing drums in punk bands, she is releasing her own music. Running concurrently with her musical activities, Lamere has been hyperactively involved in the boxing world for over fifteen years. Along with the single, she shares the boxing-focused video for “Lights Out,” directed by Jenni Hensler and filmed at Trinity Boxing Club in NYC. “’Lights Out’ was the very first track I wrote,” says Liz. “You write about what you know. It’s boxing-themed. When you step in the ring your life is literally on the line. ‘Let your hands go’ is a boxing term and my mantra for going full tilt in whatever I’ve set out to do.” All of the music and lyrics on “Keep It Alive” were written and performed by Liz Lamere. It was recorded in her lower Manhattan apartment during the lockdown, engineered by her and Alan’s son Dante Vega Lamere in the same space where the Suicide singer constructed his light sculptures. “Keep It Alive” is an homage to a song on Alan’s New Raceion album that has significant meaning for Lamere. It was one of the key lines she would chant on stage, becoming a staple of live performances with Alan. The vision behind the album is about preserving your own inner fire. Liz commented, “Alan always encouraged me to make my own music, and I’ve waited until the time was right as I’ve been dedicated to preserving Alan’s vision and building his legacy.” It’s high time to turn up the burner!

Oliver Sim – “Romance With A Memory”: A cold and creepy delivery over a badass rhythm section and an original track that could be reminiscent of some of Iggy Pop’s work. Oliver Sim—best known for his work as songwriter, bassist, and vocalist for The xx— is making his solo debut with this first-ever single. “I’m thrilled, excited, ecstatic, overcaffeinated, and overjoyed to be sharing ‘Romance with a Memory’ with you all,” says Sim. “Terrifyingly, this is the first song I’ve ever released under my own name, I really hope you all enjoy it. Produced by my dear older brother Jamie xx. I’ve also made a compilation of some of my favourite monsters, killers, and queers getting down. I hope both the music and monsters make you feel as happy as they make me—I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me to watch a ghoul having a good time. P.S. still very much in a loving and happy relationship/band with Romy and Jamie.” The track, produced by Jamie xx, debuts alongside a lyric video starring artists and drag performers Charity Kase, HoSo Terra Toma, Gena Marvin. Taking inspiration from his love of horror films and his own life, Sim put together a handful of demos and brought them to bandmate Jamie xx to flesh out. “Romance with a Memory” was one of the first songs Sim wrote, and the first song he and Jamie worked on together. More music from Sim is imminent.

MALIA – “More Than Love”: A soothing R&B melody with soulful sultry vocals and emotive guitar lines. Los Angeles-based alternative R&B artist MALIA has unveiled her visual for “More Than Love,” to accompany her recently released stunning EP, “What’s After ‘I Love You?” A conceptual work surrounding heartbreak, the songs on “What’s After ‘I Love You?’” chronicle the life-shattering stages after a breakup. Within it, MALIA navigates realizing love is lost, questions all she once knew to be true, and finds healing in channeling her experiences into creativity. MALIA embraces vulnerability on the record, invites us to open ourselves up to love, and shows us that beauty can come from pain. “Heartbreak is one of those life situations that can trigger you to call into question everything about yourself, who you are, how you show up in this world?” Malia wrote.  “You begin to examine each dark corner that may have been swept over in the past, all the way to the root of the limiting beliefs that may have been planted decades ago or more. For me, this pain was unlike anything I’ve ever felt and I found myself at rock bottom. My first reaction was to clamor to get the feelings back that I was clinging so hard to out of fear, but sitting with that pain instead of pushing it away or attempting to change the situation was the best thing I could have done. Once I was able to regain some sense of composure, making music was my only outlet. My heart, mind, body, and spirit were calling out for me to create, perhaps as a sense of closure, I felt I was lacking. This is the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in my writing and it makes me feel so exposed to share but also empowered because the growth I experienced through this intense pain created the best version of me yet. Sharing these songs with the world forces me to continue to remain open and live from a place of love over fear. I hope my story reminds people that moments of darkness however painful, actually hold our hand and help us elevate.”

Levi Evans – “Bug Bite“: A rap delivery over atmospheric chill swirls and electronic beats, soon joined by smooth vocals by popular Dublin-born/London-based vocalist Lucy McWilliams. The music video for the brand new single was directed by Rosie Barrett and shows the two young artists singing about a precarious infatuation that blossoms after one too many. The song shows a new side of Evans as he continues to experiment with moods and textures for his growing fanbase. Emerging singer-songwriter Levi Evans grew up surrounded by music: he is the son Of U2’s The Edge! From a young age, he explored a diverse range of unconventional instruments while also studying piano and guitar. The music he creates has a sophisticated simplicity that makes it easy to connect with and be moved by. He writes lyrics in a unique voice, delivered with articulate phrasing that reflects his natural swing. Songwriting is his way of processing his experiences, serving as a mirror and a window — an insight and outlet to the way he moves through the world — a kind of contemporary poetic social commentary about the universal struggles and joyful abandonment of our times.

Kate Clover – “Heaven Down Here: A fuzzy and electrifying piece of an authentic garage rock sound with appealing vocals, channeling surf and skate culture. The video has a retro vibe, like a frenetic wall of sound meets western revival while the guitar riff is simply terrific. Speaking on the track, Kate wrote: “‘Heaven Down Here’ is the most jangle pop-inspired cut from the album, inspired by the melancholic punk sound of The Saints and the C86 cassette compilation. Lyrically, the song is about accepting one’s place in life and feeling content even when your choices are looked down upon.” In 2019, Kate Clover parted ways with her former bands and was in search of a new start. In need of self-discovery and an escape from her life in America, she headed to Mexico City to write. A four-day trip turned into four months, as Clover decided to stay and record her album. Upon her return to the US, she assembled a band and quickly carved out a space for herself in the LA scene. Earning a rep for explosive live shows, Clover spent 2019 hitting the road with Death Valley Girls, Crocodiles, King Dude, and SadGirl. In celebration of her forthcoming debut album, “Bleed Your Heart Out” (due April 22 via SongVest Records / SVR), Kate has also shared a handful of North American tour dates, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, taking place April through May.

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