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Press Releases For February: Here Are The Artists

press releases for February
I Speak Machine

Among these press releases for February: I Speak Machine, Cy Dune, Oliver Tree, Carli Brill, Charlie Reed, Andy Frasco & The U.N, JOHNNYSWIM.

I Speak Machine – “The Metal of My Hell”: An experimental industrial track with metallic and nervous drums and a steam-powered machine that nothing can stop. This is the new single by I Speak Machine, the music act and audio-visual project of musician Tara Busch, who will release a brand-new full-length album, “WAR,” on Friday, April 22. Created with filmmaker and collaborator Maf Lewis and co-produced with Dean Honer (Roísín Murphy, Add N To (X)), “WAR” is a collection of Busch’s most visceral, confrontational, and honest music yet. On lead single, “The Metal of My Hell,” a driven and urgent industrial-tinged track, Busch vocalizes her battle with addiction. “It’s a moment of rage, trying to get the fuck out of the dungeon of addiction but still, after many years, not quite having the right key,” she explains. “In time I realized it’s also about owning and accepting that bitch — addiction — head-on, and sitting with it without fear. It got to where I figuratively wanted to switch the ugly fluorescent lights on, spit gasoline into the face of addiction, light it on fire, and feel it burn, instead of seeing it as this insurmountable beast.” Taking four years to complete, WAR allowed Busch to push herself into new, unfamiliar territories in her synth-based songwriting, while also returning to the immediate, aggressive spirit of her past life in rock. The Trump presidency was a looming presence, which prompted Busch to explore not only the country’s sinister political atmosphere but the turmoil that was raging in her own life — she was emerging from an alcohol addiction while battling with trauma and panic attacks that sometimes left her bedridden. Additionally, I Speak Machine will soon be touring (February to April) supporting the legendary Gary Numan.

Cy Dune – “Disorientation (Cut Up)”: An explosive and chaotic track blending the propelling soundscapes of the Oh Sees with playful electronic beats. Cy Dune is the post-genre positive punk project of artist/producer Seth Olinsky and the new song is the latest track from “Against Face,” his new album due March 3 via Lightning Studios. The track breaks down halfway through and then remixes itself. “It is sort of a meta take on song form that folds the remix into the song itself,” notes Olinsky. “I was also inspired by how House music samples guitars, and wanted to build a punk song that not only had dance elements but was inherently self-sampling as well. This approach leaned itself lyrically to the themes of modern, fragmented consciousness but in bite-size, iconic statements more inspired by the glossy, abstracted surface simplicity of Ed Ruscha’s or John Baldersarri’s artwork than by any narrative.” Sparked by a turn towards the primal, transcendent energy of rock music and informed by his lifelong love of early blues music, Olinsky – the co-founder of legendary underground noise folk experimentalists Akron/Family – has explored Blues, 50’s rock n roll, and 60s/70s proto-punk through this unique lens via his Cy Dune project. His new album “Against Face” is a metapunk blast through 20th-century art school punk forms mashed together into one hyperreal, hypermodern 18-minute tour de force, and is his first new music since 2019’s album “Desert.” Seth’s projects have always had a post-genre approach to music-making. Collaging several genres simultaneously to create multi-meaning, and purposefully juxtaposing authentic and pure songwriting sincerity, with self-aware meta-meaning and pranksterism. Take for example Akron/Family’s scope from folk balladry to post-jazz improv to the BMBZ project, a pre-meme internet noise take-down interpretation of the S/T II album. Nothing was ever as it seemed on any given, first seen surface with Akron/Family, and it took a deeper investigation to find out about the whole story and how all the pieces fit together.

Oliver Tree – “Freaks & Geeks”: Oliver Tree continues his cowboy emo genre-bending journey with this new song entitled “Freaks & Geeks.” The track hinges on sparse acoustic guitar punctuated by warm lo-fi production from Oliver Tree, Whethan, and Casey Mattson. Right out of the gate, he declares, “I’m a weirdo, I’m a freak, no matter who I try to be…I change my life. I change my ways. I always wanted better days.” His strange and vulnerable vocals resound on the chantable refrain as he ultimately serves up an empowering anthem for outcasts everywhere. The video for the song is equally emo-weirdo, as Oliver traverses through neighborhoods adorned in an emo cowboy outfit and accompanied by a furry friend, he gives new meaning to being an outlaw in his “Freaks and Geeks” music video – a western ode to misfit-ism. The singles have paved the way for the arrival of his recently announced new album, “Cowboy Tears” out on February 18 on Atlantic Records. The tour kicks off February 19, 2022, at Los Angeles, CA’s legendary venue, The Shrine Expo Hall, and continues through late March with support from RIAA certified singer/producer and viral phenomenon Sueco as well as 18-year-old Canadian DIY artist 347aidan. Oliver will also light up the stage at Ultra Music Festival, Hangout Fest, Boston Calling, and more in 2022.

