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Press Releases For August, Here Are The Artists

press releases for August
LEONE, artists among these press releases for August.

Alice Merton, Pony Girl, Zack Keim, Corinne Bailey Rae, Franklin Jonas, Louis Cato, and LEONE are the artists among these press releases For August.

Alice Merton – “Charlie Brown”: A catchy pop song with an aggressive and seductive appeal turning in an infectious dancefloor. The track tells the story of a man who is stuck in a rut. His days are repetitive, and his past keeps coming back to haunt him; he is searching for a higher meaning in life, something that makes him feel fulfilled – unfortunately, he has yet to find it. The chorus comes in as a push out of the daily grind: “Hold tight we’re moving on! Keep that dream just a little bit longer!” “Charlie Brown” is a wake-up call to get back into the driver’s seat of your life. It’s a hymn to keep going – no matter how big the obstacles may be. Stop settling for the apparent security of everyday life but fight for what is important to you. Thus, the song’s message is not only addressed to Charlie. All of us could do with leaving our comfort zone sometimes, trying things, and standing up for our dreams. British/German singer Alice Merton, known for her soulful vocals and catchy pop-rock sound, blends elements of indie, folk, and electronic music. Merton has been captivating audiences in the US around the world since the release of her debut single “No Roots” (#1 US Alternative charts, US Gold, multiple Platinum awards in Europe). Her two studio albums (“MINT” and “S.I.D.E.S.”) have seen over one billion streams and three million sales. Additionally, she was the first winning female coach on The Voice of Germany and had been invited to play on TV shows like NBC’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and ABC’s Late Night Show Jimmy Kimmel Live! The accompanying video for “Charlie Brown” was filmed in London and written and directed by Alice. At her side was choreographer Lyn Lim, with whom she worked on “Lash Out” and “Blindside,” and her trusted Director of Photography Elias Koehler (“Why So Serious,” “Same Team,” “Blindside,” “Funny Business”). Together, they created a world where Charlie seems to be a bit confused and depressed with his life situation, but Alice is adamant that he realizes how special he is. “Charlie Brown” is out now via Paper Plane Records. Stay tuned for more new music from Alice Merton, coming soon.

Pony Girl – “Laff It Off”: Groovy, almost krautrock-y number with dreamy vocals wrapped around beats and weird synths building into an intense and cathartic crescendo. Ottawa-Hull-based indie-rock band Pony Girl are masters of art-pop, invigorating stages with a prismatic sound that’s all their own. After releasing their debut LP with Paper Bag Records (and third LP in general), “Enny One Wil Love You,” last year, today, Pony Girl kicks off a new era with the announcement of their forthcoming LP, “Laff It Off,” out 10/27 via Paper Bag Records. If you don’t wanna be working every day, or believe in nothing, or feel like a wannabe, sometimes all you can do is “Laff It Off.” Pony Girl’s sophomore album for Paper Bag Records casts the warm light of golden hour onto their art pop, guiding characters who are floating towards hope. “Laff It Off” urges you to let go, a playful departure from the shade of its sister album “Enny One Wil Love You.” Its spirited title track chants “I don’t wanna be working every day” over and over, rejecting labor and floating on with the tentative smile of those yellow happy face balloons. Playful fingerpicking gives way to surging synths for an opener as catchy as it is cathartic. You’re in Pony Girl’s world now.

