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Press Releases for August: Here Are The Artists

press releases for August

ALMA, among these press releases for August

MØ, ALMA, Ok Cowgirl, D’Arcy, David Franz, Ashlynn Malia, and Cold Weather Company are among these press releases for August.

MØ – ‘Kindness’: A heavy-on-strings electro-pop song with a percussive sound and MØ’s aerial vocals. ‘‘Kindness’ is a love letter to my fans,’ MØ says. ‘I wrote it at a time when I was feeling, like a lot of people, disconnected from the physical world. Despite being isolated, there was this beautiful connection and support from my fans and from our little online community, which I was so thankful for. I wrote the first demo in Copenhagen on a beat by my friend Yangze. Ariel Rechtshaid then joined the process and, working online and across time zones, we made this song take shape.’ The track was co-written by MØ, Ariel Rechtshaid (Haim, Vampire Weekend, Adele), Jam City (Olivia Rodrigo, Troye Sivan), and Yangze. Born Karen Marie Ørsted, MØ is a Danish superstar. The vocalist/songwriter/producer has already released two widely acclaimed albums, 2014’s ‘No Mythologies to Follow’ and 2018’s ‘Forever Neverland,’ praised for their unique perspective and rich songwriting.

ALMA – ‘Sips of Oxygen’: Another song from the female trio from Brooklyn with a very intimate soundscape, and honeyed layered 3-part harmonies. The beautiful tune has a cinematic vibe and stays bright till the end although it captures grief like any other. ‘Sips of Oxygen’ is about the moment before you lose someone when the vibrancy of a life collapses into the act of breathing in and out. ALMA delivers a cinematic journey through their lyrics and sound design that relentlessly pulls you into each scene. First in the memory of a family fourth of July party (taken from real life) and then a hospital before the song’s final words ask, ‘how in the hell did it come down to sips of oxygen?’ This is the final and spectacular single off their upcoming LP ‘Mosaic,’ out September 7. The album is an immersive patchwork of experiences lived in New York City, with each song delivering the story of a moment in time, forever tied to the place it was lived in. Spanning decades of city history, personal memories, train rides, and collective calls to action. What’s special about this album is it takes the listener on a citywide adventure through many of the five boroughs: on the subway, through Astoria Park, and on the Wonder Wheel at night to feel what it’s like to be a New Yorker. More than that, the album transcends the limits of place and invites the listener to fully inhabit each song, no matter where they are.

Ok Cowgirl – ‘Don’t Go’: A melancholic synth launches Leah Lavigne’s sweet but memorable vocals over a lo-fi indie pop song and a subtle retro flavor. The dreamy, synth-laden track was inspired by being in the moment, those days when life feels electric. ‘It’s a wispy optimistic take on watching time drip by through rose-colored glasses,’ says frontwoman Leah Lavigne. ‘Don’t Go’ (mixed by John Miller and mastered by Dan Millice) interweaves still-overdriven Fenders with dulcet vintage keyboards, it appreciates the good days, treasures the moments of emotional reprieve, and seeks inspiration in the energy around us. Brooklyn lo-fi indie outfit Ok Cowgirl has become quite the pivotal figure in the NYC music scene as of late, booking packed shows on back-to-back nights. They have played their biggest show at iconic NYC venue Mercury Lounge on August 3. ‘I started the band when I was trying to figure out what it meant to live by my own rules,’ recalls Lavigne, ‘and I was inspired by the mythology of the Cowboy figure as an individual who doesn’t take shit from anybody.’ ‘The band is about so much more than electric guitars to me, it’s about letting go of inhibitions, and wanting to be ‘ok’ with myself and my emotions,’ she adds. ‘It’s about growing into my best cowgirl: strong-willed, independent-minded, and maybe flawed, but unafraid.’

