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Press Releases For August: Here Are The Artists

press releases for August
Moon Walker is among these press releases for August.

Mipso, Divine Sweater, Jo Hill, His His, Beharie, Moon Walker, and Fur Trade are the artists among these press releases for August.

Mipso – “The Numbers”: Surf-rock guitars, ‘60s tempo, bright airy female vocals, and even Fleetwood Mac-like harmonies for a pleasant toe-tapping tune by North Carolina-based indie-Americana folk quartet Mipso. The band’s propulsive sixth studio album “Book of Fools” was just released on August 25.  “The Numbers” is a finger-wagging observation of the market-obsessed culture that permeates American society. Inspired by NPR’s Kai Ryssdal and his signature phrase, “Let’s do the numbers!” the band wonders how tracking the daily economic tea leaves became a veritable religious observance for the ruling class. Fiddler and vocalist Libby Rodenbough recalls hearing an Iowan voter on TV discussing presidential candidates and saying, “I like the incumbent because the stock market’s doing well.” Rodenough says, “I looked around at this cruel place where we live and I felt forlorn that the NASDAQ offers anybody any comfort. How do I know things are bad? Because I feel it, and I see it.” The notion that the success of the stock market had very little to do with the actual lived experiences of everyday people laid the foundation for the groovy, slick “The Numbers.” “Book of Fools” sees the band at their most assured, guided mostly by their own intuition and less impacted by time constraints, expectations, or outside forces. Over ten cohesive tracks, driving rhythms, and earnest, thoughtful lyricism guide the band back to their roots and who they are at their core. As guitarist and vocalist Joseph Terrell puts it, “‘Book of Fools’ feels more relaxed, more confident, more us – like we’re wearing our favorite clothes and telling our favorite story and it feels exciting again.” There’s a fresh, solid confidence and profound understanding of one another that radiates through the music. It’s this palpable connection that can only come from this group playing together around the world several hundreds of times and it’s here they rediscover their joy and unmatched connection as musicians and as best friends.

Divine Sweater – “In the Comedown”: Crystalline near-soprano vocals over a multi-layered indie orchestral dream pop tune with hazy synths and a forest of strings and horns. This nostalgic piece comes from Brooklyn-based indie rock group Divine Sweater’s latest LP “Down Deep (A Nautical Apocalypse),” released last spring via Better Company Records. Having introduced the project with a handful of stand-out singles — “All the Way Back,” and “When the World is Ending,” “In the Comedown,” and “Waking up Alone / Julia” — the band released a brand new music video,  created by Gregory Fisher. Speaking on their new music video, the band wrote: “This video is the visual encapsulation of the plot of our new science fiction concept album Down Deep (A Nautical Apocalypse). Our close friend Gregory Fisher had the vision to outline the album’s plot in an animated video and “In the Comedown” was the perfect song to accompany it. The video captures characters seeking shelter in abandoned submarines in a last-ditch effort to keep living while the apocalypse happens around them.” “Down Deep (A Nautical Apocalypse)” is a series of vignettes from the end of the world. When Earth becomes unlivable, survivors seek shelter in abandoned submarines in a last-ditch attempt to keep living. In each track, characters reflect on their past lives above the surface, detailing colorful memories of loss, joy, regret, and revelation. What begins as a story of intense hope for new beginnings slowly unravels into the ultimate, final disaster. With the primary goal of writing a concept album in mind, Divine Sweater leaned into our love of science fiction, pulling inspiration from Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” and The Flaming Lips’ “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.” However, they wanted the story to be grounded on Earth, focused on regular people, and centered around the very real effects of climate change. Since the last few years on this planet have felt sufficiently bizarre, it would be fairly unsurprising if, tonight, Earth’s mantle split open and set society ablaze, forcing the surviving factions of humanity to move underwater and live out the remainder of their scattered lives in submarines. This album, like all good stories, is a murky blend of fiction and non-fiction, the fantastic and the ordinary.