Zack Keim -“Maggie” A retro flair for this vintage romantic pop song with familiar ‘60s guitars and a black and white video. Pittsburgh-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Zack Keim shared two brand new singles “Maggie” (which takes the hopeful romantic feelings that come with the start of something new and translates them into psychedelic daydream). The other track, “Better Days,” is a wistful gem that wrests melodic bliss out of pangs of nostalgia and was co-written with Matt Costa and Chad Monitcue of Animal Scream. Both singles came alongside their own accompanying music videos that expanded on their individual narratives. “I wrote ‘Maggie’ after a brief fling I had with a girl here in Pittsburgh,” Keim wrote. “We met in a dive bar at the jukebox when she put a Kinks track on — we hit it off and really had no idea where it was going — but I went home after that night and immediately started writing. My whole goal was to capture that moment of excitement and newness you feel at the beginning of a relationship, hence that Buddy Holly/floor tom stomping thing throughout the song, and that McCartney bass line.” Speaking on the other single, Keim wrote: “The song ‘Better Days’ to me represents a reflection of hopeful youth but also the daily struggles of life.   When we wrote the song together, we reflected on what has happened over the last few years, and how we all had our ups and downs. Yet, we remain hopeful that better times and better days lay ahead.” “I wrote it with Matt and my bass player Chad Monticue in Matt’s backyard. It came together really fast,” says Keim. “I came up with the three-chord Ramones-y riff and had the title direction of ‘Better Days.’ We wrote the song in like four hours. Then we went to Matt’s and recorded the whole song in one microphone in his bedroom.”

Corinne Bailey Rae – “New York Transit Queen”: A rocking, explosive number with claps and full velocity drums delivered with fun and fury by the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae. Her years-in-the-making “Black Rainbows” project, inspired by the objects and artworks collected by Theaster Gates at the Stony Island Arts Bank in Chicago, includes a collection of songs, a book Refraction/Reflection of the Arts Bank photographed by Koto Bolofo, live performances, visuals, lectures, and exhibitions and is a bold move from her previous work. The album “Black Rainbows” is set for release September 15 via Thirty Tigers and “New York Transit Queen” is the first single. In celebration of the new project, Bailey Rae is taking her live show to select U.S. cities this fall including Yale University’s Schwarzman Center, New York’s National Jazz Museum in Harlem, University of Chicago’s Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, and Bailey Rae will be making an appearance at the 35th Annual Chinati Weekend in Marfa, TX. “I knew when I walked through those doors that my life had changed forever,” says Bailey Rae. “Engaging with these archives and encountering Theaster Gates and his practice has changed how I think about myself as an artist and what the possibilities of my work can be. This music has come through seeing. Seeing has been like hearing, for me. While I was looking, songs/sounds appeared.” Wide-ranging in its themes, Black Rainbows’ subjects are drawn from encounters with objects in the Arts Bank, a curated collection of Black archives comprising books, sculptures, records, furniture, and problematic objects from America’s past. From the rock-hewn churches of Ethiopia to the journeys of Black Pioneers westward, from Miss New York Transit 1957 to how the sunset appears from Harriet Jacobs’ loophole. Black Rainbows explores Black femininity, Spell Work, Inner Space/Outer Space, time collapse, ancestors, and music as a vessel for transcendence.

Franklin Jonas – “Cherub”: A playful tempo and a hooky pop song sung with Franklin Jonas’s deep vocals. This is a song from rising artist Franklin Jonas’s debut EP, “Sewer Rat,” out on Pizzaslime Records/Mad Decent. The video for the song was directed by Henry Dacosta. “I can’t believe that this is real. I’ve worked on these songs for years and to have them heard and out in the world is crazy,” says Franklin. “I made these songs as therapy, fearing the thought of ever sharing them. The journey of finishing them has been difficult but so rewarding. Overall, it has been one of the most maturing experiences of my life and I think you can hear that in the songs.” The new EP, written and produced by Franklin and Charlie Brand (Miniature Tigers, Weezer, Skizzy Mars), introduces the sonic world Franklin has worked for several years to create. “This is a result of my own journey, and it’s a taste test of every sound I can make,” says Franklin. Franklin recently shared a live performance video of “Hoboken,” featuring the famed MUSYCA Children’s Choir and filmed in Burbank, California comic book store House of Secrets, which Franklin frequented throughout his childhood. Franklin Jonas’ solo musical journey began when he started experimenting with beat-making in college, crafting samples directly from vinyl and diving deep into the world of music production. After studying audio engineering under mixing mastermind John McBride—whose distinctive voice appears at the beginning of “Cocaine”—Franklin took a break from music until inspiration struck during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was roommate and fellow musician Clint Michigan who encouraged him to pursue his creative streak; and it was a peer who, after hearing Jonas’ work-in-progress, connected him with the guys behind Pizzaslime Records. Jonas takes inspiration from a bevy of foundational influences— the synth-y zest of Passion Pit, Allen Ginsberg’s classic work of poetry Howl, Bon Iver’s electro-acoustic experimentation, samplepedia bands like The Avalanches—to craft his own sound.

