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Press Releases For July: Here Are The Artists

press releases for July
Reckling – Photo by James Duran

Boy Deluxe, SUNMI, Damion, Eric Hilton, The Rare Occasions, Near Beer, and Reckling are among these press releases for July.

Boy Deluxe – “Left Behind”: Dark pop with echoing and emotive vocals over glitchy and pulsating electronica. This is a new single from LA-based duo Boy Deluxe (Hope and True Murra); pulling inspiration from a blend of pop, alternative rock, and electronic music, they’ve cultivated a sound that’s entirely their own. “Left Behind” is an alt-pop anthem about standing up for yourself in the face of insecurity and judgment. Originally written on a Fender Rhodes, it came to life with True’s signature production and Hope’s brooding vocals. More new music is coming this year, and their latest EP “Risen” is a group of songs about the transition. Suddenly finding themselves in the midst of chaos and change, the band’s best way of coping with the world around them was by writing and creating. From the deep pain of personal loss to the daily stress of survival, Boy Deluxe transmutes a year and half of grief into their best work yet. From reflections on an ending relationship (“All Out”) to commentary on the rampant greed in our society (“Silver Silver”), to a story of women going to NY to get branded and initiated into a secret cult (“Cult Status”), and an anthem on personal power (“I’m the Blood”), “Risen” encompasses the duo’s experience in these unprecedented times. Speaking on the EP, Hope continued, “The songs on “Risen” are a reflection of the grief, loss, and outrage felt during the pandemic, but they’re also songs about finding yourself, hope, and rebirth.”

SUNMI –  “열이올라요 (Heart Burn)”: Ethereal vocals over an upbeat tempo for an inviting summery pop dancefloor. This is one of the singles released by K-pop megastar SUNMI who is making a stunning comeback with these two titles, “열이올라요 (Heart Burn)” and “풋사랑 (Childhood).” Alongside the release, she has shared a music video for “Heart Burn,” a bubble-gum pop number decked out with synths and heart-pounding basslines. Throughout the visual, SUNMI travels through time, catching the eye of a new lover in each setting she enters. As it turns out, though, this eye-catching vixen has a deadly streak. She has also announced a Fall 2022 World Tour, the Good Girl Gone Mad Tour, kicking off in late August in Warsaw, Poland. The song is very straightforward, speaking on “Heart Burn,” SUNMI writes: “‘Heart Burn’ is a single that depicts a hot midsummer love story.” Widening her musical spectrum, SUNMI has also been releasing and featuring different projects. In 2021, she featured in Ed Sheeran’s “Shivers” (2021). In 2022, she released songs including “Oh Sorry Ya” (2022), being the representative of Asian artists of a first-ever EQUAL X Spotify Singles project, and “Fellowship” (2022), an introduction song of Sunmiya Club OST of her NFT project. SUNMI will soon be holding her second world tour in 2022.

Damion – “Come Alive”: Bright and vibrant pop with layered instrumentation, a pedal steel solo from guitarist Drake Ritter, glittery synths, and a touch of the ‘70s, while the vocals are delivered with confidence. Of his new single, Damion wrote: “This is the last song I wrote for the album. It occurred to me that most of my songs are full of augmented, major 7 chords, and other weird chord clusters I can’t even name, so I wanted to write a really simple song with only major and minor chords. I recorded a demo by myself and the music sounded so vibrant and confident that I thought I needed to write lyrics from the point of view of a bush-league character. Ben Lumsdaine and Lewis Rogers produced the song. I demoed the song pretty meticulously, and really like the way it sounded, so the process was mostly about translating that to a more hi-fi context. I asked my friend Drake Ritter to put some pedal steel guitar on the track also. I wanted to write a song that sounded equally appropriate for an aerobics class and a honky tonk barn dance.” “Come Alive” is the next single off Damion’s forthcoming debut solo LP, “Special Interest,” out July 20 via Earth Libraries. The new track comes alongside an accompanying music video.

