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Press Releases For August, Here Are The Artists

press releases for August
Jean Ryden is among these press releases for August.

Kit Major, Jean Ryden, Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish, Kid Francescoli, Secret Smiles, Kristin Hersh, and Ashton Nyte are the artists among these press releases for August.

Kit Major – “I Wish U Didn’t Hate Me So Much”: A dark rock anthem delivered with the charisma of a rock star and an explosive grungy chorus. “I Wish U Didn’t Hate Me So Much” and “Break Up Again” are just the start of what Kit Major is calling the “Love. Sick. Major.” era, as she explores a 60’s Brit-pop and 90’s rock sound. Kit has the ability to imbue her songwriting with the spirit of classic rock, evoking the sounds she grew up around with fresh twists and perspective. “I Wish U Didn’t Hate Me So Much” is a cheeky rollercoaster of a garage alt-track. Speaking on the new single + video, Kit wrote: “’IWUDHMSM’ is funny to me because it’s such a long title. I tried every option, but nothing fit as well as just saying the full sentence! Saying, ‘I wish you didn’t hate me’ is so intense. You can hate me…I just wish you didn’t hate me SO much.” Kit’s songs reflect versions of herself, drawing on themes of love, joy, sadness, and self-discovery, transmitted via big bold hooks, earworm melodies, and cinematic visuals, seen and heard in her 2022 debut EP, “Vampire Saturday. Kit’s soundscape and performance style range from pop to alt to rock, depending on the world of the song, and influences include Sonic Youth, Fountains of Wayne, Oasis, and Gorillaz. Her compelling storytelling and versatile songwriting ability put Kit Major in a unique niche of genre-blending rock. Stay tuned for more coming soon from Kit Major.

Jean Ryden – “Chlorine”: A vaporous track sung with ethereal vocals and poignant keys, accompanied by a cinematic video exulting nostalgia. This is the debut single of songwriter and producer Jean Ryden, a self-written and co-produced track that uses imagistic lyrics and a string-laden arrangement to examine grief and a longing for alternate timelines to take hold. Of the song, Ryden shares: “During the process of writing this project I spent a lot of time in solitude, playing my piano in my apartment, going on a lot of walks in my neighborhood. On these walks I would hear dinner parties—the clanking of dishes and silverware—or kids playing, thrashing around in a pool I couldn’t see covered by hedges. I would get whiffs of smells that transported me back to my childhood: fresh-cut grass, the blooming of flowers, and the smell of chlorine. I would go home and make dinner for myself, and the feelings of isolation and loss were ever apparent. Specifically, the smell of chlorine has always evoked a range of emotions. On the one hand, I have pleasant memories of swimming, coming out of the pool, my lips purple from the cold, and my mom making tea from the herbs in the garden. And on the other, it reminds me of losing her. The morning of my mom’s death I stayed home from school, and we went on a walk. I was supposed to join her for a swim, but I needed to change into a swimsuit. My mom went to go swim and I went to meet her a few minutes later. It’s hard for me not to reflect on that day and wonder what would have happened had I made her wait for me to change, if we had just walked a little longer. This song is a tribute to her. She shared with me the gift of music and enough love to last me a lifetime.”  The visual for “Chlorine” was conceptualized and co-directed by Ryden. The video uses footage recently shot at her late mother’s childhood home, intercutting bits of home movies with images of a young Ryden surveying a place crucial to her past. “‘Chlorine’ for me conjures up a lot of different feelings,” Ryden says. “I associate it with fond memories of childhood, playing in the pool, but also with one of the worst days of my life.” This introduces the overarching visual narrative that will accompany Ryden’s forthcoming music, which she has built alongside close creative collaborators Angela Ricciardi and Silken Weinberg (Ethel Cain, Albert Hammond Jr). The Los Angeles-based artist began studying music at age three when she started cello lessons as a child on Long Island. Music had long been in her family. Her maternal grandparents were founding members of the Long Island Philharmonic; her grandfather on her mother’s side was a session violinist who had played with Stevie Nicks and Chet Baker and her grandmother, Jean Ryden Eley, is the inspiration for her artist persona. Ryden’s Julliard-trained mother passed on the family’s passion for music to Ryden, instilling a two-hours-a-day practice habit in her daughter. Ryden’s early training, combined with her study of producers like Rostam, James Blake, and Sufjan Stevens, and lyrical influences from Elliott Smith and Regina Spektor, and Mitski, inform her classic pop songwriting and meticulous production. More from Ryden is imminent.

Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish – “Sweet Like Sugar”: A rock-bluesy song delivered with authentic rockabilly energy, a vintage sex appeal, and vocals evoking the greatest names of the genre. This is a song from their upcoming album “Sick-N-Tired” out on September 29 through Onama Records. “Sick-N-Tired” was recorded in March 2023 at Analog Time Machine recording studios in Montague, MI. The album brings the classic Jesse Ray “rock n roll” sound with tracks like “Sweet Like Sugar” and “Sick N Tired” but also showcases some new more exploratory and aggressive guitar playing from guitarist Jesse Ray Cahue in tracks like “Ring for my Baby” and “Highway Dream”. The album officially releases with a supporting tour from the band throughout the United States in the following months. Founded in 2013 by guitarist and singer Jesse Ray Cahue, the 2-piece band is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has toured the country extensively through the years. The band is well known throughout the States for their signature, in-your-face Rock N Roll which pairs heavy in rock ‘n’ roll with some roots-style ballads and nods to early country and blues. The duo has a reputation for rambunctious, high-spirited performances.