Jo Hill – “Glastonbury”: Americana vibes in the vocals, and a hooky chorus for a happy summer anthem, accompanied by a video featuring footage from Jo Hill and her friends at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Of the video, Hill shares, “I wanted to create a video that captures the raw madness, happiness, trippiness and mystic vibes of the best festival in the world…Glastonbury. I’ve been going since I was 12 with my dad so it’s a very sacred space to me! I hope that this video brings a kind of smack-you-in-the-face summer vibe of festival joy and that you feel like a fly on the wall (or even better) that you feel like like you’re at Glasto with me and my pals, drinking Wilkins and losing yourself in the healing fields or at the fire stage.’’ The track is from Hill’s new EP, “Cinematic Baby,” which was released in June. The new music has already begun to receive early praise. “This EP reflects the ‘cinematic’ way in which I see the world I grew up in,” says Hill. “The West Country is an often-forgotten space. There’s not much going on there but it’s where I grew up. These stories feel extremely specific to me but are also a collective experience shared amongst young people growing up in the middle of nowhere. We must make our own excitement in order to find the extraordinary in the mundane.” The rising UK singer-songwriter self-released her debut EP, “Down at The Res,” in April 2022. The five-track project was written, recorded, and produced in her bedroom, highlighting her DIY spirit. The EP’s lead track, “Honeymoon,” has since amassed over 2 million global streams.

His His – “Underdogs”: Haunting and vulnerable vocals bring an ethereal vibe to this fragile and melancholic folk piece with atmospheric guitars. This is the latest new single by Toronto-based indie-folk band His His (spearheaded by artist Aidan Belo). The songwriting on “Underdogs” is about seeing drastic changes in the small-town Belo grew up in, and feeling helpless in regards to preserving the environment and historical landmarks that filled his world once upon a time. Of the new track, Belo wrote: “‘Underdogs’ was inspired after visiting my elementary school one evening and walking through the schoolyard which had changed. The same day, they had started cutting down an old forest that surrounded a century home on the main street, where they had been cleared to develop 20 or so townhomes. I went home and wrote a little chord pattern off of an old drum loop I had created on a drum machine a while ago. The song is about going back 15 years in time and appreciating the things I may have not had before. The album art is an old film photo of me standing on our back door after getting back from school (kindergarten) one afternoon.” The whole song was tracked onto an 8-track Tascam cassette recorder, using old Maxell cassettes found in a thrift store in Louisville while on tour. Though typically only using cassettes for demos, Belo was happy with the way this one turned out and decided to keep it, creating a sound that’s warm and saturated. It was recorded and mixed by Belo himself and mastered by Gavin Gardiner at All Day Coconut Studios in Toronto. Stay tuned for more new music coming soon from His His.

Beharie – “Heaven”: Peaceful guitar chords and soothing vocals backed up by heavenly harmonies for a poignant, sophisticated, jazz-inflected, alt-soul track. “Heaven” sees Beharie reconsider what it means to have faith and discover his own independence. Beharie’s rich, layered debut album “Are You There, Boy?” is due on October 20. Beharie explains the song, “tells a story about transitioning from being religious, to not believing anymore.” It finds the musician beginning to lose hope in love, but only here, he discovers his autonomy, unbound to any person or thing. He calls it, “A sad but also liberating tune.” His forthcoming bright, wistful album meets Beharie where he is today and invites listeners into a brand-new, carefully curated sonic world. Through vibrant melodies and delicate, smooth vocals, the artist explores nuanced themes of love, self-doubt, desire, longing, and pain with his heart on his sleeve. Over 12 tracks, the project follows a multi-faceted character who seeks meaningful connections, follows his curiosity where it takes him, and ultimately discovers more of himself. Delving into the album’s story and its main character, Beharie says, “This album conveys stories of a complex character. He is confident, emotional, insecure, curious, loving, and looking for connections. He is searching for both someone and himself. Longing for true connections with the world and with himself. He is confident, playful, and daring, but also insecure and not always fully present.” The album features collaborations by two rising singer-songwriters — Uly based in Dublin and Judy Blank based in The Netherlands. It was mastered by Guy Davie (Michael Kiwanuka) at Electric Mastering in London, UK.