Eric Hilton – “Lost Dialect”: An atmospheric, lush, and fluid track with steady beats, ingenious sampling, moody synths, and psychedelic lo-fi by Downtempo pioneer Eric Hilton.  This is the title track of a ten-track trip-hop album, a genre he helped bring to life as a co-founder of Thievery Corporation, with a pioneering approach to sound design. “I went back to a comfort zone for a minute, a simple old-school approach,” says Hilton of his new album. “The techniques of making trip-hop music are like lost dialects I can pull out and revisit. I find a groove that I can’t stop listening to and go from there, dress up that experience, and add atmosphere and effects to expand the audio landscape. I keep it simple and don’t overdo it with plug-ins. It’s all about the conversation between the elements, and how things progress.” Indeed, “Lost Dialect” has a looser, more vintage ‘70s sonic palette than Hilton’s recent solo work. 1970s jazz and Afrofuturism are part of the language of this album, most notably on the standout track “Ra”, where soulful horn flourishes echo in a shimmering sonic landscape. “The early 70’s jazz/synth records of Pharaoh Sanders, Roy Ayers, and Sun Ra was music from streets that looked to both the stars AND ancient cultures,” says Hilton. He describes this new solo album as “a classic, experimental trip-hop record, “speaking in his mother tongue, the 12-bit vernacular of trip-hop. Across ten expansive tracks, the artist/producer uses old-school skills to craft new school chill in a genre that is currently enjoying a resurgence — but for Hilton at least, trip-hop never really went away. “Making this record took me back to the early days of trip-hop, combining sample collages with grooves — very fun to do. I played bass, keys, and synths myself, and didn’t fix all the mistakes!” Hilton laughs. “I wanted a more ‘analog sounding’ record this time, quieter like it was recorded in 1976. I pulled out old tricks and used mostly basic gear, like the E-mu SP1200 drum machine/sampler from the ‘80s, which has a crunchy sound and technical limitations of gear that’s almost 40 years old,” says the producer. “It feels and sounds more ‘human’ that way — if you listen to an old Thievery record, ‘Lost Dialect’ will sound sonically similar.”

The Rare Occasions – “Seasick”: A propelling, dynamic garage-rock song with high octave vocals, fast beats, and irresistible melodic hooks producing a catchy and surfy number. This is the latest single and the first new track from the band since their newfound virality with “Notion”. The song discusses the passage of time and the unrelenting forces of chaos and directionality that time wields over us all. Set to a teetering backdrop of surf rock tones and nautical imagery, “Seasick” reminds us to pause every so often amidst the tumultuous waves to see how far we’ve traveled. Breaking from their staunchly DIY workflow of past releases, The Rare Occasions enlisted the help of the recording and mix engineer Ara Sarkisian, tracking partly in-studio and partly at home. “Seasick” was mastered by Brian Lucey, and features cover art by Irish illustrator Rhea Hanlon/Lost Lines. The song, which comes with a lyric music video, serves as a glimpse into new material the band is preparing for their forthcoming EP out this fall. The Rare Occasions are an LA-based, New England-bred indie rock band known for their explosive garage rock anthems with catchy vocal harmonies.

Near Beer – “Dead Drummers”: An explosive punk rock anthemic track with raucous guitars, screamed vocals delivered with urgency, and a power-chord chorus. This is the new single from Los Angeles-based indie rock band Near Beer — Joey Siara (vocals, guitar), Brent Stranathan (drums), and Jeremy Levy (bass, backup vocals). It comes off their self-titled album, released yesterday via Double Helix Records. The band describes their forthcoming album as a set of “mini-anthems about insomnia, drinking, and human connection. Sometimes cynical. Sometimes romantic. Always with loud guitars.” Speaking about the new song, the band wrote: “The song was recorded soon after a friend’s memorial service as a tribute to him and a few other good friends we lost during the pandemic. We wanted to capture the reckless spirit of buddies who find a surrogate family in the music scene. The song ends up being a snapshot of the mixed bag of emotions that go into grief–anger, longing, but ultimately the hope that being in a silly rock band can actually provide some kind of healthy cathartic release.” Their self-titled album was out on July 15 via Double Helix Records

Reckling (mem. Paramore, FIDLAR, Together Pangea) – “In My Hair”: A fuzzed-out punk anthem with poppy melodies delivered at full speed with gritty guitars and a chilly attitude in the vocals. Los Angeles punk-leaning four-piece Reckling (led by Kelsey Reckling) is back with the announcement of their forthcoming EP, “Human Nature,” out in August. The new project is introduced with the release of its first single, “In My Hair,” released alongside an accompanying music video directed by Ambar Navarro. Following their raw and scuzzy self-titled debut release in 2018, Reckling went into an actual recording studio this time around to record their still raw, but louder and more energetic EP. The goal was to showcase how the band’s sound has evolved since their 2018 release and to more accurately reflect how they sound during their live shows. Released on 7” vinyl from independent label Wink and Spit Records, the digital release additionally includes a husky and raucous Bad Brains cover. “Human Nature” was recorded, engineered, and mixed by Danny Nogueiras in his Los Angeles-based Balboa Recording Studio, and it was mastered by Joey Oaxaca of Oaxaca Records. Kelsey Reckling has formed a high-energy band featuring LA alum rockers Max Kuehn (FIDLAR) on drums, Joey Mullen (Paramore/HalfNoise) on bass, and Erik Jimenez (Together Pangea) on guitar. With a raw output that is nothing short of chaotic good, the live shows took on a lifeforce of their own. In just a few short years the band was playing alongside Vivian Girls, T.S.O.L., Bleached, and more notable acts.  Kelsey continues to write songs that sway between the diaristic and abstraction, the raucous and melodic… all felt on her latest four-track EP Human Nature. Without a doubt, Reckling’s music is here to disrupt the narrative.


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