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Press Releases For August: Here Are The Artists

press releases for August
The Steens are among these press releases for August

Osees, Mother Sun, Katy Guillen & The Drive, Peter Matthew Bauer, The Steens, NO WIN, and Beach Bums are among these press releases for August.

Osees – “A Foul Form”: A return in full force, a propelling and furious track spit with visceral anger, bizarro riffs, and old-school hardcore energy. This is a track from iconic experimental garage rockers OSEES’s new album, “A Foul Form,” out on August 12 via Castle Face Records. Certified OSEES fan Black Flag’s Henry Rollins wrote the following on their new album: “Osees don’t seem to mutate or morph so much as remain extraordinarily open to what moves them to do next and capable of getting music done that’s consistently good. What motivated the band to turn loose this hyper-concentrated slightly less than 22-minute burst of meteor density somewhat punkazoidal music? When it comes to the Osees, that’s at best a mediocre inquiry as they just do the next thing, genre, prevailing tastes or whatever influence might guide a lesser unit are not even a consideration. A Foul Form is a cool pivot from their 2020 studio efforts Metamorphosed, Panther Rotate and Protean Threat. “A Foul Form” vigorously shakes the Oseesetch a sketch clear so whatever comes next (which will probably be sooner than later) will likely be something completely different yet again. As far as a potential inspirational indicator, you might notice the final track on “A Foul Form” is a cover of Rudimentary Peni’s Sacrifice, which can be found on their Farce 7” released in 1982. A fitting way to blow out this rad slice.” Osees are heading out on a Fall 2022 North American Tour with Bronze and Automatic, beginning in September and continuing through October. They also just announced their four-night run at this year’s LEVITATION (October 27 – 30), on top of other miscellaneous tour dates around the U.S.

Mother Sun – “Webbed Feet”: A psychedelic adventure, a chaotic and propelling soundscape layered with bouncy horns, intriguing vocals, and a triumphant vibe. The song, which is accompanied by an animated music video, is the first single from Canadian psych quartet Mother Sun’s upcoming LP, “Train of Thought,” due October 28 via Earth Libraries as well as the band’s own small label, Kamloops BC-based Divine Bovine Records. “Train of Thought captures the moment as it happened, as natural as possible,” explains drummer Jared Wilman. But judging from the way the ribbony loops of Alex Ward’s bass weave through the crystal shards of Jared Doherty’s and Emilio Pagnotta’s guitars, the in-the-room reality experienced by Mother Sun may be a bit more warped than average. “Posing a question, falling asleep/ Glued to a fish eye, blind in the ocean/ Water resistance, growing webbed feet,” Doherty sings on their new track as a pulse of retro soundtrack horns and bombast drums propel his bleary-eyed vocals into an endless psychedelic expanse. That track’s blend of riotous complexity and souped up devolution digs at the thesis of the album as it teeters at the edge. “It’s all about the way our thoughts control us and we control them,” Doherty says. “Being anxious about mind control, noticing your surroundings, caring for your mental health, being mindful of others, and not letting your train of thought run away due to complacency.” “Train of Thought”, the band’s third full length, is a 12-song day trip through an overstimulated frame of mind. Using 60’s and 70’s psych-pop, garage rock, jazz, and soul as a jumping-off point, the band refines their modern eclectic storytelling through lush and adventurous arrangements, highlighted by abstract hooks, velvety strings, and triumphant horns. The record was recorded primarily live off the floor at Little Red Sounds Studio in Vancouver BC by producer Felix Fung. On the record, Mother Sun teamed up with a variety of musicians from their hometown of Kamloops BC, notably a string quartet from the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra. Horn arrangements written by two members of the band were performed by Vancouver-based musicians Anita Eccleston and Mike WT Allen.

Katy Guillen & The Drive – “Bottom of Your Belly”: A determined and riffy sound, with solid vocals for a charging indie rock song with an anthemic ambition, ready for the open roads . This is Katy Guillen & The Drive’s third single from their debut album “Another One Gained” produced by Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Heartless Bastards, Ray LaMontagne). “Bottom of Your Belly” is an anthemic push forward to overcome fear and embrace the unknown. Written in a time of transition, the song is about that agonizing pit in the core of our stomachs – “the physical manifestation of my own self-doubt, loneliness, and mistrust. While it begins as a desperate outcry of feeling lost and left behind, the song culminates in courage. The galvanizing guitar solo represents an awakening of inner strength, where I welcome change with open arms,” says Katy. Katy Guillen & The Drive are currently on tour throughout the summer including a hometown performance in Kansas City at Knucklehead’s on August 26th to celebrate the album release. Katy Guillen & The Drive – Katy Guillen (guitar) and Stephanie Williams (drums) – dropped their first EP, Dream Girl, right before the 2020 lockdown, leaving them without opportunities to perform live. In their basement rehearsal space, they spent the year learning home recording and pre-production techniques, gradually crafting a collection of songs from the ground up. The following April, they took the demos to producer/engineer Kevin Ratterman at Invisible Creature Studio in Los Angeles. From their work with Ratterman emerged a batch of 15 songs. At the end of 2021, the band released the four-track Battles EP, offering listeners a darker, more simmering edge to their impelling indie-rock sound. Ten more would comprise “Another One Gained,” the full-length debut due August 19, 2022.

