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Press Releases For August: Here Are The Artists

press releases for August
Andrew Broder is among these press releases for August (Photo by Zoe Prinds Flash)

Jason Moules, Karaboudjan, PATRIARCHY, Homeschool, Andrew Broder, Blackbird Blackbird, and Cash Langdon are the artists among these press releases for August.

Jason Moules (allusinlove) – “The Art of Pulling Pork”: A sort of throbbing melancholic track that could remind you of Nirvana or something else of the ‘90s. This is the first single from Jason Moules’s debut solo album. A self-taught musician from the old Yorkshire mining town of Castleford, Jason has spent his life obsessed with music. Listening to music, and playing music absorbing as much as he can make him into the artist he is today. “I started writing new songs at the beginning of COVID. I could sit around all day doing nothing, but when forced not to leave the house. I realized how much I love traveling and playing music. It’s one of the most amazing things a person could possibly do with their lives,” said Moules. “The song title ‘The Art of Pulling Pork’ came about after eating at an Italian burger restaurant on my birthday…the restaurant claimed to have crafted the art of pulled pork. Made me laugh. It’s not specific. Funny title, not specific. Most of my songs are about imagery. Close your eyes and think about whatever you want…burgers or something else.” I definitively didn’t think about burgers, but Moules also says he is influenced by a large number of musicians: Lenny Kravitz, Bjork, Perfume Genius, The Mars Volta, Deftones, Cocteau Twins, Anna Calvi, Oasis, Queen, Cranes, Failure, and… Nirvana.

Karaboudjan – “SCATTER”: A synth soundscape with a tight groove and dreamy vocals crafting an immersive track releasing energy and floating instrumentation à la Tame Impala. This is the first single from Southern California-based indie psych-rock artist Karaboudjan’s upcoming EP due out later this year. “Like most artists, I tried to hunker down and write as much music as I could during the start of the pandemic,” Billy Kim aka Karaboudjan declared. “I’m already a bit of a homebody, so I embraced the beginning of lockdown with open arms. I wrote enough tracks to create a few different projects aside from Karaboudjan, which tends to be a recurring creative issue of mine. I even contemplated releasing a new project/EP instead of these singles, but I really felt that the concept of Karaboudjan wasn’t finished quite yet. It’s like I’m still figuring it out as I go. For me personally, ‘SCATTER’ is about the journey of discovery and the nostalgia of traveling. When I was a kid, I always envied the kids who came back from holiday with stories from their international adventures. Growing up, my family never had taken us on a plane before, even domestically so naturally I had always considered it to be a certain privilege I wouldn’t experience. But the concept of visiting these places I’ve only read in books or seen on television just seemed so foreign to me. I had this moment on tour, where this immense sense of appreciation dawned over me. It doesn’t take too much to get burnt out from weeks on the road, so I guess this is my subtle reminder to appreciate things more, which became even more apparent after the start of the pandemic.”

PATRIARCHY – “Good Boy”: A hard-hitting beginning with provocateur Actually Huizenga’s sexy vocals, and this turns out to be so sulfurous that you can visualize the potential debauchery that could be featured in the video. Her “Unself” LP is out on August 26 via Dero Arcade. “I was always against the word- and I still am, but now I’ve written about it. I’ve become the characters.,” she wrote.  “I’m the victim and the predator in one- the pain that makes the pleasure work, the mystery of an aggressive Nature. Nature- loving and destroying you with a congratulatory confetti surprise as the blade digs up under your ribs, as the earthquake smothers, the fire illuminates and consumes. I accept The Archetypes lodged deep in the primordial brain and the bloody curls of the androgynous Dionysus. We kill for the thing which devours us. We give in to The Unself. The guy I wrote most of the songs about, he’s heard all of them, and he loves them. He’s like, “Is this one about me? Oh wow!” In that very interaction, I started to get myself back. I’ve gone to the cave and found my dragon. I’ve fucked him, I’ve loved him, and I’ve learned from him- but I did not kill him… because this is the blood of the love song. I must remove the veil behind the armor; move forward and look this thing straight in the eyes as I fuck him. Listen to him speak as I kiss him; To see the smile of beasteal evolution through his alluring teeth…To study him after the physical struggle; To become him through my art… To merge Into The Unself.”