Moon Walker – “Apocalypticism”: A wide-screen psychedelic sound saturated by fuzzed-out vocals for an intense, rocking ’70s-inspired piece. This is the title track from Brooklyn-based alt-rocker Moon Walker’s third LP due on October 20. “Apocalypticism,” his piercing forthcoming album, is both his most conceptual and most personal yet. Over eight eclectic tracks, Moon Walker imagines an apocalypse and confronts society’s troubling inclination towards a hive mind. Much like his earlier work, Moon Walker is unafraid to confront harsh truths and pull back the curtain on the deeply flawed layers of American society. Moon Walker explains, “These are two themes that are usually at the core of most dystopian sci-fi stories, but I think that with the sudden rise of AI and the pandemic, people are starting to get the feeling that they’re closer to reality.” “I think, depending on your outlook,” Moon Walker continues, “The record will either feel like a very timely and honest assessment of the times we’re leaving through or like a dystopian, sci-fi fantasy record with no tie to reality in any way.” The project’s title track was written in response to the recent wave of antisemitism brought on by people like Kanye West and Majorie Taylor Greene. The potent track emerged when the realization of just how deep antisemitic rhetoric runs in America began to set in. With pounding drums and unwavering conviction, the rocker’s heartfelt message amplifies as the song unfolds. Revealing his personal connection to the track and its meaningful subject matter, Moon Walker says, “My family came to America during the Pogroms in the 20’s so I’m well aware of the horrific history that has plagued my ancestors. Since I was a kid, I’ve been made fun of for my hair and my nose and for looking ‘too Jewish.’ I have, however, never felt unsafe as a Jewish American.” Despite encountering antisemitic graffiti in his neighborhood and his social media comments being flooded with antisemitism and neonazis, Moon Walker is unafraid to embrace who he is and is committed to standing up against the dangerous vitriol that continuously plagues society.

Fur Trade – “Signature Moves”: A dancing floor populated by synth jazz chord progression floating behind a drum machine loop dripping with amp spring reverb and an iconic bass line that adds a new layer of dirty funk. Fur Trade – the project of Hot Hot Heat frontman Steve Bays and the Gay Nineties’ Parker Bossley – takes the duo’s knack for hooks in directions influenced by yacht rock as well as psychedelic and electronic music. Bays and Bossley (who at one time played bass for Hot Hot Heat) recorded the music for their debut album at Bays’ Tugboat PI studio, with Bossley playing guitar and bass, Bays on drums and keyboards, and the pair splitting vocal duties. Fur Trade has announced their first new LP in just about a decade, “Dark Celebration,” due this fall via Light Organ Records, and their new single “Signature Moves” comes with a video. “Like many of the songs on this record, we wrote ‘Signature Moves’ between sunset and sunrise,” wrote Bays. “It encapsulates our misplaced FOMO and phantom nostalgia for NYC underground club culture in the early 80s. We had the film ‘Paris is Burning’ on loop in the background while writing and recording and felt a connection with the dancers and designers at those wild drag balls. We’re from a different world of course, but we still relate to that feeling of hiding in the cracks of a bubbling underground scene where you know will be understood and appreciated, while openly fantasizing about being superstars, and simultaneously sardonically paying homage to the surrounding gauche luxury culture of a city being rapidly gentrified.” This new cut follows the band’s previously released singles, a soaring indie-sleaze glam rock cut entitled “LOL Trash” and bombastic 80s City Pop single “Make it to the Morning” (each with accompanying music videos, directed by the band). Stay tuned for more new music, coming later this year via Light Organ Records.

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