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Press Releases For February: Here Are The Artists

Press Releases For February

Coin, Levi Evans, MØ, Sports, Catcher, The String Revolution, Lumberob are among these press releases for February.

Coin – “Cutie”: A sunny-airy pop song with swirls of sweetness and an infectious dancefloor injected with funky guitars and disco beats. Speaking on the track, the band says, “Three versions of us exist at all times – the actual, superficial, & digital. These identities are always changing, each one informing the other. How can we know which is even ‘real’? How can I expect to limit someone to the context of my own self-awareness? ‘Cutie’ zooms in on control, change, and confusion. On a lighter note, the song is about AI tasting a tangerine for the first time. Throw the ingredients in the musical blender.” The Elton-John-approved song marks the follow up to the band’s previous single “Chapstick,” which, in a matter of months, has amassed over 7 million streams, reached Top 10 at AAA and Top 20 Alternative Radio, and currently sits at #1 on SiriusXM’s Alt Nation Alt18 Countdown. It comes with a music video, directed by Louis Browne [Olivia Rodrigo, J Balvin, Billie Eilish] and COIN’s very own Chase Lawrence. The alt-pop phenomenon band has also announced a slew of festival performances including Bonnaroo, Governor’s Ball, Forecastle, and Shaky Knees, with more to be announced.

Levi Evans – “Numbers”: A moody pop song blending melancholia and hard-hitting moments in a form of a catchy chorus that has almost a Weezer vibe. The music video, shot by local musician and videographer Zoo Deville, was filmed in Malibu and provides commentary on the inescapable reality of social media’s significance and the ramifications it has on self-worth. Of the video, Evans says: “The figures featured here represent haunting thoughts and the erosion of self-esteem.” Levi Evans creates music with a sophisticated simplicity that makes it easy to connect to and be moved by. He writes lyrics in a unique voice, delivering them with articulate phrasing that reflects his natural swing. Songwriting has become his way of processing his experiences, serving as a mirror and a window — an insight and outlet to the way he moves through the world — a kind of contemporary poetic social commentary about the universal struggles and joyful abandonment of our times.

MØ – “New Moon”: A synth-pop electro dance floor with helium vocals and special sonic effects. “‘New Moon’ is a song made to manifest a new era, a song about regaining control,” MØ says. “To me, it’s a reminder to listen to myself, trust my instincts, and not let external forces blur my vision and get me stuck in a spiral. I hope other people get the same energy from it.” The accompanying video, directed by London-based multi-visual design duo Fa and Fon, finds her confronting her fears head-on in an epic battle scene. The song comes from “Motordrome,” her long-awaited third album, out via Columbia. “Motordrome” is MØ’s first body of work since 2018’s much-lauded “Forever Neverland,” which saw her touring the world over off the back of its success. MØ’s career was almost instantly launched into the stratosphere from the very start with her monumental 2014 debut album “No Mythologies To Follow” and a very prominent feature on Major Lazer’s “Lean On”—one of the most successful singles of all time—soon after. Motordrome’s title came from a conversation MØ had with her mother about her battles with anxiety—the panic and intrusive thoughts called to mind the dødstrome, an old carnival trick in which a stuntperson rides a motorcycle around the vertical walls of a motordrome at death-defying speeds. The making of the album proved to be MØ’s escape from this deepening spiral, although the album is very much a document of a person-in-progress. While there is a strong sense of empowerment and of brighter days ahead, it also serves as a reminder that everyone has to deal with their own dødstrome—that there is no perfect remedy for life’s struggles, and that’s OK. “I hope that people will feel that it’s genuine and that there are stories there that they can connect with,” MØ says. “For me, this album represents a huge change in my life. Even though I’m still doing what I love doing, it does feel like a new chapter. An era of my life is over and I’m entering a new one. That is scary, but it’s freeing.” The Danish superstar will return to the road next month, with a run of special dates in North America and Europe through July.

Sports – ”Damn I’m Tired”: A dreamy pop song with a bright full-harmonies chorus, while the rest of the vocals and guitars gave me a Tom Petty vibe. The sweet but buzz-fueled angst song is a twangy embodiment of how exhausting being a people pleaser can be and it is accompanied by a hazy and dreamlike visual of youthful bliss directed by Mortis Studio. The Indie-pop duo, the brainchild of musicians Cale Chronister and Christian Theriot, will release “Get A Good Look” on February 11. “Getting a good look means getting a good look about yourself — a real image of you,” Chronister says. “Everyone only sees an inverted version of you. Every time someone looks at you, they are actually looking in a mirror, trying to validate their own idea of themselves in this world.” the new album by the Oklahoma-based band offers 13 tracks that blur the lines between synth-pop, indie-funk, and psych-rock. Their elaborate, mind-expanding arrangements are warm and enveloping, creating a world where David Bowie, The Beach Boys, and The Clash all collide. Sports are currently touring the U.S. in support of the new album, and they will continue touring during February, March, and April.