D’Arcy – ‘Dangerous’: An all-percussive electro-pop track with deep pounding basslines, a fierce sound, and defiant vocals, exploring dark sonic territories. On the new track, D’Arcy says, ‘Dangerous is about embodying your inner superhero. It is about getting knocked down again and again, but refusing to give up, and ultimately surprising and surpassing everyone who underestimated you. Dangerous is about not giving a shit about what anyone else thinks of you because ultimately feeling confident and badass by blocking out the noise and going after what you want is the only thing that matters.’ D’Arcy is a new alternative act based out of NYC, and her debut EP, ‘Hard to Kill,’ focuses on self-empowerment, young love, addiction, and heartbreak. At times dark and moody, and at times strong and powerful, ‘Hard to Kill’ is imbued with honesty, attitude, and confidence, taking the listener through a range of emotions, sounds, and narratives.

David Franz – ‘Silver Arrow Sunday’: With the help of very atmospheric guitars and dark haunting vocals, the song brews mystery and a slow-burn outlaw-country scene like a desert rock western. The sound is definitively California desert rock, born in the high desert of Joshua Tree National Park, providing the perfect landscape for renowned producer David Franz’s journey of sonic self-discovery which was the impetus for his debut album ‘To The Unknown,’ due out September 24. Emerging like a snake too big for its skin, Franz slithered from behind the producer’s console to the mic. After years of unlocking the creative genius of other artists as a co-writer, producer, and record label head led to the evolution and development of his own artistic persona for the very first time. ‘Silver Arrow Sunday’ is steeped in the ethereal and desolate haze of the desert heat. The deeply personal track was written through the lens of a desert mirage and inspired but a dream about a temptress dressed in deep red dancing fantastically in a waverly shamanic vision. Her boundless energy slowly pulls David from his tumultuous past and into a fleeting future. The path forward seems positive, even if the direction and the destination are out of focus. Change is never the perfect replica of what we envision it being but can be beautiful in its mix of clarity and confusion.

Ashlynn Malia – ‘temporary’: Whispered vocals going emotional over a minimalist electronic R&B beat, while the video demonstrates Ashlynn Malia’s great dance skills. Speaking about ‘temporary,’ Ashlynn said ‘I got the inspiration for ‘temporary’ from a dream. I woke up with feelings for someone who I knew I didn’t actually like, hence the ‘i hope [the feelings] will be gone by tomorrow’ line.  ‘temporary’ kind of blends the themes from my other songs ‘open’ and ‘emergency’ since it focuses both on apprehension towards getting close to someone (‘open’) and resorting to detachment in relationships (‘emergency’). The production is dark and intense and reflects the panic going on in my head while my two conflicting realities were at war.’ The singer/songwriter/artist felt emotionally starved by her environment and personal fears when she started writing rather than be alone. The EP depicts Malia letting relationships last past their initial burst of passion and energy, acting on impulse to be closer to someone and welcoming their need for intimacy, all while accepting some relationships’ inevitable abandonment and failure. ‘If making those connections means enduring all the overthinking, insecurity, growing pains, abandonment, rejection, questioning of my own self-worth and blurring of my mental vision – then I’d rather be alone, where I’m safe from that type of pain,’ Ashlynn Malia declares.

Cold Weather Company -‘Movement’: A bright emotive melody served by dynamic vocals, strings, and keys building an artsy and buoyant folk song. About the video, Steve Shimchick of Cold Weather Company says: ‘We try to build a journey into each of our songs, typically based on what one of us is experiencing. For Movement, we also wanted to capture the journeys of our listeners. While the single is only a piece of the full song, it kicks off the answer to a prompt we gave our community in 2019, asking what was stopping them from making progress. It’s rewarding to finally have the song out two years later, as my hope is that those who replied to the prompt are in healthier places mentally and physically. As that may not be the case for everyone, we can also acknowledge the work still ahead of each of us, and the importance of taking things as they are from moment to moment—without overthinking or being too hard on ourselves. It’s a reminder I’ve been grateful for recently.’ The new single is from their ‘Coalescence – Pt. 2’ EP released a few days ago via Deko Entertainment, where the band (Brian Curry, Jeff Petescia, and Steve Shimchick) continues to expand their acoustic-forward, alternative folk sound with unique arrangements and intricate layering.

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