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Press Releases For August: Here Are The Artists

press releases for August
Fujiya & Miyagi are among these press releases for August

dayaway, Oliver Sim, RYANN, Broke Royals, Trick Gum, Indian Handcrafts, and Fujiya & Miyagi are among these press releases for August.

dayaway (mem. CLAVVS) – “beach 90th”: A sun-drenched synth-pop tune with vaporous vocals for’ sunny dream pop sang by Amber Renee. The track comes from dayaway’s forthcoming self-titled debut EP, due August 3. Speaking on their new single and accompanying video, the band wrote: “It’s a bit of a vulnerable song about regret and second chances. I like to think that there’s always hope for redemption. We shot the video out at Rockaway Beach, at several locations the song is about. ‘beach 90th’ has a psychedelic sonic quality, so we wanted to mirror that in the visual choices.” On their forthcoming EP, the band continued: “This project started as a sort of accident. I was sitting on the beach on a late summer day in 2018 when I felt compelled to start writing these summertime love songs. They came to me so quickly and all at once. These are vignettes of love and loss from my imagination and my life. They’re meant to capture the feelings of summertime, from the hot blue euphoria to the hazy golden sadness. On one level, they’re simple love songs, but there’s also something a little deeper about growing up and saying goodbye.” Drawing influence from the ’90s and ’00s indie bands like Rilo Kiley, Beach House, and Washed Out, dayaway blends elements of indie pop with chillwave and dream pop.

Oliver Sim – “GMT”: Gospel-like vibe with dark vocals, warm vintage harmonies accompanied by muted beats, and sparse keys for a hypnotic result. This is a new song by Oliver Sim, best known for his work as songwriter, bassist, and vocalist of The xx. Sim’s debut album “Hideous Bastard,” a collection of songs produced by bandmate Jamie xx and inspired by Sim’s love of horror movies and his own life experience, is set for release on September 9 via Young. “’GMT’ was one of the first songs made for the record,” says Sim. “I’d chased Jamie to Australia to escape British winter. We worked in Sydney and road tripped down to Byron Bay, stopping at secluded beaches and listening to a lot of The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson on the way. The first song we made was ‘GMT,’ sampling Brian Wilson’s ‘Smile.’ The song was written about pining over a love back home, thousands of miles apart in different time zones. It’s also a love letter to London.” He has also unveiled a video accompanying the song, made by longtime friend and collaborator Laura Jane Coulson. “I remember hearing the beginnings of ‘GMT’ in 2020 when Oliver was writing the record,” says Coulson. “It’s been in my head ever since. So I was beyond happy when Oliver asked to collaborate on the video for ‘GMT’ (actually my favorite song from the record). We wanted to make something simple and positive that focused on Oliver’s performance. I also wanted to capture his energy and show moments where we see a hint of his off-stage persona. We had so much fun making it.” Fresh from a run of his first-ever headline shows in Paris, New York, and London, Sim will tour North America and Europe this fall with dates including Los Angeles’ the Wiltern and Webster Hall in New York.

RYANN – “Spilling”: A catchy, bouncy synth-pop with RYANN’s sweet and airy vocals jumping along with the charming music. The new track comes as RYANN gears up to release a new body of work later this year. “I find it pretty challenging to write love songs, but I was very in love when I wrote this one and it seemed like a good time to give it a go,” recalls RYANN. “‘Spilling’ is about wanting to stay in the beginning-of-a-relationship bubble for as long as possible. In this relationship, I think we both started to see reasons why it wouldn’t work out pretty quickly. So, in a way, it’s also about avoiding the sad truth that something might not work out no matter how badly you want it to. I guess I’m still waiting to write the flowers in your hair, hearts in your eyes, straightforward love songs after all.” Born in New York City, the rising artist began making a name for herself as a songwriter—on tracks like Tate McRae’s “feel like shit” as well as Noah Cyrus and PJ Harding’s “The Worst of You”—while nurturing her own musical pursuits on the side. RYANN released her debut EP “Emotions on Rollerskates” last fall while her previously released tracks “Rollerskates,” “One Minute,” “Andrew” and a cover of Post Malone’s “Circles” have seen both critical and commercial success. With only one EP and a few features out, she has already accumulated over 12 million streams, with 3.5 million listeners on Spotify alone. RYANN recently debuted her song “Last Call” in April to early praise. RYANN’s continued songwriting accolades include her co-writing on McRae’s Triple Platinum single “you broke me first,” which has over 1.2 billion streams and counting. Most recently, she co-wrote Cyrus’ new single “Ready to Go” from her upcoming album. RYANN also has forthcoming collaborations with Nessa Barrett, Elah Hale, Yuna, Adam Melchor, and more.