Kid Francescoli – “Run Run”: An immersive track with warm vocal harmonies and driven synth layers, producing a hooky soundscape. Following the earlier releases of new singles “1986” and “You Are Everywhere” (ft. Turbo Goth), Kid Francescoli (the electro-pop project of French musician Mathieu Hocine, author of international hit “Moon”) has shared “Run Run,” the third single off his forthcoming LP, “Sunset Blue” (due September 22). “Run Run,” his most pop song ever, comes together via a unique melody, positive harmonies, a catchy rhythm, multicolored synths, and a unison chorus to sing along to. It is the clearest and most obvious song by the Marseilles artist. As Hocine wrote: “‘Run Run’ is a song about pushing yourself, not getting discouraged, continuing to fight, and keeping hope. It’s also a song about getting through certain crucial stages of life, like when you reach the age your parents were when they had you, and getting past them, past the figures, the pillars of life they represent. It’s a positive song, written in major (one of my few in this case), and very rhythmic that moves forward running at a very high tempo, which I composed with live performance in mind as well.” An accompanying music video for the song was directed by Nicolas Despis. The idea of director Nicolas Despis (known for his work with Adé, Etienne Daho, Hoshi, Juliette Armanet…) was to show Kid Francescoli without artifice, facing the camera in an idyllic but natural setting with a strong female presence. The clip, which plunges us into the world of Kid Francescoli, is also a timeless parenthesis: we’d like this moment to last a lifetime. It’s the “golden hour” effect. With this poetic sunset escapade, Kid Francescoli assumes his status as a pop singer. The clip combines all his passions, those that inspired his album: the Mediterranean, Marseille, the sea, warm colors, love, friendship, tenderness, and, of course, women.

Secret Smiles – “Stay Blue”: A retro rock number with plenty of surf guitars, a catchy and funny tone reminiscent of the Black Lips and accompanied by a blue lyric video featuring footage from “The Stranger” by Orson Welles. The song, produced by Henri Cash (of Starcrawler) is the debut single of Secret Smiles, a Los Angeles-based rock band formed in 2022 by actor and musician Julian de la Celle. After recruiting the talents of Ann Seletos (drums), Ian Waters (guitar), and Zeh Monstro (bass), the band began to play around Los Angeles, their influences ranging from The Velvet Underground to The Gun Club to The White Stripes. After a year of playing together, the band hit the studio with Starcrawler founder and guitarist Henri Cash to record a four-song EP. “Stay Blue” is the first track songwriter Julian de la Celle finished in lockdown, and it quickly became a fan favorite at live shows.  “When lockdown first started, I found myself being really inspired by Leonard Cohen’s Songs Of Love And Hate and Lee Hazelwood’s extensive discography,” says frontman Julian de la Celle. “I spent a lot of time at my godfather’s rehearsal studio writing songs and recording demos and ‘Stay Blue’ was the first song that I finished.”

Kristin Hersh – “Ms Haha”: A raucous rock song with a dramatic chord progression, reverb effect, and Hersh’s vibrating wail for a striking and emotional vibe. This is a new single by the esteemed singer, guitarist, and songwriter, out now via Fire Records and accompanied by a video directed by Jonny Sanders. Of Hersh’s second single from the upcoming album she explains, “Mr. Bones is my man and Ms Haha is me, ripped off from a Truman Capote story. So heavy. Love is goofy gravity.” The music video compliments the “goofy gravity” of Hersh’s “Ms Haha” with manipulated, distorted visuals of Hersh on the guitar moving with different elements. Of the video, Sanders reflects, “Kristin lives in New Orleans and I live in London so we had to work out a way of her shooting performance and me reinterpreting that. After speaking with her about her recording process and how audio can be revamped and affected, I wanted to use some of those techniques but in a visual way.” Sanders continues, “I took her footage and re-filmed it all using a projector onto various textures and, more interestingly, a technique called ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ from the mid-19th century. The film is reflected in a 45-degree transparent screen to produce an almost holographic effect, giving it 3D space and distortion. This was placed inside glass objects to further manipulate the image.” The track hails from Hersh’s forthcoming full-length record “Clear Pond Road,” out September 8. Hersh wrote, performed, and produced “Clear Pond Road” at Stable Sound Studio. She incorporates strings and ambient field recordings on the record to lushly cinematic effect, with the close-up intimacy and sensory nature of each track culminating in a record that resembles a sonic memoir, or a home movie caught in time. Clear Pond Road is sensuous: a life-affirming statement, a new piece of this mysterious jigsaw, a very personal memoir. From street signs to snapshots, it’s a blossoming of a true icon of independence. The record is both intimate and expansive. “Some records demand to be made,” says Hersh. “And you know this is the case when the songs function as systems in a body. I octavized an acoustic baritone as the skeleton, cellos are the lungs, a Nashville-strung Collings and glockenspiel were the fingertips feeling around in this weird-ass dark space, and drums are always your heart, of course…but the vocals are a strange narrator here. A narrator lost in the story, of all things, more like eyes.”

Ashton Nyte – “Cinnamon”: A beautiful acoustic guitar song with poignant lines sung with Ashton’s deep and melancholic vocals. South African-born, U.S.-based singer-songwriter, producer, and composer Ashton Nyte will release his eighth album, “Autumn’s Children,” on August 25. “Cinnamon” is the second cut off the LP, accompanied by a black and white intimate music video. Of the new single, Nyte wrote: ”’Cinnamon’ is an ode to hope in the face of adversity. In this instance, clinging to the promise of something that once was while navigating various shades of depression and self-doubt. I think it’s a song about coping. About doing what we need to do to get through.” Like its predecessor, “Waiting For A Voice” (2020), the 11-track “Autumn’s Children” will also be accompanied by a book of short stories, poetry, and musings, expanding on the themes of the album. Described by music journalists as “Johannesburg’s Bowie” for his widely varying musical styles and theatrical performance approach, Nyte has a released catalog of over 300 original songs and has received airplay and chart success on major independent radio stations worldwide.


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