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Press Releases For March, Here Are The Artists

The Get Right Band, BUZZ, Kid Francescoli, Hrishikesh Hirway, Skuff Micksun, Chromeo, and Iguana Death Cult are the artists among these press releases for March.

The Get Right Band – “Am I Just A Battery?”: A rocking anthem with fuzzy guitars layered with synths and multi-voice harmonies, rising into a powerhouse chorus. This is a new track by Asheville, NC-based psych-rock trio The Get Right Band. Fitting with their theme of examining the relationship between technology and humanity, the latest release ponders one’s purpose in life while in the clutches of capitalism, and what it means to live in a cycle of working to live, being bombarded by advertisements, making purchases as a result, and repeating the cycle. This was the first song written for “iTopia,” due out April 7, setting the tone as this new album explores existing within an attention economy, being surrounded by advertising, and what it means to live, work, and consume in today’s world. The song’s chorus repeats the question, “Am I just a battery?” and continues asking questions in the second verse, “What are you advertising? /What are you selling to me?/You look so hypnotizing/You look bright and shiny.” Over the four-minute track, the band wonders if the finite time granted to individuals on Earth is ultimately only about feeding the economy. Frontman Silas Durocher explains the song is loosely based on Annie Leonard’s short film, The Story of Stuff. Durocher says, “Leonard talks about this cycle so many of us are in: go to work, work so hard that you’re exhausted when you come home so you watch TV, which shows you a bunch of ads, so you buy a bunch of stuff, so you have to work harder to pay for all the stuff, so you’re more tired, so you watch more TV, and so on.” Durocher continues, “She calls it the ‘work, watch, spend’ treadmill, and it’s only become more true and more extreme with social media and the attention economy. The big question becomes, who is this serving? It turns all of us into fuel to feed the economy.” The accompanying video, directed by the band’s own Durocher and filmed by Andrew Anderson, shows the band playing live on stage in a nearly empty auditorium. The band is joined on stage by a group of fans spread out around the stage who are each filming the show separately on their front-facing smartphones with ring lights attached. It amplifies both the interconnectedness of the world and the consequences of life being filtered through social media. Bassist Jesse Gentry adds about the video, “To me, it represents just how small the world is through the lens of social media while also showing how we are all connected in that very world. Pretty heady subject matter but also it just straight up looks cool!”

BUZZ – “Universe”: A electro-pop song with sparse beats and BUZZ’s piercing to vaporous vocals working like the main instrument in the song. This is a track from her self-produced debut EP “On Matters Of Searching” due on May 19. The electronic-inspired, quantum thoroughfare finds the songwriter hypothesizing the definition of all life’s common threads. Its release is accompanied by a meditative visualizer which finds BUZZ enveloped in an underwater enclosure and provokes the feeling of being forcibly contained; a symbol of how she feels in her skin, bound to earth by gravity. To celebrate the EP release, BUZZ will perform the project in its entirety live in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights, with the exact location to be announced, on May 18. Presented by Makeoutmusic, the show will feature a real-time modular synth set along with an exclusive one-of-one merch line only available at the show, made in collaboration with Plastic Buckettt. BUZZ, an LA-based singer, songwriter, and producer, grew up playing classical violin, learned piano by ear at age five, and began songwriting at age seven. Before plunging into her solo music in 2021, BUZZ has written platinum-selling hits for Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Bebe Rexha and supported Tove Lo on tour last year. Crafted mostly during a trip to the mountains outside of Los Angeles, the self-produced forthcoming EP is an eight-track examination of humanity, nature, science, and healing filled with confessional lyrics and inventive production. Granular synth beds and tasteful choirs lace many of the songs along with sounds of satellites falling out of earshot and percussion from field recordings of branches being stepped on or water dripping off stalactites from an ancient undiscovered cave. BUZZ says the EP, “is a love letter to life beyond humanity, and beyond time. It’s a wormhole I’ve dreamed of entering and gladly losing myself in.” Inspired equally by nature and science, the subject matter often dives into the philosophical while being painfully self-aware. There’s an aura of healing that quickly emerges when listening to the songstress methodically examine the material world through music while having grounded confessions like “How could I forget reality starts in my head” and “I’m a broken heart racing to my ruin.” The title, “On Matter Of Searching” is inspired by ancient Greek scientist, Democritus, known for his accurate atomic theory of the universe developed in 300 BCE.

