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Press Releases For December: Here Are The Artists

press releases for December
Hien among these press releases for December

Kramer, Nicotine Dolls, Hien, Hot Flash Heat Wave, Mack Keane & ESTA, CFCF, Magic City Hippies are among the press releases for December.

Kramer – “The Rain”: A ghostly slow piano lullaby with echoing whispers for vocals, wrapping you in a very specific atmosphere. Speaking on the track, Kramer wrote: ”‘THE RAIN’ is based upon a dream I had in which I walked a cobblestone street in Amsterdam under a light November rain with someone I knew I’d never see again. I wondered if she wanted me to touch her, as the guilt of never having tried, was killing me. I showed her my right hand, and my five fingers, hoping she might show me how to wipe the guilt away. She pulled her arms away, and said, ‘I don’t need any more complications right now.’ Yes, I’m fairly confident that it was just a dream.” This is the second single off his new LP, “And the Wind Blew It All Away,” released this month via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings. On the LP itself, Kramer continued: “A terrifying wind is coming. I recorded this LP as I wondered, through sound and song, if I’ll ever collaborate on making music with another artist by my side again, or live to see another New Year’s Eve, or ever hear my daughter’s voice again, or ever Love again. Time will darken it. It always does. Do I really want to be the last man standing, in a wind like this one?” Kramer’s work in music covers a vast spectrum of sound, unified only by an unwavering commitment to experimentation and collaboration. As a bassist & multi-instrumentalist, he’s toured with The Fugs, Shockabilly, Jad Fair, Danielson, B.A.L.L. (his band with Don Fleming), Gary Panter, and with Butthole Surfers on their infamous 1985 debut European tour. At his Noise New York and Noise New Jersey studios, he’s produced and recorded hundreds of artists, including Daniel Johnston, Royal Trux, White Zombie, Pussy Galore, Mo Tucker (ex-Velvet Underground), and Half Japanese. “And the Wind Blew It All Away” is Kramer’s first solo LP since 1998, he produced and recorded the album entirely alone in his home studio in South Florida during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nicotine Dolls -“Upset The Neighbors”: An upbeat and fighting pop song with layered instrumentation and fun vocals. On the single, Nicotine Dolls’ lead vocalist Sam Cieri, said: “This song is two people keeping veering away and distracting themselves from the issues inherent between them. I brought this one to the band feeling like it was right up our alley, big exhilarating sounds tied onto the inevitable weight of the topic. We went in wanting to chase the distraction part of the story, the fun, and the show. So, we take that grounding and then thought, what if “I believe in a thing called love” by The Darkness was covered by a 2007 pop-punk band? It’s always a good sign if these are the questions you are asking.” The NYC-based band was formed in 2017 after lead vocalist Sam Cieri and lead guitarist John Hays decided to form a band after meeting on tour. Bassist John Merritt and drummer Abel Tabares joined quickly after. The band has spent the past 4 years recording and releasing music (produced by Eric Sanderson) as well as producing their own videos. DIY touring and hometown NYC shows are always left shaking from the band’s emotionally raw and energetic performances. Balancing genre fluidity between Alt-Rock, Pop, and some bits between, the band’s music is always rooted in honesty and the simple complexities of being a person.

Hien – “Family”: An exotic and dark dancefloor with strange, ethereal vocals delivered with urgency by electronic pop artist Hien, who has shared “BLOOM,” her first release as an independent artist. While her vocals mesh with lush textures and minimal beats, the EP is breathtakingly beautiful and truly infused with passion, emotion, and meaning, as it captures Hien’s creative journey of rebuilding her identity and navigating life as a millennial Southeast Asian immigrant, who moved from Europe to the US for a new beginning. “Family” is an electropop homage to Hien’s Vietnamese ancestors, dance-ready beats provide the foundation for Hien’s lyricism. On the track, she says, “My family and most of the Vietnamese accept as a fact that our family members who passed on before us continue to live in another realm. Just like almost every house in Vietnam, we also have an altar to commune with them. Since I moved from home, I don’t have access to our altars as often as I used to, so I started my own small rituals to make more time to pray to my grandparents and my ancestors. I can feel their protection, their presence, and the power they passed on to me.” The Vietnamese-Hungarian artist’s eclectic sonic identity has been influenced by a wide variation of sounds, from electronica to soul and traditional Eastern styles.

Hot Flash Heat Wave – “motions“: A dreamy synth-pop song as smooth as a drive during a hot summer night, delivering hazy synths and robotic vocoder vocals. The San-Francisco-based indie trio has announced their forthcoming album, “Sportswear,” due on February 11. Hot Flash Heat Wave is here to take you away—to put your head in the clouds for a few minutes if only to enjoy the view. The San Francisco trio of Adam Abildgaard, Nick Duffy, and Ted Davis have built a loyal following and constant buzz over the last several years, with the 2019 EP “Mood Ring” standing as their most kaleidoscopic work to date. Merging the quintessential melodies of pop’s past with contemporary touches to forge something truly unique, Hot Flash Heat Wave is just starting to create their own sonic world. Last year’s Mood Ring EP launched the group into another realm entirely—their truest-to-heart release yet, synthesizing a wide range of influences encompassing My Bloody Valentine, Frank Ocean, New Order, and Toro y Moi into something that sounded truly their own. Lead single “Glo Ride” bounces with a slight R&B tilt against a dark, trippy atmosphere, while “Sky So Blue” finds the band spiraling into full-on psychedelia, complete with layers of spell-casting keyboards and a wonderfully zonked-out breakdown.

