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Press Releases For December: Here Are The Artists

press releases for December
Izzy Spears is among these press releases for December

Shira Elias, Sunfruits, Noah Guy, Isis Salam, Izzy Spears, Jane, M(h)aol are the artists among these press releases for December.

Shira Elias – “EARTH SUN”: A very soulful, old-school track with wobbling organ and sultry R&B vocals drawing from the classic sounds of ’90s R&B and ’80s pop. This is a new song by LA-based futuristic R&B-funk artist, Shira Elias, and a single off her sophomore EP, “SERVICES,” due out Today. Alongside new music, Elias will perform a solo set as well as join the new Cool Cool Cool funk outfit at North Beach Music Festival this December (tickets and more information available now at The new track details a lack of communication between two people that ultimately hinders their ability to connect. Elias explains, “It talks about all of the things you wish you could say but can’t.” It sees Elias’s attempt to preserve herself, wrestling with the desire to stay in a relationship that may cause her to dilute parts of who she is. Elias continues, “When someone you love is trying to force their beliefs and narratives on you and you want to have a relationship, but you just can’t sacrifice your truth. So this song is about that reckoning.” Sonically, it weaves in and out of a very honest and emotional tone, shifting to a confident and sassy one, and wraps into a dreamlike section. “All of this is evoking the rollercoaster of emotions that happen when two people can’t get on the same page.” The track also features piano by jazz-funk group Ghost-Note’s Dominique Xavier Taplin.

Sunfruits – “Believe It All”: A ‘70s psychedelic vibe, and soaring vocals for this sunny and upbeat pop track. Engineered by Theo Carbo, produced by Gene Argiro, and mixed/mastered by John Lee at Phaedra Studios (The Murlocs, Bananagun), this track puts Sunfruits’ drummer Gene Argiro in the spotlight, on lead vocals for the first time. With its anthemic vocals and sonic textures similar to The Flaming Lips and Pond, “Believe It All” showcases Sunfruits’ psychedelic pop edge at its best. Written by the band’s drummer and producer Gene Argiro, the 4-minute track is about finding your inner child and rising above self-doubt. It sees Sunfruits take their creative vision and songwriting to a whole new level, featuring layers of synthesizers and keys, fuzzed-out guitars, thumping bass grooves, and reverberating drums. The track’s euphoric chorus is a highlight with multi-tracked vocals and a catchy guitar riff that lifts the song into new territory. Accompanying the new track is a music video of equally euphoric proportions. Directed by Jack Ralph and Gene Argiro and shot by LP Productions, the music video features Melbourne / Naarm celebrity/Dolerave artist Our Carlson. The video follows Carlson on a journey of introspection. Interacting with different people on the street, he promotes an upcoming show whilst struggling with his own self-doubt. The video features cameos from Sunfruits as different characters, including the backing band, as they see Carlson fulfill his live performance dream and become the star he was born to be — literally. “For the video, we wanted to create a concept that ties into the meaning of the song from the perspective of a burnt-out ‘Rockstar’ (played by Our Carlson) who is trying to relive his glory days by performing his new single,” says Gene Argiro. “In his journey, he meets his new young backing band (played by Sunfruits) to whom he teaches these young musicians how to be a rockstar just like he was when he was young.” About writing the track, Gene says: “I wrote this track after a discussion with Winnie (McQuinn) about how fun it would be to lean into more of a pop vibe for a Sunfruits track. That night I played around with the chord progression and jammed out a bassline in my room, back when I lived in my parents’ place. I ended up staying up until around 4 am trying to finish the demo. I remember my dad the next morning complaining that he could hear me yelling the chorus for hours trying to get a good take.”

Noah Guy – STOP BANGIN’ MY LINE: A hybrid song with a style landing right between R&B and hip hop, completed by an infectious tempo and delivered with plenty of humor and originality. This is a track from buzzing bedroom-soul singer/songwriter Noah Guy’s new EP, “WHO’S TAKEN TIME ?! (ACT I).” This new EP represents the sound of an artist continuing to color outside the lines of soul. This new music is the byproduct of his changed physical surroundings — a cross-country move from his East Coast roots to Los Angeles — where the perpetual sunshine has helped him uncover a new, lighter side to his moody sound. The new EP features previous singles “5 MO’ MINUTES” and “2 DOGS 1 LEASH,” a dreamy tune that quickly surpassed the 2 million stream mark and gained acclaim from the likes of Billboard, 1883 Magazine, and more. The new song carries encoded “self-help” messaging underneath a veil of high-octane, retro-futuristic, soul-pop. Carving through rhythmic hip-hop flows, dynamic vocal layering, and a head-knocking hook that punches through unique programmed drum patterns, Noah Guy’s catchiness and feisty lyricism/vocal delivery. It comes with a music video.

