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Press Releases For December: Here Are The Artists

press releases for December.
Strawberry Fuzz are among these press releases for December.

Nyte Skye, True Body, Marcus Paquin, DJ Hanzel, Groupthink, The Mortal Prophets, and Strawberry Fuzz are the artists among these press releases for December.

Nyte Skye – “Take Me Up Again”: A dynamic and upbeat synth-guitar-shoegaze track with a retro flair, incorporating elements of acts such as The Cure, or The Police. It’s also a family affair as Nyles Lannon is joined by his son Skye (who recorded this album when he was only 12 years old) on drums. The band Nyte Skye was formed of equal parts frustration from the quarantined sheltering that COVID brought and the boundless creativity that arose from having nowhere to go and nothing to do. The band has shared the announcement of their debut ethereal album called “Vanishing” which will be released on January 10 via Sonic Ritual. Nyles explains, “The songs on “Vanishing” capture the little ways my son and I were coping with those early days of the pandemic; some reflective and poignant, some escapist, some playful. Music was our bond, and in some ways, our guiding light. It gave us a focused goal while we processed what was happening, together in our little world.” As for his relationship with his son, Nyles adds: “I am so grateful for this connection we have. Do we drive each other crazy sometimes? Of course. He always needs to have food when we play, for instance, otherwise, everything becomes about food. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he is still a kid in some ways and hasn’t been playing in bands for 30 years like me. Yet, when he plays, he is just a damn good drummer.”

True Body – “Jade Green”: A dream synth-pop song with pounding drums, reverberating guitars, and gothic accents coming from Ivy Moreno-Riaño’s post-punk vocals. The song is accompanied by a music video and their EP, “Temple of Song” was released on November 18 via Funeral Party Records. “Signal” was demoed out in early 2016, buried in a hard drive until its unveiling during a full US tour (the band’s first) supporting GosT. True Body has worked their way through the space in-between the release of their LP “Heavenly Rhythms for the Uninitiated” (2020) and the present, collaborating with Perturbator and recording 3 songs for a split with noise-trap outfit Digital Hell. This work culminates in the energetic charge that has made it possible for the song to exist. An impassioned hymn on the beauty of action, Signal finds the band at the height of their powers. Even as this is their first time working together, the talent of producer Sasha Stroud is apparent here. She owns and runs Artifact Audio NYC “a trans-built, owned, and operated Recording/Mixing/Mastering studio located in Maspeth, Queens,” her clients include Warthog, L.O.T.I.O.N., Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, and Headsplitters. “Sasha helped us achieve a sound that is as close as we’ve gotten to the heart of our musical intentions.”

Marcus Paquin -“Until It’s Gone”: Delicate and vulnerable vocals over keys for an emotional song, with slow build instrumentation installing a hypnotic and soulful atmosphere along the way. Marcus Paquin is perhaps best known for his work on albums by iconic artists such as The National, Local Natives, The Weather Station, Julia Jacklin, Begonia, and Sarah Harmer, but he has released his debut solo effort, an album entitled “Our Love,” via Birthday Cake Records. The album dives into a difficult transition in his life – the separation from his partner of 18 years and finding self-love, new love, and acceptance of his new path in life. It was written, arranged, played, produced, and mixed by Marcus with drumming from friend and former bandmate Liam O’Neill of the band Suuns. It combines Marcus’ raw and intimate songwriting with his veteran production chops, blending traditional indie rock sounds with lush layers of electronics and synths. Speaking on “Until It’s Gone,” Marcus wrote: “‘Until it’s Gone’ is a song about being conscious and recognizing that every moment is precious and filled with endless beauty. We are surrounded by a love that connects us all, but often we dwell on the past and the future while overlooking what is most important; the present. We must show up for ourselves NOW.  We must be present for the people in our lives NOW. We must open our hearts and love NOW. We must not wait until it’s gone.” “Until It’s Gone.” It also comes alongside an accompanying music video.

