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Press Releases For July: Here Are The Artists

press releases for July

Alma are among these press releases for July (Photo Courtesy of Abbey Mackay)


Cold Weather Company, David Franz, Ashlynn Malia, Dana and the Wolf, Alma, Brasstraks, and Monokino are among these press releases for July.

Cold Weather Company – ‘Golden Hour’: A smoothing track with plenty of dynamism, harmonies, and bright soaring voices over arrangements of keys and strings which give to the song sweeping qualities, and a widescreen dimension. The song is featured on New Jersey-based indie band Cold Weather Company’s ‘Coalescence – Pt. 1’ EP, out June 25th on Deko Entertainment. On the video that accompanies the song, Steve Shimchick of Cold Weather Company says: ‘This is an ode to our community for their determination throughout the pandemic, as well as an opportunity to recognize our luck and privilege to connect with each other virtually when other options are limited. During a feeling of personal stagnation, watching friends create and share their art throughout the difficulty of the past year was incredibly motivating for me. I wanted to capture, and thank them for, their efforts and dedication.’

David Franz – ‘My Greatest Enemy’: An aggressive, muscular, and bold piece of rock song built on a solid foundation of soul and blues, and blasting plenty of confidence. The single is off Southern California musician and songwriter David Franz’s upcoming album ‘To the Unknown,’ due out September 24. Sonics formed by the spirit of the high desert, the music conjures energies from both outlaws and shamans. Full of self-examination, self-help, and self-harm, the album puts all to task to question our own self-talk, bias, and self-determination. It’s a testament that personal growth is necessary for the greater good and that growth is not at all easy. From a combination of scorching life events, social transformation, pandemic lockdown, and personal epiphany, Franz has emerged, like a snake too big for its skin, from behind the producer’s console to the front of the stage. Years of unlocking the creative genius of other artists as a co-writer, producer, and record label head have led to the evolution and development of his own artistic persona for the very first time.

Ashlynn Malia – ‘temporary’: Glitchy and minimalist electronic R&B beat haunted by an emotional whisper, not too unlike Billy Eilish’s own. LA-based Ashlynn Malia says about the new single: ‘I got the inspiration for ‘temporary’ from a dream. I woke up with feelings for someone who I knew I didn’t actually like, hence the ‘i hope [the feelings] will be gone by tomorrow’ line.  ‘Temporary’ kind of blends the themes from my other songs ‘open’ and ‘emergency’ since it focuses both on apprehension towards getting close to someone (‘open’) and resorting to detachment in relationships (‘emergency’). The production is dark and intense and reflects the panic going on in my head while my two conflicting realities were at war.’ This comes from her debut EP, ‘rather be alone’ out via Via Jullian Records/The Orchard. On the creation process of rather be alone, Malia says: ‘We played around, experimented a lot, and didn’t take ourselves too seriously during the process. A ton of the sounds you hear in this EP are original. The first snare in ‘desperate’ is a heavily processed recording of me biting a carrot. The pulse in ‘alone’ is the ticking of a giant clock that we found in Koby’s studio. I think we all genuinely enjoyed working together and finding our collective sound. Looking back at the start of this project, we’ve all evolved so much since. We poured our time, energy, hearts, and souls into this body of work and it’s extremely personal and special.’

Dana and the Wolf – ‘2 Lovers’: Confident vocals that can only come from a songstress in charge of her game. The track has ambitious and grandiose arrangements and the intense inner drama of a Fiona Apple song. Following up on April’s ‘It’s Too Late,’ Dana and the Wolf further explore the controversial world of non-monogamous relationships. Dana (Hobson) says: ‘Every time I hear about someone being poly, they’re either misusing the word or saying it like a whisper. I just am so sick of people pussy footing around something that is not only a better lifestyle to live but makes more sense to humankind. So I’m gonna be the mother fucker that stands up and says ‘I’m non-monogamous, and if you’re not, you’re a fucking idiot.’ Daniel (Wolf) says: ‘When Dana first started seeing another dude, I would go for these walks around the block and have this bittersweet tune stuck in my head. We agreed to open our relationship, but it was scary knowing if you could really trust your partner. When I wrote the lyrics out for it, it became a non-monogamy kind of anthem. Dana only sings lyrics she really believes in, so it sort of acted as a confirmation that she still loved me, but that we were really going for this new lifestyle.’ They wrote and recorded their debut album, ‘LA FADE’ (due Fall, 2021) over a series of twelve turbulent months hunkered down in their 2 bedroom apartment in Burbank, California