Kid Francescoli – “You Are Everywhere“: Pulsating synths, a subtle soundscape with catchy pop sensibilities, and a whispering dialogue between male and female voices. Kid Francescoli, the electro-pop project of French musician Mathieu Hocine, has shared this uplifting synthpop single featuring Turbo Goth, the first taste of a brand-new album that’ll be out later this year. Kid Francescoli achieved this track and his entire upcoming LP (his holy grail) with a five-stars cast of collaborators: he orchestrated a great 21st-century pop-music album, produced by French79, mixed by Stan Neff (Polo & Pan, Kungs, Christine and the Queens), and mastered by Alex Gopher (Daft Punk, The Blaze, Bon Entendeur). The record, as indicated with this first track, is a new turning point between organic and electronic, both a Mediterranean journey and a Californian dream, a bridge between Ennio Morricone and modern electronic music. “I live in Marseille, I spent my childhood in Corsica, I have Algerian origins, my first vacations with friends were in Barcelona, vacations with my first girlfriend in Roma…Then, I had the chance to perform in Morocco, Greece, Turkey, and Egypt: each time I spent time in the Mediterranean region, the people I met there made me feel like I was part of the same country. This shared multiculturalism is comforting, it has its own poetry and strength, bringing uniqueness and empathy to the people. It is essential for me. I love my city: it’s the perfect place to feel good with sun, sea, family, friendships, love…It gets me emotional, bringing tears with a smile.” Kid Francescoli just finished his first sold-out world tour (over 200 concerts in Europe, USA, and Asia), during which he was able to perform his successful hits such as “Nopalitos,” “Blow Up,” and “Moon” (now certified diamond, with more than 200 million streams). His most recent success and the creation of his first original soundtrack with AZURO, installed him as one of the best French songwriters of his generation, with a unique signature sound. Stay tuned for more from Kid Francescoli, including a forthcoming LP, coming soon.

Hrishikesh Hirway – “Cascade”: Ghostly synths for sweet vocals following a poignant melody, layered with an acoustic guitar and a soulful sax. Produced by Hirway and mixed by Mikaelin ‘Blue’ Bluespruce (Solange, Blood Orange, tUnE-yArDs), the song features backing vocals by Kristin Slipp (Dirty Projectors, mmeadows) and horns by Cole Kamen-Green (Beyoncé, Lorde, mmeadows). Of the new song, Hirway says: “‘Cascade’ is a song about family and time, and being connected to people who came before us and will come after us. It’s a story about my grandmother, as a young woman in India, having a vision of her great-granddaughter, who wouldn’t be born until a decade after my grandmother passed away. She dreams of this little girl and feels a profound connection to her, and in her dream, sings her this lullaby. That story is being told to that great-granddaughter in the present. I don’t have children myself, and I think about that decision a lot these days, and the things I may be missing out on. I’ve decided it’s not for me, but as an uncle, watching my niece grow up, I think about the history that she carries around with her, without being aware of it. Writing this song was a way for me to connect to this past, present, and future that exists simultaneously in these generations of women in my family, across 90 years and two continents. My friends Kristin Slipp and Cole Kamen-Green of the band mmeadows helped me write this song over a few days this fall and perform on it as well. While I was writing, when I got stuck at one point, I reached out to my friend and frequent collaborator, Jenny Owen Youngs, who helped me get unstuck, as she often does.” The video accompanying the song was illustrated and animated by Maf López, and is an homage to a family’s legacy, stretched across four generations.

Skuff Micksun – “BANK BROKE“: Saturated vocals over a busy and somewhat chaotic soundscape that doesn’t belong to any genre. This is the first single from alternative indie artist Skuff Micksun’s upcoming EP, “Wrapped Up In Wind,” due out later this year. Of his new track, Skuff wrote: “I had recently quit my job and checked my bank account which triggered the first lyric and title of the song, ‘BANK BROKE.’ It felt so good to get that raw emotion of being down and out into a song that feels hopeful and upbeat. ‘BANK BROKE’ is a voice in your head that just won’t let you quit no matter how hard things get. We’ve all been in what seems to be impossible positions and I think many people will relate to that feeling. Simply, an anthem for the people who are really trying to crawl their way out of a hole.” Cleveland, OH-based Micksun has been relentlessly focused on capturing emotion in a timeless fashion through his music. Skuff can often be found shedding sun onto the aftermath of day-to-day chaos and drudgeries. Many have described his music as “A world of its own,” combining his spoken word elements with unforgettable melodies and lyrics of common ground. He is an artist for the people; administering the dark, honest, upbeat, and hopeful feeling of a better tomorrow. The live shows are nothing short of magnificent. Skuff Micksun is an energy that is hard to ignore. Stay tuned for more new music from Skuff Micksun coming this year.