Carli Brill – “Concrete Jungle”: The song may share its title with a Bob Marley song, but this one is a slow languid tune with Carli Brill’s warm vocals, a ‘60s girl group vibe, a doo-wop moment, and a gentle tempo that gradually turns the song into a seductive ballad. “[‘Concrete Jungle’] is inspired by my time spent in New York where I met my now-husband,” explains Carli. “The unexpected rhythmic shifts imitate the excitement and progression a new love can bring. Warm vintage tones and girl group vocals were an essential piece in creating this song. It’s a nod to my deep love for 60’s music!” With honey-smooth vocals and a knack for complex rhythmic shifts, Brill has a natural gift for musical storytelling, sharing her distinctive worldview through introspective lyrics inspired by everything from childhood experience to current relationship woes. “I make music because I can’t imagine not making music,” the Southern California via Nashville singer-songwriter says. “I love songs that are unexpected, full of contrasting elements,” she says. “I like to be surprised.” Brill released a self-produced Christmas album via Bandcamp in 2016, piquing her interest in a music career; then in 2018, she won a nationwide contest, judged by British artist Jessie J, to record tracks at L.A.’s Capitol Records. In 2019 Brill released her debut self-titled pop EP under the name Sonora, written and recorded in Oceanside, CA. Later that year, she moved to Nashville to pursue her music career full-time.

Charlie Reed (mem. Spread Joy, Divino Niño, Twin Peaks) – “Your Hair Is Nice”: A fuzzy dreamy guitar-driven slow-burning and melancholic ballad with hazy vocals. This is the second single off Charlie Reed’s (Luke Trimble, Colin Croom, Nick Beaudoin, Nora Chin, Nolan Chin, Tyler Bixby, and Justin Vittori) forthcoming album, “Eddy,” due May 1, via Earth Libraries. Speaking on the track, Luke Trimble wrote: “There are two ways to go about writing a song. Well not really but for the sake of this explanation, there’s intentional and unintentional or maybe a combo. This was an unintentional song that was born from an open chord riff that I was having fun with. It has a song of admiration vibe, so I indulged. But a song just about love isn’t enough, it’s actually quite boring. So, as you can see or hear it’s kind of a song more or less about obsession. There’s a part that says something about I’ll even “drink your blood”. There’s also a part about getting baptized. So, in disguise, it’s really a song about how ridiculous Christianity is. This is especially relevant to me because I grew up in a very religious family. Homeschooled 1 of 10 kids kind of situation. In retrospect, this song was influenced by my parents who drove me to despise Christianity lol.” You can indeed see plenty of religious imagery in the foggy video.

Andy Frasco & The U.N. – “Wash, Rinse, Repeat”: A fun dance mash-up of soul, pop, and rock with a feel-good chorus, this is, overall, a party-ready number, and the title track of their forthcoming LP due April 8. Speaking on the single, Andy wrote: “‘Wash, Rinse, Repeat’ the single is about the PTSD of being in your house for too long. We forgot who we were before this pandemic. Now that we are slowly coming out of this, it’s time to follow our dreams again. Get outside, explore, maybe fall in love with someone or ourselves again. The Renaissance is around the corner.” Continuing on the album, he wrote: “This album means a lot to me because it sparked new ideas of what life is about. I’ve been on tour for so long that I have never been in my house for this long ever. I got sad, I got confused, I got existential because all these feelings were new. Normally I can run away to the next town, see new things and distract myself if I’m feeling sad or depleted. But during this pandemic I really had to stay at home, live with the demons in my head and figure them out myself. Through this, I found who I am and what I like a little more as I’m getting older. I’m just trying to be friends with my brain again.” “Wash, Rinse, Repeat.” is produced by Chris Carraba (Dashboard Confessional), Nathaniel Motte (3oh!3), Kenny Carkeet (AWOLNATION), Eric Krasno (Ledisi, Tedeschi Trucks Band), & Justin Osborne (Susto).

JOHNNYSWIM – “Heaven Is Everywhere”: A raw and soulful performance with sparse guitar and emotional soaring vocals slowly building up to a potential cathartic finale. The duo, singer-songwriters Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano, is premiering this new album track alongside an accompanying video; the track marks one of the most poignant moments on the album, originally appearing in Abner’s head while he was in the shower as if he’d heard it somewhere before. “When I started singing this chorus in the shower, I felt like what was inside of me was bigger than the whole world and I wanted to share it,” he recalls. “I find, whether it’s in church or in politics, that people get so obsessed with right and wrong and their certainty of it. If we experience the beauty of this life, even though the drudgery and the misery, there are glimpses of heaven around us at all times. My hope with this song is that people can feel that when they hear it and sing it.” Created during the heart of the pandemic, the self-titled album gives a voice to life’s ups and downs while Amanda and Abner translate their memories, moments, and milestones into spirited anthems steeped in the singer/songwriter tradition. The new work marks a notable evolution for JOHNNYSWIM, pushing the pair to a new level as they shed light on relationships and the challenges that have emerged in a changing world. “This has been the most isolated we’ve been in a creative process,” Amanda reflects. “But part of that has been really nice because instead of going off what we feel other people are responding to we’re really just trusting our own instincts and saying what we feel we need to say in the way we need to say it. In a lot of ways, I feel like it’s the most ‘us’ a record has been in a long time. Hopefully, it gives sound to some of our collective struggle as humans for the last few years,” Abner adds. “If we could bleed music it would sound like this album.” Predominantly produced by Abner, the 17-track album was written and recorded at the pair’s home in Burbank, CA over the past two years. JOHNNYSWIM also includes additional production from Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter Malay (Frank Ocean, Sam Smith) and Harold Brown as well as a feature collaboration with breakout artist Tobe Nwigwe on “Desmond’s Song.”

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