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Press Releases For December: Here Are The Artists

press releases for December
Kimbra is among these press releases for December

Kimbra, Peach Tree Rascals, The Inspector Cluzo, Paper Idol, Bridal Party, Tayla Parx, and Matthew & The Mainstream are the artists among these press releases for December.

Kimbra – “replay!”: A percussive, pulsing pop track fleshing up with electronics and Kimbra’s bright vocals. The song chronicles a woman’s struggle with ruminating thoughts that demand our attention. The fast-paced song is complemented by the hyper-yet-sensual music video, directed by Colin Solal Cardo, that depicts Kimbra singing, “What’s the matter with my head? Stuck in automatic” as she struggles with unwanted thoughts on a constant “replay” in her mind. This is the second single of her upcoming studio album, “A Reckoning,” out January 27, 2023 via Inertia/PIAS. On the new single, Kimbra shares “I’m interested in the motivations behind our anger and compulsive tendencies. I wanted to make a song that depicted two sides of my internal experience, one is chaotic but the other is very in control, introspective and calm.” “This song is about the experience of being on loop,” she continues. “There’s this movie going around in my head replaying both the beautiful and the terrifying times during a relationship. But there’s also an inability to let go. Hanging onto the pain made me feel like this person was still in my life. There was an addictive quality to the cycle, even though I knew it was time to face and release it.” “A Reckoning” is primed to be an explosive and reflective record capturing Kimbra’s wrestling with the macro reckonings that impact our current world. But at the heart of her record is a war with the micro reckonings that Kimbra faces internally. It’s the most sonically autonomous and confessionally raw she has ever been, finding influence in everything from modern movie soundtracks to electronic and industrial worlds.

Peach Tree Rascals – “ Yesterday”: a smooth track mixing genres as the languid melody battles with a more aggressive hip-hop chorus. The vulnerable new single brings the group back to the basics as they start to rediscover their close creative bond. By surrounding themselves completely with nature, they were able to free themselves from the noise of the outside world. Being so remote allowed them to dive deep into a vulnerable state so that they can introspectively re-evaluate their emotions and feelings on relationships. Ultimately, they continue to ponder the question: “if it was the end of time, are you in a place of love and happiness?” The collective (consisting of producer/mixer Dominic “Dom” Pizano, rappers-singers Issac Pech, Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq, Joseph Barros, and creative director Jorge Olazaba) are dedicated to collaboration and community; they added: “We wrote the song in Tarrek’s little cabin in the woods. Being surrounded by nature & your best friends you just feel more inclined to just let your mind be present. It was the perfect time & setting to be vulnerable with what we were making. And the song is about creating that same feeling of freedom and vulnerability with the person you love no matter what is going on around you.”

The Inspector Cluzo – “Swallows”: A heartfelt country song with swelling strings and a middle-America vibe coming from DIY Guascon farmers. This is their second single from the band’s forthcoming ninth studio album, “Horizon,” set for release on January 27, 2023, via F.thebassplayer Records. The track is accompanied by a stunning animated video, drawn by Cecilia Pepper and animated by Maxime Cazaux. It perfectly embodies the spirit of this track. “Swallows” is quintessentially a The Inspector Cluzo song, it is more than a ballad, it brings to the frontline crucial issues we all face, with rock elegance, unbearable sadness, and profound anger. “We decided to write a song about the swallows not only because they are so beautiful spinning around in the sky or flying over our organic wheat and corn fields to collect bugs to feed their young, but also to point out that farming is possible without destroying the world. We’ve been trying out this agro-ecological system for more than 10 years now and are so fortunate to welcome swallows every year.” “Running a family farm is more rock than playing rock’n’roll music ” The Inspector Cluzo comments: “At Lou Casse organic farm, we’re fortunate enough to see migratory birds such as swallows building their nest in the old barn. Pesticides used worldwide make it hard for swallows to find food because bugs are being killed in the fields. Furthermore, the proliferation of urban zones prevents them to find proper shelter to raise their young. We can see them disappearing little by little. It’s ironic to know that the use of pesticides is said to “feed people” – most food on Earth is made using chemical agriculture techniques – whereas it destroys every little life around it. We decided to write a song about the swallows not only because they are so beautiful spinning around in the sky or flying over our organic wheat and corn fields to collect bugs to feed their young, but also to point out that farming is possible without destroying the world. Though it’ll be a long shot and a long fight before modern society understands this. At Lou Casse, we’ve been trying out this agro-ecology system for more than 10 years now and are so fortunate to welcome swallows every year… ““Horizon” is the deepest and truest album The Inspector Cluzo have written to date.

Paper Idol – “The Playground”: A playful tune for a rather catchy and shimmering melody with vocals backup by a children’s choir and an array of computer game bleeps. This is the title track of most ambitious project to date from electro-pop artist Paper Idol (Matan KG). The LP chronicles eight stages of childhood in eight tracks, from the days of sidewalk hopscotch to teenage nihilism and everything in between. The music was produced in both the United States and Israel, the two countries in which Matan spent his formative years. In an attempt to keep the music raw and authentic, Matan wrote, produced, and mixed all the tracks himself in collaboration with his bandmate Adam Rochelle. The album artwork was created by Matan as well, which pulls inspiration from minimalism and analogue collage to create surreal playgrounds out of notebook paper. As Matan wrote of his newest project: “Each song on The Playground represents a different phase of my childhood. It starts with me as a carefree kid playing outside, then moves through the emotional turbulence of highschool, finally reaching young adulthood. I often tell people it’s like Boyhood the album! I recorded the album in all three places I’ve lived – Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Tel Aviv – which influenced the album sonically and gave me a deeper connection to the lyrics. Honestly, the whole process was kind of like therapy. It was a process of sorting out my best and worst memories growing up, and trying to make something beautiful from it.” The title track “is about missing the purity of childhood. It’s so easy to get caught up in status, envy, comparing yourself to others… there was a time when we were just “being,” soaking up the world around us with no ego. Me and my bandmate Adam tried so many different ideas for the chorus that didn’t work. Then the idea of a vintage children’s choir came up – perfect! I got in touch with The West Los Angeles Children’s Choir and they totally nailed it. This was during the pandemic, so we had zoom rehearsals and each child recorded his part at home. It was such a fun experience taking those records and fitting them into the record.”