Isis Salam  – “West Coast Chillin”: A lounge ambiance provides the background for Isis’s sexy hip-hop flow meets sultry R&B energy. This is a new track by Nigerian-born, Toronto-raised, Berlin-based, and New-York-London-schooled Isis Salam, whose underground appeal has been building since her debut in the scene in 2008. The rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, and entertainer is known for bringing boundless amounts of energy on stage and is respected by her fans and peers for her integrity and versatility. Since kicking off her career as an integral part of the acclaimed Electro-Rap duo THUNDERHEIST, Isis has brought a singular and radical sound to the electronic music scene, resulting in breakthrough performances and a number of artist collaborations including legends such as Tyree Cooper, Junky XL, Noreaga, Pharell, Sub-ann and LeftWing & Kody. The next chapter of Salam’s career has put her in the pilot seat as she has self-produced, mixed, and engineered a number of new tracks off her forthcoming, highly-anticipated EP, “(4U) (MYDEAR ) (IN LUE OF FLOWERS).” and Having found her way into the heart of the Berlin underground, Isis made her claim on its infamous techno scene. Her live set is a pure on-stage evolution: opening with a deep-breathing, bass-heavy house; it morphs into sexified nu-disco before growing into a full-blown dance party, driven to create the perfect environment for lovers of the classics and the eccentric. The multihyphenate’s talents have not gone unnoticed by iconic names in the music industry as her artful prowess has allowed her to share the stage with bold-faced names such as Kanye West, Solange, and Peaches, artists who represent Salam’s incredible range and reach. Her drive and motivation grew into her manifesto. The message Isis Salam is putting out there, implemented in every piece of her work: “Everything I do – I do it for the love.”

Izzy Spears – “BETTER”: A horrorcore anthemic track with creepy vocals and abrasive guitars over a booming and creepy soundscape. This is a song by alt-experimental musician Izzy Spears (known as one of the handpicked members of Anonymous Club, the fashion/music collective kickstarted by Hood By Air founder Shayne Oliver). His long-awaited debut EP, “Monstar,” was released via KRO Records, a Los Angeles-based record label founded by Producers Lawrence Rothman and Yves Rothman. Izzy Spears describes the six-song EP, “Monstar,” as a sort of encrypted diary entry. Inspired by his own life, each song is very personal, telling a different story about an experience he’s had. But with coded lyrics, the songs leave much up to interpretation for the listeners. Spears collaborated with Duskdriven, Yves Tumor, and Grammy-nominated producer Chris Greatti on “Monstar,” which blends genres of pop, rock, hip hop, and punk. Other collaborators on the project include Nation, Nicholas Weiss, and Pablo Meléndez. Yves Rothman mixed the EP. In celebration of his debut project, Izzy is also the focus of Office Magazine’s current cover story, featuring a lengthy interview he completed with writer Sam Hyland, entitled ‘Spoke From My Skull.’ With stunning photos by Jean Toir, the piece is not a dazzling sight, but in words, it’s an honest portrayal of an artist who isn’t afraid of holding back, despite everything he’s experienced. Stay tuned for more from Izzy Spears, coming soon via KRO Records.