Alma – ‘Mornight’: A dreamy piece of pop with lovely ethereal vocal harmonies and unexpected sonic surprises. The earworm chorus will make you ask for more while the song is packed with strings and catchy melodic hooks. The track, which takes the perspective of a bartender working the night shift in NYC, will be featured on NYC-based trio Alma’s debut album ‘Mosaic’ due this fall. While the album is a personal letter to their city, ALMA share the story behind the song: ‘It’s Friday night, and while the rest of the world is getting ready for a fun night, you’re heading out to work. While nights out mean fun for those dancing on the floor, the view is a bit different when you’re the one pouring the drinks. ‘Mornight’ flips the script on a classic night out. While the music is produced in a dance, top-40 style, the story follows our main character from the moment she wakes up in the early evening and during her bartender night shift. In a classic ALMA fashion, sound design plays a major role in the production of the song. Our collaborator for this song, Noah Kellman, made a sampled drum kit out of coffee cup sounds that, along with on-beat sound alarms and yawns, start our journey through the daily life of a night-shift worker. Footstep sounds take us through her commute to her workplace, where the beat is made out of glasses clinking, drinks pouring, and tired sighs. The bridge creates a cinematic atmosphere that fully immerses the listener into the reality of being ‘trapped’ in a side-job, a reality that many face in order to make ends meet in the City.’ ALMA worked with industry giants Elliot Moss (mixing) and Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound (mastering) to bring their genre-bending freshman album, ‘Mosaic,’ to light.

Brasstraks –‘Welcome Back’: A buoyant and joyful horn-filled instrumental with a jazz inspiration for the cover of Mase’s hit single. It is also the titled track from Grammy Award-Winning duo Brasstracks’s new EP, set for release on July 9. ‘In the past couple of months, we went through a big shift. We got vaccinated. We announced our first live in-person show since November 2019. And we became independent artists again. To celebrate all of these things, we wanted to put out some music that hits home and makes you feel good. Some of the stuff that our audience has grown to know us for, with a little twist,’ says Brasstracks co-founder Ivan Jackson. ‘The ‘Welcome Back’ cover felt like the perfect note to start on. These songs are just the start. We have a lot of music to get off our hard drives this year. We’ve been quiet enough, so it’s time to make some noise. You can call this our entrance music.’ Brasstracks was co-founded by Ivan Jackson and Conor Rayne while studying jazz at New York’s Manhattan School of Music. Since forming in 2014, the duo has become one of music’s most in-demand horn/percussion duos, collaborating with the likes of Harry Styles, Anderson .Paak, Khalid, Mark Ronson, and Wyclef Jean. In 2016, Brasstracks produced Chance The Rapper’s hit single ‘No Problem,’ which subsequently led to Grammy Wins for ‘Best Rap Performance’ as well as ‘Best Rap Album’ due to their contributions on ‘Coloring Book.’

Monokino – ‘Your Underground’: An original electro-pop composition that soon turns gritty and genre-bending, while the track ‘explores Monokino’s pent-up frustrations towards the music industry and his feelings of anxiety, angst, and imposter syndrome within the so-called ‘underground scene.’’ The immersive and edgy song feels anxious and moody while effortlessly blending unexpected pulsing bass, electro wave textures, and rapid-fire lyricism to produce a unique and pulsing atmosphere. Monokino (alias for Dutch composer George van Wetering) is a protean artist of sorts. Refusing to be placed in a box, his music slips and slides between sonic pallettes and tropes, transcending genre and creating an entirely new sonic landscape of its own. And his art has not gone unnoticed. Hailed as ‘a free-spirit that finds harmony with disparate elements and a pattern without a formula,’ Monokino’s uniquely rock/pop has already struck a chord with audiences across the globe. His music has been released by labels in the US, Europe, and record company Modern Sky – a major player in the Asian music industry. His latest singles ‘Bend or Break’ and ‘No Return’ made a splash internationally, getting airplay on BBC radio and received mainly positive press. On the track, Monokino shares: ‘’Your Underground’ goes a bit further in the sense that now an entire (music) scene is trying to proclaim what is right or wrong. Although the industry is seen by some as more democratic (‘everyone can be an artist, just upload a song, create your own scene’), that scene is valued by a system that is very similar to how everything used to be: new music is promoted and liked through the lens of a Spotify playlist and its streams measure its importance.’ He adds: ‘Your Underground’s music was first written as a classical piece for an orchestra, but once I finished the lyrics it quickly became an electronic rock song. The song was finalized when I got in touch with producer J. Laser / Jordan Lawlor – formerly a bass player for M83 and he provided the song with acoustic bass (replacing the synth bass). His help with the production of the song was very valuable because I immediately realized that he, just like me, wants to continue the tradition of songwriting, but is not afraid of weird musical ideas even if it ends up as less a pop song than it used to be.’ Expect more music from Monokino soon.

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