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Press Releases For June: Here Are The Artists

press releases for June

Lisa Crawley is among the press releases for June


Radiant Baby, Karaboudjan, Alex Orange Drink, Griffin Jennings, Lisa Crawley, AJ Davila, and Royal Canoe are among these press releases for June.

Radiant Baby –‘Réputation’: A dynamic synth-pop banger with flamboyant celebratory vibes, an unstoppable tempo, and a powerful anthemic sing-a-long chorus, accompanied by a weird music video. This is a new single from Montreal-based Felix Mongeon, aka Radiant Baby, who is announcing his upcoming LP ‘Pantomine,’ out September 24th on Lisbon Lux. The album is said to explore the tension between fantasy and reality, and the characters in the songs vainly pursue various fantasies: bodily, romantic, and musical perfection, broken or impossible dreams, and the frenetic euphoria of the party, performance, and love. Radiant Baby wants the album to convey feelings of longing, loss, and frustration, and in ‘Réputation,’ the protagonist mocks others’ gaze and criticisms, responding in a casual, provocative, and sarcastic way to comments made about him. In the end, Radiant Baby wants to bring back 80s flamboyance, re-actualizing new wave with playful synth-pop melodies.

Karaboudjan – ‘I’ll Be Just Fine’: A hazy sun-soaked soundscape with dreamy vocals that are slowly wakened up by beats and echoing synths. The languid and immersive track is the third single off Karaboudjan’s upcoming EP ‘Imago’ out in September, and it will certainly please fans of Flume, Tame Impala, and Grizzly Bear, with its tidal wave of synths, electronic drum kits, and fuzzy lo-fi harmonies. The story behind the song is also ridiculously cute. Karaboudjan, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Billy Kim. shares: ’I’ll Be Just Fine’ is actually the last track of the EP,’ Imago’. Initially, the verse is about finding my way through the world, fresh out of a 7-year relationship. I left town as soon as I could, and I ended up visiting a buddy living in the Upper East Side in NYC. We were hanging out with a group of friends at the time, and I’ll never forget the moment of us finding our way into the Beauty Bar, where I eventually fell instantly head over heels for my old friend from 6th grade. We’ve been happily married since 2018! This is the closest thing to a ‘love song’ that I’ve ever created, as I’ve tended to avoid writing them.’

Alex Orange Drink – ‘Oxytocin (Luv Buzz)’: A playful punchy pop-rock song with direct delivery, as the tune is somewhat reminiscent of the Clash in its idiosyncratic structure. This comes from Brooklyn-based songwriter Alex Orange Drink, the solo moniker for Alex Zarou Levine of The So So Glos, whose new album ‘Everything is Broken, Maybe That’s O.K.’ produced by Adam Reich, will be available via Shea Stadium Records and Freeman Street Records on September 17. On this upcoming album, Alex explores personal subjects, including grappling with a rare and life-threatening disorder, heartbreak, never-ending teenage angst, and broken political systems. Half of the album was recorded before the pandemic in a party-like atmosphere – with basic tracking captured live among friends, family, and lovers – while the other half was completed by a heartbroken protagonist reflecting in isolation. Alex Orange Drink will also perform his first show of 2021 at Mercury Lounge in New York City on Thursday, July 8 with Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage.

Griffin Jennings – ‘Ceremony: A punchy number with triumphant guitars and drums and an emotionally charged but victorious tone, as the tune could almost sound like a new Springsteen song minus the Saxo. This is a cut-off indie-rock songwriter Griffin Jennings’ debut LP, ‘Static and the Dark,’ out on July 16th. ‘Static and the Dark’ is an indie rock album about the sounds you feel like you can touch and the extrasensory Innervisions of the mind that reveal themselves in music. Self-recorded entirely in his basement, Griffin used a fender Rhodes, a tape echo, an old Slingerland drum kit, and other gear he’s accrued over his decade of music-making to sculpt this warm and tactile record. The anxious and hermetic themes of a pandemic year can’t help but show themselves throughout, as the lyrics travel from lost love to cosmic uncertainty to a panic attack. ‘Static and the Dark’ will steadfastly accompany you on moonlit drives, winter walks, and dark nights of the soul.

Lisa Crawley – ‘The Right Way’: A playful, elegant, and layered pop song by Lisa Crawley whose delivery and arrangements can give you some serious Fiona Apple vibes. The New Zealand-born indie-pop artist moved to Los Angeles in early 2020 and has just released this single off her forthcoming EP, ‘Looking for Love (In A Major),’ out on July 23. ‘The Right Way’ was co-written and produced with Grammy-nominated Rob Kleiner who bonded with Lisa over their mutual love for Jon Brion, The Dresden, and The Office (UK). The song, accompanied by a highly reflective video directed by Heather Ballish, embraces awkwardness, hindsight, and introspection. Lisa is a four-time APRA Silver Scroll Award nominee and was twice selected for the prestigious Banff Centre songwriter residency (Canada), where many of her notable songs were written. Lisa has worked with luminary antipodean songwriters such as Tim Finn, Greg Johnson, and Hugo Race, and has opened for Suzanne Vega, John Mayer, Jools Holland, Paul Weller, and Simply Red.

AJ Davila (Davila 666) – ‘El Mar’: A rocker with an undeniable catchiness turning into a euphoric, engaging Brit-influenced rock en Español song. The Puerto Rican musician AJ Davila is known for being the founder of the acclaimed and iconic garage rock band Davila 666, but this is a track-off solo project. As urban music singers do, AJ Davila brings together different talents from the independent scene to form a powerful production: Marion Raw, Cole Alexander (The Black Lips), Kate Clover, and members of the band Crocodiles. This new single stands out for presenting an effervescent sound, very much in the style of AJ, but also demonstrating an evolution in his proposal: the guitars carry a noisy riff that invites you to dance in the most unrestrained way possible. ‘The song is basically a dream, it is the journey to awaken the soul. Sometimes that process is dark and gloomy but in the end, there is always light,’ explains AJ who has also just released its own video clip for the song. ‘El Mar’ LP is out on September 10th via Hotel Records.

Royal Canoe – ‘Feels Good’: A smooth and lush track revolving around a deep groove and going in several directions, sometimes vaporous and dreamy, sometimes more indie-pop oriented with anthemic envy. The song will make you chill out while bringing to mind images of summer fun and sunshine but also hope as we emerge from the pandemic. This is the new single from Winnipeg-based indie-pop powerhouse Royal Canoe, off their upcoming LP ‘Sidelining,’ out July 9th on Paper Bag Records. On ‘Feels Good’, Matt Peters of Royal Canoe says: ‘We wrote ‘Feels Good’ during the middle of the summer last year, imagining what that first real hang with our friends will be like when things finally get back to normal. You know.. one of those nights with stages, where you don’t really plan anything, but somehow you end up hopping around the city, bumping into people you know wherever you go, and you somehow maintain the perfect tipsiness the whole way through, and you can’t remember when Sara left the group but it’s cool because she texted MJ and said everyone should go to a party on Chestnut, so you go and get there at the same time the pizza arrives, and they offer you a slice and you eat it in the backyard while there’s a fire crackling, and some dude is singing a really bad Dave Matthews song that sounds good for some stupid reason, and everything makes sense just for a few seconds. Anyway, things are still pretty crazy here in Manitoba, so we’re still just dreaming about that stuff, but if you’re out there where things are normal and you’re living the fully-vaxxed life, this song is about how you’re probably feeling.’

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