Broke Royals – “All I Have To Show” (feat. Bartees Strange): A dynamic rock song with a pop appeal, a touch of nostalgia, and engaging familiar riffs. The song comes from Broke Royals’ new album “Local Support,” just released via Byrdland Records, and it comes with a music video. “‘All I Have To Show’ is about starting over in the wake of generational trauma. The song combines stories from several real acquaintances of mine. For some people, the only answer in the face of abuse is to leave town and start again. This song presents that story in a hopeful light.  Two people in love heading out on the road to escape. At the end of the day, having each other is enough,” says Philip Basnight. “Local Support” is an album about being brutally honest, savoring small moments, and finding the strength to start over. Despite being the band’s third full-length album, in many ways, it feels like their debut. For years, the band was putting one foot in front of the other with gigs and writing, it was a grind, albeit a familiar one. After the world came to a screeching halt in 2020 and the dust began to settle, it appeared that not everything should go back to the way it was. Even relationships within Broke Royals were strained, leaving the future of the band feeling uncertain. Instead of giving in, Broke Royals reworked their system top-to-bottom.  They started writing more collaboratively and investing time to check in with one another.  Without gigs on the calendar, the band could take time to reconnect and grow musically.  With producer Bartees Strange as their guide, they made their most self-assured album in the most uncertain time.  Broke Royals made the album they wanted to hear, without the world in mind, so anything that happens next is just icing on the cake.

Trick Gum – “Tim Dillon”: A playful and synth-powered indie pop song executed with energy, fuzzy guitar riffs, propulsive drumming, and caustic humor reminiscent of the laidback attitude of the ‘90s. This is the sixth single of Trick Gum, the collaboration between first cousins Justin Raisen (acclaimed producer) and Jordan Benik (designer, songwriter for L.A. Cult Faves Sweaters). “TRICK GUM throws space punk energy, heartfelt ambiance, playful psych send-ups, and inventive production into the blender, presses “SMOOTHIE,” and the result is something you can feel comfortable promoting on your platform.” In their first three months, the band has been featured on Stereogum, Flaunt, Wonderland, Brooklyn Vegan, highlighted in the Instagram stories of Jonah Hill and Ariel Rechtshaid, and both “Hot Rifle” and “Hurts to Be a Head” were selected by Iggy Pop to appear on the pre-taped and upcoming Sept. 3 episode of his Radio 6 music show. This new release marks the duo’s sixth single, with their debut LP Rack Up Your Debt set to release in the Fall of 2022.

Indian Handcrafts – “Criminal”: A ferocious assault of guitars and pounding drums building a metal-like groove, combined with aggressive shouted vocals for a fired-up and sludgy head-banging piece. This is a single from Indian Handcrafts’ brand new full-length LP, “Empress in Decline,” released July 22. “Empress in Decline” was produced by Toshi Kasai and mastered by JJ Golden (OFF!, The Warlocks, Ty Segall, Calexico). Brandyn James Aikins (drums & vocals) and Daniel Brandon Allen (guitar &vocals) had been playing together in various projects since the early ’00s in their hometown of Barrie ON, and after a while, they decided to start a loud & heavy two-piece call Indian Handcrafts. In 2017, they added a bass player named Leland Burmania, who helped fill out the sound and give the band an opportunity to expand their music. A sign on the side of the highway in Glooscap Nation territory (while touring with their old band) was the inspiration for the band’s name. Daniel Brandon Allen is an Indigenous person, and he liked the idea of the band name representing a part of his heritage, despite how that can be misconstrued 10 years later. Over the years, they went on tour with some big bands, and some small bands, met their heroes and worked with a few of them; most especially The Melvins; and a man they feel fortunate enough to call a friend, frequent collaborator, and producer Toshi Kasai, who helped make “Civil Disobedience for Losers” and “Creeps” for the Sargent House label. In June 2019, before the world changed, they hosted Toshi at their home studio (The Bethlab) in Barrie, Ontario, Canada to record their latest installment, “Empress in Decline.” The plan is to keep on keeping on. They’re lifers, and there’s no shortage of inspiration on this rock.

Fujiya & Miyagi – “Digital Hangover”: Danceable beats and pop hooks, clever wordplay delivered in hushed tones for this synth-driven song which slowly built itself into a more complex soundscape than first expected. The track comes with an accompanying video (directed by David Best (vocals + guitar) and Bob Brown) and is the single off the British experimental electric outfit’s upcoming LP, “Slight Variations,” out September 30 via Impossible Objects of Desire. Speaking on their new single and video, Best wrote: “Inspired by the constant stream of spam to be found within our email account, both the song & the video explore how unsolicited electronic communication can engulf us, much like how water always finds the lowest part of the ceiling.” “We wanted to make a record that shows where we were, where we are, and where we will go in the future,” says David Best of Fujiya & Miyagi. “I like the idea that if someone were new to us and they played this record it would convey everything that we are about.” To convey the almost 20-year career of the band is to take a deep dive into all forms of electronic music — from pop to house to disco to acid — along with nods to 1970s Germany, psychedelia, funk, and art pop. And that’s exactly what this record does, while also capturing the duality of a band who can craft meticulously constructed studio music as seamlessly as they can lock into unpredictable yet infectious grooves on stage. “Slight Variations tries to capture the sound of both sides of the group,” says Best. The opening “Slight Variations” is a strutting piece of disco-funk-pop, featuring the backing vocals of Everything Shook. Inspired by equal parts disco and house the track’s bassline also nods specifically to Charanjit Singh’s proto-acid classic Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat. The following “Non-Essential Worker” changes gear into a driving, propulsive and futuristic motorik rhythm, recalling Neu! If they had been given a 2022 studio to work in. “We’ve always been tied to our love of music that came out of Germany in the seventies,” says Best. “But have equally tried to keep it at arm’s length in order to become our own thing. This is a bit from column A and a bit from column B.”

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