Louis Cato – “Reflections”: A soulful track with R&B vocals, organic beats, and jazzy arrangements. This is the title track from singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Louis Cato’s new album, “Reflections” out on August 11. Of the new song, Cato states, “‘Reflections’ is an alternate take on the experience of falling in love with a soulmate. I wrote it from the perspective of being past the honeymoon phase, so you’re making sense of the infatuation—with the clarity of hindsight to see just how much of your own ego you’ve attracted.” The song is accompanied by a live in-studio performance video. “Reflections” is a fun and uplifting record that showcases the diverse skillset of a musician who’s best known for being the bandleader for “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” Performed in its entirety by Cato, the project is merely a snippet of his enviable talents as an ultimate Renaissance musician. Cato shares with the world an undeniably kind and empathetic essence, which is artfully conveyed through his newest body of work. Cato is a Grammy-nominated musician whose collaborators have included John Legend, Talib Kweli, A Tribe Called Quest, Jack White, Bobby McFerrin, Snarky Puppy, and, of course, Jon Batiste, his predecessor on “The Late Show.” His love of music started at age two when the purchase of his first drum set evolved into an appreciation of the southern gospel from his native North Carolina and continued into his education at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Most recently, Cato reconnected with his former Berklee professor, Stephen Webber, who asked him to speak at the Berklee NYC commencement ceremony on July 2. After playing in the house band for “The Late Show” since the show’s 2015 inception, Cato was named bandleader for the newly renamed “The Late Show Band.”

LEONE – “I Wanna Be”: A touch of exotism, sexy Latin guitars for a unique and distinctive sound both powerful and emotionally charged. “The mesmerizing music video for ‘I Wanna Be’ was brought to life by director Beth Fletcher, and unfolds within the walls of Brooklyn’s iconic House of Yes, Richie Leone wrote. “Serving as a nod to my poker-loving father, the video revolves around a poker table, where I find myself in cahoots with one of the players. Engaging in a dance of seduction and deceit, our aim is to cheat the game and claim all of the money at stake. This visual metaphor portrays my personal experiences of feeling betrayed and hurt in relationships, despite giving my all. As the video reaches its climax, two undercover figures make a dramatic entrance, and in a surprising turn of events, I am knocked out and taken away while my deceptive “partner” walks off with the money.” This is a song from Brooklyn-based queer-fronted alt-rock group LEONE’s upcoming EP, “GTFOH,” due on August 18th. “GTFOH” is all about reclaiming your power, and ultimately a comment on the times that we’re living in. In a world that is constantly trying to beat us down, LEONE hopes that “GTFOH” will serve as a reminder to stand up for what you believe in and fight for your life. The EP covers a lot of emotional ground, ranging from feelings of angst and loss to lust and sexuality. Speaking candidly about these topics in the new songs is one way in which LEONE is reclaiming their power. Produced by Peter Savad, “GTFOH” is the first piece of work from LEONE that features bassist Tarik Merzouk and drummer Brian Del Guercio on the recordings. Many songs on this EP were written during the same time that LEONE’s full band lineup was taking shape, which allowed the band to find their sound in a very collaborative and organic way. Lyrically, this EP showcases the growth and healing that songwriter Richie Leone has had since the band’s first EP (“thisbodyisntmine”), released in June 2022.


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