Catcher -“Behind A Bleeding Heart”: A high-speed blistering number with vocals expressing a blend of anger and morosity and producing a gripping ambiance riding anxious chaos and a whirl of guitars. The song is another single off the post-punk band’s forthcoming debut album, “The Fat of A Broken Heart.” During 2021, their first year as a band, Catcher shared five singles and played countless sold-out shows across the city, in addition to going on their first headlining tour across the U.S. with fellow NYC rockers Been Stellar. The Brooklyn-based band with a reputation for visceral and powerful live performances has drawn comparisons to Iceage and Protomartyr. Catcher delivers music with driving and inundating low-end, provided by childhood friends Cameron McRae and Wilson Chestney, on bass and drums respectively. Guitarists Jack Young and Christian Reech interweave melodies and noise to create an environment that manages to be at once both bleak and moving, desolate but hopeful, violent but tender. Vocalist Austin Eichler commands listeners with a domineering and chaotic presence. From drawling croons to powerful screams, Austin’s narrative lyrics invoke a wide spectrum of emotion while creating a world of their own. Through endless hours of practice and work, the band has crafted a tight live performance and a growing international fanbase. Catcher’s debut album, The Fat Of A Broken Heart, is due February 18, 2022.

The String Revolution – “Crazy Train”: A flamenco-tinged cover and homage to Randy Rhoads, executed with great mastery and an impressive style. This rendition of iconic rock anthem “Crazy Train” from the String Revolution features Steve Stevens (best known for his 41-year partnership with Billy Idol, his work on Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana”, his Grammy Award-winning performance on “Top Gun Anthem” and his work with Vince Neil on “Exposed”) and was released by Los Angeles-based label Tallest Man Records. This collaboration came together to pay tribute to the legendary guitar player Randy Rhoads and in particular his love for classical guitar. Steve Stevens has always been an admirer of Rhoads’, and The String Revolution, which is led by Janet Robin, has a special connection to Rhoads. Robin was his only female guitar student when she was 9 years old.  “When I was told that Randy Rhoads was to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame I was thrilled,” says Stevens.  “Long overdue but so deserving. As I was contacted to contribute to a reimagining of Ozzy’s Crazy Train…in my mind, I had one requirement, that it not be in any way similar to the iconic original version. Upon hearing the track two things struck me immediately, it works so well as a Spanish guitar piece, and Randy would have loved it. It’s widely known that Randy was a beautiful classical guitarist, even continuing lessons through his Ozzy days. I hope we did you, proud buddy.” “In arranging “Crazy Train” with The String Revolution, we really tried to keep the energy and vibe of the original, but we wanted to put our own stamp on it,” says Robin “as my guitar teacher Randy Rhoads used to say to me- “don’t try to play like me, play like yourself. I really took that to heart, and I feel TSR was on board with that same kind of thinking-Be true to the original but put a new, original spin on it, and that’s what I think we did.” The song comes with an animated video.

Lumberob – “BEGANTOCRY”: A psychedelic mantra as soothing as it is intriguing. The layered and playful track, the second single off Lumberob’s forthcoming debut LP, can be addictive and comes with a very original video involving ants. Speaking on the track, Rob wrote: “Once again, we tease with a sultry slow-jam shimmer. ‘BEGANTOCRY’ is the second release from the LP “Language Learner.”  This is the obvious truth: we need to learn to care for those smaller and sweeter than us. In the end, we return, and the ants will laugh as they devour us… as they should. Listen closely.” At times slippery like an energized Dada sound poet strapped to a bouncing electro-skank machine stuck in wannabe dub cumbia raga mode, “Language Learner” is swathed in the psychedelic dark lord Kramer’s exquisite wall of wonder. It is the eclectic electro-bounce art-pop debut LP from scrappy, old sono-linguistic loop artist Lumberob for the resurrected Shimmy-Disc record label. The new album, due February 18 via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings, was mixed by Kramer who has collaborated with Lumberob for over 23 years. In Kramer’s own words, “Few musicians and their music have inspired me over the course of decades as LUMBEROB has, and few performance artists have inspired the kind of awe in me that just takes my breath away, over and over and over again. Onstage, there is no one to compare him to. You can’t take your eyes off of him, and you leave his performances with your ears glued to him forever.”

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