Peter Matthew Bauer – “Miracles”: A strumming folk guitar with luminous vocals soon expanding into something much bigger and bolder, rising chaos and repeatedly shaking the songs out of its tracks for a few seconds. This is the latest single off Peter Matthew Bauer’s forthcoming LP, “Flowers,” due September 23 via Fortune Tellers Music. The track features a brass ensemble, The Westerlies, on the horn arrangement and it was produced and mixed by Bauer and Matt Barrick. Speaking on his newest single, Peter wrote: “‘Miracles’ is a big piece of this record and probably the most straightforward, folk style song I’ve ever written. It covers a lot of themes from the record all at once. It’s both looking back at the strangeness of growing up, wandering an old railroad bridge with your friends, and then jumping time to the present, wandering around downtown Los Angeles during the pandemic. For me, I guess it’s expressing a lot of the fear and decay of the present time. I finished writing it in December 2021 on Christmas Day.” “Flowers” is Peter Matthew Bauer’s first full-length record in almost five years. Taking from both his own personal experience alongside the stories of several others; a feeling of chasing what’s hidden at the edge of things inhabits the album. “It’s filled with a kind of dread but also I think a little joy remains,” says Peter. “It’s this weird continuum of losing people from your past, some close and some just characters I knew who were somehow important. That and this feeling of a kind of terror that we are all experiencing together, this cult-like feeling I have from my own childhood (he grew up in ashrams in both Upstate New York and Ganeshpuri, India), chasing down specific images and moments that feel alive within that kind of feeling, and then chasing that childhood feeling itself- that sense of home that feels lost sometimes, those are the things that make up this record. It’s like searching for an undercurrent hidden in everything – like an electric charge.” The album was made in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, working late at night mostly for the last year and a half. Begun entirely alone in his office in Laurel Canyon, Flowers became a far more collaborative project with the entrance of Matt Barrick, Peter’s old bandmate in the Walkmen and the drummer and co-producer on all but one track. “I had been really obsessed about doing everything on my own at home at first. I was using a lot of samples for drums and then playing everything else as I could to put the music together,” said Peter. “Then, I realized I had a song where it would be fun to ask Matt to play really fast and heavy again like he used to years ago. We started calling it ‘sports drumming.’ Anyways, once we had that, we hit this natural thing where we saw it through to the end.”

The Steens – “Heaven”: A gritty, riotous garage punk rock track with raucous vocals and the joyful spirit of the ‘70s. The Steens are two brothers from Orange County, CA. They formed their band in 2021 using their surname.  Naming the band was an easy decision with the duo’s sound and vision being firmly planted in their roots. At an early age, their father was actively working in the music industry as an A&R/ artist manager while their mother was pursuing a promising career as a stylist. This all changed when their dad was arrested and went on to serve a 10-year prison sentence. The Steen’s “future rock n’ roll” sound picks up where their fate dropped them off. Feeding back and buzzing like gleaming gold through a distorted lens, the brothers have woven a sound very much in tune with their childhood. Blown-out 808s clip your speakers while fuzz-injected guitars and vocals invite ancestors like Little Richard to perhaps take some more uppers. Someone suggested their band was like “the Black Strokes or something.” The Steens weren’t offended by the comparison but later stated, “The Strokes are great, but they’re a little polite, no? If we were gonna be the “black anything” and not “the Black Beatles” can’t we at least be “the Black Iggy Pops.” Look out for their new EP this summer.

NO WIN – “Hit The Line”: A full-bloomed pop song with big hooks and vocal harmonies by NO WIN, Danny Nogueiras, formerly of FIDLAR, and currently running Balboa Recording Studio in LA. His 2019 debut, “downey,” found Nogueiras fully embracing his rocker background. With its energetic arrangements and hooky songwriting, the record presented 29 minutes of leather-clad, sweaty energy. The project’s latest, “Dodger Stadium,” builds on that formula, but fleshes it out with increased complexity. “I was listening to a lot of Hüsker Dü and I kind of wanted to get into this, like, heavier version of poppy rock stuff, but with darker sounds,” Nogueiras says. Alongside that, he was drawing inspiration from some goofier music, like Sugar Ray and Third Eye Blind. You can sense that dichotomy in “Dodger Stadium.” These latest tracks certainly pack a punch, but they always remain lighthearted, approachable, and fun. The record was co-written by Jeff Enzor (Joyce Manor, Merry Christmas) and David Jerkovich (Deep Dreem, Ill Lit, Kind Of Like Spitting). “Dodger Stadium,” which came to life early in the pandemic –  as themes of political dissatisfaction, confusion, and societal angst peak through on the album. The horror of the Trump Administration and the uncertainty of COVID put Nogueiras in a weird headspace. However, instead of letting that negativity manifest itself as gloom, he inadvertently found himself making art as a way to boost morale. “The studio became a safe haven and it felt really good to express things and explore things here (Balboa) that were, like, ‘fuck yeah! This feels fun, this feels good, this feels happy!’,” Nogueiras says when asked about the things going on in his life that shaped his work. It’s this overt sense of optimism that makes the record so exciting and memorable. The album is due on August 19 via Dangerbird Records

Beach Bums – “WAR”: A dark electronic-sounding song with somber vocals and a departure from Beach Bums’ usual punk energy. Speaking on their newest track, the band wrote: “This single ‘WAR’ is a candle provided by god to help light the way through the dark, secretive, and extremely personal journeys that we continue to face (and/or may later face) in our lives. I hope this song leads you to the ashes of all your wars.” This brand new single is taken off their forthcoming album, “Overcast,” out August 16 via Lolipop Records. The Southern California band plays with everything from 808s, auto-tune, real and programmed drums, metal and indie guitar, and so much more. The result is a group you just can’t pin down, and a style self-described as “MYCORE.” Beach Bums has created a huge catalog of crossover music that their following keeps coming back for. Fans of all genres travel from everywhere to experience the insanity of their live shows. Imagine fans stage diving off roofs… a person blowing fire out of their mouth on stage… hundreds of people moshing in unison…. these are only a few phrases to describe a Beach Bums experience. They have also shared a series of West Coast tour dates, monikered the all4u tour.

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