Mack Keane & ESTA – “Open Up”: A dreamy, moody production with plaintive vocals by the duo, pleading with a lover to be more open-minded and less stubborn.” Rising R&B crooner Mack Keane and Soulection mainstay ESTA have also unveiled the music video for this lush slow jam released via Soulection Records, and the visuals are just as smooth as the track itself. Directed by Yavez Anthonio, the accompanying music video perfectly complements the single’s effortlessly luxuriant energy as viewers take a cruise around Los Angeles with Mack & ESTA. The sultry single and serene visuals mark the inaugural offerings from the pair with more to come. About the video, Mack & ESTA shared, “It’s something we’ve all been through at some point. Working with Yavez, we were able to capture this familiar state of emotion using a contrast of colors, reflecting cold aimless nights and warmer ones. They intersect. With the ending, the doors open and flash to white. We thought it was important to represent stepping into uncertainty. There’s a brightness to that. After spending so much time feeling restrained, we want that freedom, to open up.” “‘Open Up’ is about longing for that one person to change with you,” Mack & ESTA explain the meaning behind the track. “That person who, while you want to spread your wings, grow, and open yourself up to uncertainty, is stuck in their ways, stagnant yet intoxicating, in love with “the old [you],” and content with complacency.”

CFCF – “Big Love”: A very fluid jam, filled with beat-heavy loops and stabbing keys. This is a track from CFCF’s critically acclaimed 2009 debut album, “Continent,” reissued by Paper Bag Records. With a remarkable and ever-expanding discography, Canadian electronic artist CFCF (Mike Silver) made a significant and long-lasting impact with his debut LP, “Continent.” Widely celebrated by fans and critics alike, “Continent” is an impressive collage of vintage electronic textures evoking grandiose landscapes worthy of a Michael Mann film. As a debut, “Continent” proved CFCF as an innovator and an artist to watch, capable of crafting synthpop epics far ahead of their time. Since Continent, Grammy-nominated artist CFCF has accumulated over 25 million streams, adding several more acclaimed albums, EPs, and remixes to his oeuvre, including the Polaris Prize long-listed 2021 release memoryland and collaborations with Jean- Michel Blais, Crystal Castles, Sally Shapiro, Owen Pallett, and Kero Kero Bonito, among others.

Magic City Hippies – “Champagne on The Rider”: Reggae-ish tempo, dreamy vocals, and cinematic soundscape for a new track by Magic City Hippies who have announced their forthcoming LP “Water Your Garden,” due in January. Speaking on the record, Robby Hunter wrote: “Does life write music? Or does music write life? It’s something we ask ourselves every time we finish an album. There is some type of serendipity in finishing music that somehow plays out in real life. Almost like predicting the future. The same thing happened with ‘Modern Animal,’ and it seems to be playing out again with this new piece of work. I think that means we’re doing something right if our music somehow knows something more about us than we do. “Water Your Garden” is the first album we created while all three of us were in separate places around the US. Completely remote and sending songs back and forth throughout quarantine- while everyone was locked down in their respective homes. Pat finally moved out to LA- locked down in his studio. Robby moved out into the mountains of Montana, and John held down the home base in Miami. Since coming off our most successful tour to date, the 2020 Modern Animal tour, everyone was riding high. We had huge shows booked in our future and felt like our dreams were finally within reach- then covid hit. And everyone experienced their own version of some type of mental health issue (just like everyone else in the world). Whether it was a massive stress test on relationships in lockdown, or family members passing away, or politics driving best friends away. Everyone seemed like they were going through something. I think haphazardly we all realized how important self-care was, and how necessary it was to help us get through this thing. Without knowing, we began to write about our life experiences- and the songs started flowing. With the life transitions, everyone in the band was going through, we were all starting to water our own gardens, and take care of ourselves, and our families for the first time. So the album just feels so fitting, even if we didn’t know where we’d all be in our lives last summer when we named it. I think that landed itself in a more introspective, emotionally mature collection of music. At least lyrically – musically it’s classic MCH, all over the place sounds. From some heavy synth-based, Jai Paul-inspired bops – to Drake-inspired trap – to soft, vintage tinted instrumental tracks like ‘Hangunder’ and throwback 80’s hits like ‘High Above The Sun.’ Even if the majority of the songs aren’t classically “happy” we are still urging the listener to dance to every track, and that is a must in magic city hippie music. We were fortunate enough to get a bunch of our friends on tracks – from maye’s perfect voice on ‘Water Your Garden,’ to Tim Atlas on ‘Therapy,’ and Nafets on ‘High Beams’ … it all seemed to come together perfectly.”


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