Chromeo  – “Words With You”: A dance track with a strong funky disco flavor from the famous duo, accompanied by a lyric video. This is the new single from the one and only Funklordz Chromeo, their first since 2018. Written and produced by David “Dave 1” Macklovitch and Patrick “P-Thugg” Gemayel, “Words With You” was mixed by legendary New York producer Morgan Geist (Metro Area, Storm Queen). “For all intents and purposes, this is the first official Chromeo single since our last studio album,” says Dave 1. “So it’s a statement: a mix of new and familiar. The new: the horn section and live instruments, played throughout, from the drums to the bass to our array of synths. The familiar: the groove and the tone, two signature things that we’ve been honing for almost 20 years now. The idea was to come out with something that felt sophisticated and slick, with just enough swagger and wit to make you smile. It’s a balancing act we put a lot of thought into…with hopes that it never ever shows. So come over and lend an ear…we’d like to have a word with you.”Now nearly 20 years into their storied career, the duo has stayed busy since the release of their fifth album, 2018’s “Head Over Heels,” which earned them their first Grammy nomination. 2020 acted as a catalyst for Chromeo, who initiated a slew of funding drives following the year’s historically challenging events. Their spur-of-the-moment, lockdown-inspired EP “Quarantine Casanova” raised over $150,000 in proceeds donated to Know Your Rights Camp for COVID relief in POC communities. They followed up in 2021 with a career-spanning live album, Date Night: Chromeo Live!, which raised over $50,000 for the Touring Professionals Alliance. Limited edition merch initiatives have now become part of the group’s MO, with 100% net proceeds donated to Frontera Fund (for abortion access across the Rio Grande Valley) and Impact Lebanon (for humanitarian relief following 2020’s explosion in Beirut.) P-Thugg, a Lebanon native, continues his involvement in the Middle East and North Africa today with his Ya Habibi Market, a collective of multidisciplinary creatives, artists, and designers using an array of graphic-led approaches to give back to communities. Chromeo even created their own label, Juliet Records, which marked a new chapter for the band as they seek to mentor up-and-coming artists. Releases include Chromeo-produced records from rising R&B artist and fashion icon Ian Isiah, New York avant-jazz ensemble Onyx Collective and Montreal keyboard virtuoso Anomalie. Chromeo also turned their attention to producing for other artists including Omar Apollo, Blu DeTiger, and Ric Wilson, plus Dave 1’s turn as executive producer of Vampire Weekend’s Grammy-winning Father of the Bride. Montreal natives and high school best friends Dave 1 and P-Thugg rose to prominence with their seminal 2007 release Fancy Footwork, heralding the dawn of the ‘80s electro-funk revival, and garnered further mainstream appeal with 2014’s chart-topping White Women. Chromeo’s five LPs have been hailed as modern funk masterworks, and they have toured the world for two decades. The duo will perform for the fifth time at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival next month. More from Chromeo is imminent.

Iguana Death Cult – “Pushermen: A propelling high energy garage rock tune, somewhat disjointed, somewhat catchy with raucous gang vocals and a punk-post-punk vibe. This new track is the second single off Iguana Death Cult’s forthcoming LP, “Echo Palace,” due May 12 via Innovative Leisure. Speaking on the release, the band wrote: “This is one of those songs that just sort of happened while fooling around. Talking about it now already feels kind of surreal but we were literally trapped inside my home because of the curfew that was installed due to covid. Guitar in hand, we were reviewing the state of the world and the growing division and distrust we saw not only in the media but amongst the people we know. Someone joked that we should quit the band and go into the vaccine business and so, we had our chorus. A chorus that ends on a more serious note that we don’t want to be victims of our time. I tried to make the lyrics ambiguous enough that you don’t really know which side the narrator is on. In the end, we’re just all people living different lives.” On the track’s accompanying video, they continued: “‘Pushermen.’ It kind of sounds like an action movie, doesn’t it? Sadly we came a couple of million short, so Hache came up with the idea to do a casting video for a fictional film called: ‘Pushermen.’ The scenes we did were loosely based on the movie ‘Superfly.’ If you know, you know.”


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