Bridal Party – “Pool”: A smooth and familiar jazz/R&B inspiration for an upbeat track celebrating summer in the middle of winter. This is the second single by art-pop quintet Bridal Party from their forthcoming LP, “Cool Down,” which outlines the joy and challenge of coming out of your shell after periods of isolation. The lyrics of “Pool” were penned by guitarist Joseph Leroux in a demo in early 2019, their mantra-like simplicity inspired by the Porches album of the same name. “I wanted the lyrics to feel potent and understated. They were written with building myself up in mind, in a time when I was looking for a lot of validation from other people. I wanted to remind myself with a song, of the value of choosing yourself and choosing periods of quiet, before coming back into your communities.” Drummer Adrain Heim listened to the track and felt it differently: “I felt like in Joe’s demo the verse was actually the chorus and the chorus was the verse” says Heim. With this reversal in mind, Heim’s triplet shuffle enacted a more fluid and collaborative songwriting process that would come to define “Cool Down. “ The band worked with the song in a rehearsal setting before bringing it to the studio and producer Connor Head. Head helped imagine additional sonic textures that unfolded the band’s nascent studio pop sound. Vocalist Suzannah Raudaschl took Leroux’ initial vocal melody and added nuance and layers of harmony. The final track lives somewhere between Men I Trust’s “Lauren” and Khruangbin’s “People Everywhere (Still Alive)”, while existing as something exquisitely unique and joyful. The accompanying music video, directed by Leta C-W and Koty Bannouvong focuses on a fantasy dinner party, a best-case scenario of friendship and connection that answers Leroux’ pensive lyrics. “Knocking on your door only takes me a minute / but how can I get out when I’m so deep within it?” sing Raudaschl and Leroux in tandem over the bridge, while glasses clink and neon cocktails are enjoyed in a tall-ceilinged hall, dimly lit and frescoed.

Tayla Parx – “For What It’s Worth”: An original R&B take for a fun and fast-paced track with helium and elastic vocals. This is the new song from Grammy-nominated songwriter, singer, actress, and businesswoman Tayla Parx. Of the track, Parx says, “A lot of times—when single and in relationships—we forget to have fun. We don’t have to know where it’s going to go or how we’ll get there but this song is all about enjoying the process.” Tayla Parx has established herself as a history-making behind-the-scenes force with a discography streamed over 1 billion times and counting. Winner of Billboard’s 2019 “Hitmaker” Award, Parx was the first female songwriter to have three simultaneous Top 10 songs—Ariana Grande’s “7 rings” and “thank u, next” and Panic! At The Disco’s “High Hopes”—in the Hot 100 since 2014. Last year, Parx released her album “Coping Mechanisms” via TaylaMade / Atlantic Records, the follow-up to her acclaimed 2019 debut album “We Need To Talk.” Parx notably penned a total of six tracks on Grande’s blockbuster album “Positions,” including “34+35” and “pov,” not to mention co-writing the double-platinum track “Love Lies” for Khalid and Normani, Anderson.Paak’s “Tints (featuring Kendrick Lamar)” and Dua Lipa’s “It Ain’t Me.” Most recently, Dan and Shay’s “Glad You Exist” peaked at #1 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart while For King & Country’s “Relate” debuted on the Hot Christian Songs chart, marking the first chart appearance for the group. In addition, her Grammy Award-nominated catalog consists of songwriting contributions on Justin Bieber’s Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe), HAIM’s Women In Music Pt. III, John Legend’s Bigger Love, Janelle Monáe’s Dirty Computer, Christina Aguilera’s “Like I Do (featuring GoldLink),” The Internet’s “Ego Death” and the film Hairspray. In 2021, Parx launched TaylaMade, Inc., a new umbrella company housing Parx’s ventures: Parx Publishing, Parx Studios, 3020 Management, and lifestyle brand Trailer Parx. She was also selected to be a member of the YouTube Black Voices Music Class of 2023. Parx is currently working on a new project, which will be released in 2023 via her own TaylaMade Records.

Matthew & The Mainstream – “Gonna Wait”: Another playful track by Matthew & The Mainstream, the solo project of Los Angeles singer-songwriter Matthew Lurie. This could only have been made in LA. Fascinated by the session musician ecosystem that allowed Brian Wilson, Jon Brion, and Stevie Wonder to make their best work, Lurie sought out the best musicians in the city to breathe life into his teenage symphonies, resulting in “Rom Core,” due on January 13. “Rom Core” was recorded over the course of three years, from Spring 2018 to Fall 2021 at Thundershirt Studios, in Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA. The album of 10 songs was culled from a selection of 25 demos Lurie brought in, workshopped with Tim Young and Scott Seiver (Thundershirt), and then recorded piecemeal, in between touring gigs and a pandemic. The album title comes from Lurie’s affection for rom-coms, art that’s centered on love and lovelessness, and the realization that few artists today speak plainly about matters of the heart.

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