Jane –“Sun in my Eyes”: An ethereal soundscape and vulnerable vocals for an intimate and emotive song with a sensible and hypnotic pop sensibility. LA-based alternative singer-songwriter Jane, the musical moniker of Paraj Jain, has announced his ethereal EP, “Celeste, “due out March 31, 2023. “Sun In My Eyes” is the first taste of the project and it comes with its accompanying lyric video. Paraj Jain was raised between India and the U.S. to an Indian father and a half-Black mother. The multiracial artist grew up bouncing between homes, unable to see himself reflected in media, and unsure where he fit in. Now, through the latest iteration of his musical project Jane., a play on his last name, the musician is ready to reintroduce himself as he fully embraces his own identity, unpacking his lived experiences and further establishing his musical vision. leading with honesty and spirituality, meeting himself exactly where he is. The title of the forthcoming five-track EP, “Celeste,” is taken from the Latin word meaning “heavenly,” and holds tracks that led the singer down a path towards further discovering himself, his pain, and his route to healing and subsequently, his spirituality. Jane. explains, “It’s a representation of my journey mentally traveling to the heavens to deal with this pain. To ask questions. To make confessions. To heal. To try and define how my spirituality plays into this pain.” By sharing his own experiences of pain, Jane. hopes to help others better understand their struggles. Jane. continues, “There are beautiful moments and songs on the project, but overall, it’s something of a cry. It may even be a call for help. I have this recurring message of truth and honesty, and as I keep growing as a person, and growing as an artist, I keep feeling the need to share. To share what I find out as I grow. At this point, I feel a responsibility to it.” The intimate, confessional “Sun In My Eyes,” sees Jane. release a long-held trauma that the musician has never before revealed in his music, one that recounts a time during his youth he was forced to quickly confront the preciousness of life. “I was involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident that showed me the preciousness of life in one quick moment. A moment that has never left me. Something I carry with me every day of my life. It’s insane that the sun, which is one of the most cherished and beautiful things in my life, was also the main catalyst to this accident, one of my most feared, and terrifying memories of my life. This song almost feels like a confession. Something so delicate and private, something that I am so fearful of being judged by. But it feels so important to share. It’s a story that is as a part of me as my cultural identity. It’s something I can’t escape.”

M(h)aol – “Asking for It”: A mean bass line launches a chaotic and gritty soundscape inhabited by an ironic punk delivery. The bold statement is raw, brutal, and dissonant and the satirical track comes with a music video. Gracing the cover of Spotify’s Hot New Bands multiple times, and based between Dublin, London, and Bristol, M(h)aol (pronounced male) is formed of Róisín Nic Ghearailt (She/Her), Constance Keane (She/Her), Jamie Hyland (She/Her), Zoë Greenway (She/Her), and Sean Nolan (He/Him). The 5-piece has announced its debut album “Attachment Styles” out February 3 2023 via TULLE Collective. The song was the first thing singer Róisín ever wrote to try and process some of her experiences and feelings around r*pe culture. On the track, she said, “I wrote it initially in 2016 then revisited it in 2020. I was shocked by how much-internalized victim-blaming there was in the lyrics. I rewrote it, then we recorded it and it was released to raise money for Women’s Aid in 2021. The album version is a lot angrier than the 2021 one and almost satirical insofar as it’s highlighting how ludicrous the notion of anyone ‘asking for it’ is.” So many times the subject matter has been treated with a complete lack of respect for how triggering, traumatic, and long-lasting an event like this can be for a victim, and here the band wanted to highlight the resources and services that are available. Zoë says, “This has been the most difficult video I’ve made for M(h)aol to date. There’s so much power and emotion in Róisín’s lyrics and performance, so we worked really hard to create a responsible and sensitive portrayal of this experience she’s conveying, do it justice, and make people care.” Róisín adds about the video, “I think lots of media and cultural depictions of r*pe can be retraumatizing. We wanted the video to be cathartic rather than traumatizing. We both wanted to offer resources and highlight services that are available to survivors. The quotes in the video highlight the change in the song too, over the years it became a much more hopeful one.” Zoë finishes by saying, “I hope watching the video inspires compassion and empathy in people. I think it’s important to open channels of communication around sexual assault in a way that validates a victim’s traumatic experience and shows a path toward a more hopeful and supportive healing journey. I think empathy is paramount in trying to build a better world.” “Attachment Styles” is a record about social connection, queerness, and healing. When Róisín was writing the lyrics, she used the theory of attachment styles as an overarching theme which is a theory that looks at the impact our inter-familial relationships and society have on how we relate to one another. With the album, the listener goes on a journey of healing. We start with “Asking For It,” a song that deals with one of the worst things that can happen to someone, then we travel through various stages of self-acceptance and community building with the triumphant “Period Sex.”

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