DJ Hanzel – “Gumby”: A purely electronic number with crescendo dry beats repeated with mechanical precision. This is a new track by the ubiquitous yet ever-elusive superstar DJ Hanzel who was raised on an owl farm on the outskirts of the Black Forest in Germany before he and his family relocated to Düsseldorf. A lack of supervision allowed Hanzel to wander the streets of Düsseldorf and become enamored with the underground art scene. On one fateful night, he saw a show that would forever change the course of his life. It was the final night of Düsseldorf’s annual Oktoberfest celebration, and Hanzel found himself inside a small, dimly lit bar, where he and a small crowd caught a late-night set from techno pioneers Kraftwerk. While most didn’t quite know what to make of the soon-to-be legendary group, Hanzel understood what Kraftwerk was doing right away—and he hated it. He hated their little suits. He hated their podiums. He hated their obscene swagger. But most of all, he hated that they did not “go deep enough.” For months he wrote letters to the German government asking them to arrest Kraftwerk for wasting his time. After not receiving any responses, Hanzel decided to take matters into his own hands and become a musician out of spite, vowing to make music that would always go “one deeper.” While many were unsure of what that meant, his journey began nonetheless. Hanzel spent the next several years grinding away in Düsseldorf’s club scene while supporting himself with a corporate day job as a composer at a marketing firm writing jingles. His music was heard by happy children across Germany, which greatly depressed him, but it was at his darkest hour that Hanzel finally had his big break. During a late-night set at a club in Stuttgart, a Rottweiler ran on stage and tore off DJ Hanzel’s clothes. German music kingpin and head of Soft Pretzel Records, Uli Ziegler, saw footage of the event on Germany’s number one primetime show, and Ziegler immediately offered Hanzel a multi-million Deutschmark record deal. All Hanzel had to do was to sign, but right before he could, he realized something—the fewer people that hear his music, the more power it can hold. He decided not to accept the contract and instead create music with the intention of no one ever hearing it. He now labors tirelessly to one day write a song that even he himself has not heard, while at the same time fending off the inferior American DJ Di**on Fr***is from interfering with his work. Hanzel continues his commitment to true art while always pushing himself to go “one deeper.”

Groupthink – “Groupie”: A playful pop song pushing boundaries by combining garage rock motifs with sweet, sultry R&B structures and melodies. “Groupie” is a cheeky stoner pop song about being in love with someone who is a rockstar. The song is also an ode to late 00’s indie rock that highlights Groupthink’s infectious melodies and hooks with an appreciation for distortion. Groupthink adds: “We just wanted to make something fun. My manager played the bass on this one and it started out with us just hanging at my friend’s house, messing around. What came from that lighthearted place is a free-spirited fun anthem that makes everyone feel like a real rockstar.”Earlier this month, Groupthink announced that he will be joining his collaborator, Kennyhoopla, on his “Home For The Holidays” tour, a series of 4 intimate Midwest shows between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Between hosting an underground Los Angeles rave with The Hellp, opening for Carlie Hanson, and releasing his single “Peach Fuzz” ft. Cybertrash, Groupthink is the epitome of cool, preparing for an unforgettable 2023.

The Mortal Prophets – “Grinning In Your Face”: A slow-built soundscape made of electronic swirls, crisp beats, guitars, and creepy raw vocals, the adventurous track is a bit of everything from experimental German electronica, to bluesy guitars, and gothic Americana. “Me and the Devil” was released on December 9. On the record, John Beckmann joined forces with Irish musician and producer William Declan Lucey (Rubyhorse, Leftbank), with whom he developed the record’s atmospheric, noisy sound. Additionally, it features collaborations with Morphine’s Dana Colley, vocalist Aoibheann Carey-Philpott, and more. As Beckmann wrote on the record’s newly released track and its original inspiration: “The song ‘Grinnin in Your Face’ was written by Son House and was first recorded and released in 1965 on The Legendary Son House. House was a slide guitar player and blues singer. He was a huge influence on Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson, who are, in turn, huge influences on everyone else! House was a pioneer of the Delta blues. The recordings House made are raw, scratchy, but above all emotional and intense, sometimes even demonic.  I know it’s been covered by Andrew Bird and Beck, among others. It’s really a song of betrayal and backstabbing, yet the musician rises above it all, laughs in their faces, and continues his life undeterred. I think we can all relate to that on some level.” Earlier this year, The Mortal Prophets shared their highly anticipated debut EP, “Stomp the Devil,” produced by David Sisko and featuring collaborations with Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart).

Strawberry Fuzz – “Wasting My Time”: A furious song with angry, heavy riffs coated in distortion and a punk delivery shouted over a loud fuzz. Singer Colby Rodgers describes the track as such: “Just an all-out aggression rant about the things that I waste my time with on a regular basis. No more, no less.”Produced by guitarist Alex Arias and the band, “Wasting My Time” is a 3-song taste of what’s to come on Venice Beach-based indie-punk band Strawberry Fuzz’s first “proper” LP release. Building on the reaction to 2021’s collection of raw demos, “Fuzztapes Vol.1,” the band documents their experience in the dirty underside of LA life, from sniping at the scene kids on the east side of LA to calling out the elites of the Westside beach cities – as well as critiquing surf conditions. Strawberry Fuzz aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel, more to slash the tires, and Wasting My Time is a perfect introduction to their misdemeanors. Strawberry Fuzz is additionally performing as part of Day 2 of this year’s Viva! Pomona Festival, taking place at The Glass House in Pomona, CA on December 18. The band is joining an all-star day 2 line-up of artists such as Enjoy (mem The Garden), Julie, Provoker, The High Curbs, Brutus VIII, and many more — this will be their last show of the year but stay tuned for more from Strawberry Fuzz, coming next year.


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