Homeschool (fka Active Bird Community) – “Next Day”: An acoustic and soothing song with bright vocals, and intimate melodies, channeling the warmest ballads you have heard. This is the new single by Homeschool, the solo project of musician Tom D’Agustino, formerly of Active Bird Community, a track off his “Book II” EP, produced by David Greenbaum (Beck, Cage the Elephant) and Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Sharon Van Etten, Benjamin Booker). Speaking on the song, D’Agustino wrote: “I wrote ‘Next Day’ instead of writing a song that I had been trying really hard to write, but was getting nowhere. I realized I was forcing it, attempting to make a song that was clever and beautiful – a song that could serve my own self-image. It didn’t work. ‘Next Day’ began to emerge when I took breaks and it became a song about keeping the beauty that we discover close to the chest, if at least for a moment, before tossing it into the river of content. The things I do and say come back to my mind like little electric shocks and sometimes that can be really unpleasant unless I put it into a song, into a loose narrative to figure out why I am the way I am. I still have no idea why, but songs seem to help.”

Andrew Broder (Fog) – “Herbert”: A layered electronic jam slowly building up into a pulsing, rushing collage of sounds working like the score of a potential action movie. This is a track by renowned Minneapolis producer and multi-genre artist Andrew Broder who has announced the release of a brand-new LP entitled “The Show Original Soundtrack” on October 7 via Lex Records. The record is a collection of pulsing, darkly lush, and banging tracks, inspired by Broder’s collaboration with legendary writer Alan Moore (Watchmen, Jerusalem) on Moore’s original screenplay of the same name. The Show Score exhibits features by Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon, Serpentwithfeet, Moor Mother, and Billy Woods. “Over the last few years, I have grown into phase of my work with a greater focus on physicality – I want to get beat up by music and create sound that the body responds to less precious, more confident. Meeting and jamming with techno artists like Boys Noize and Dustin Zahn unlocked something for me about the therapeutic and collective nature of dance music. This tune is on the harder edge of ‘Wet Streets at Night’ Techno.” “Broder, who previously scored Moore’s semi-biographical audio-novella ‘Unearthing’, was enlisted to make music for The Show, Alan Moore’s first foray into the indie film realm. Following the release of the film, Broder decided to remix and re-structure the film’s original score into pieces that had their own identity as a standalone project, pulling in some amazing guests, while still retaining the spirit and mood of Moore’s singular worldview.”

Blackbird Blackbird – “Hey Lover”: A gentle and sunny dancefloor with playful beats, dream pop melodies, and wobbling synth arrangements. The track, out now via Better Company Records, is accompanied by a music video featuring animation by comic book and video game creator Paloma Dawkins. Blackbird Blackbird (who is the project of Montreal-based one-man band, Mikey Maramag) said about his new track’s video and his collaboration with Dawkins: “The ‘Hey Lover’ music video started off as a small collaboration between Paloma Dawkins and me on visuals, but Dawkins takes it to another galaxy entirely—a trippy one filled with animated characters to help you get over your ex. The animations in ‘Hey Lover’ seem to grow like flowers or ideas in your mind, and watching them coupled with the music is an experience that is both visually and sonically captivating. She makes it into a fully immersive, hand-drawn, and psychedelic animated adventure that compliments the song’s lyrics, energy, and themes. ‘Hey Lover’ acts almost like a psychedelic brain/soul massage for the viewer, challenging people to let go & move on from the unwanted memories of their past relationship(s). Dawkins captures this carefree feeling of freedom with a silly animated character swirling across the screen. I personally break out in laughter every time this one shows up in the video. The video is also edited in a way that captures both the moments in the song and the meaning of the lyrics—for instance when I’m singing ‘I won’t hesitate to turn away if I see you walk by,’ Dawkins animates some eyes recognizing someone then looking away in annoyance. I’ve been a huge fan of Paloma’s comics, art, and video games so it was a huge honor to be able to work with her on this project. I’m crossing my fingers, but maybe you’ll hear some of my music in her future video games!”

Cash Langdon – “That Kid”: A fuzzy-sounding guitar with almost Beatlesque harmonies and a real power pop charm. This is a track from Cash Langdon’s upcoming LP, “Sinister Feeling,” due on October 14 via Earth Libraries; it comes with an accompanying self-directed music video. “That Kid,” the opening track of “Sinister Feeling,” was the first one Birmingham musician Cash Langdon wrote; it’s about the helpless feeling when people you love are stuck in their lives. Langdon works through his empathy with chorused guitar swells, playful organ, and roomy slide, ending on an impressionistic refrain: “That kid’s embalmed.” Speaking on the track, Langdon wrote: “‘That Kid’ is about feeling helpless in a situation when you most want to help someone. It was the first song written for the album and laid the groundwork for a lot of what the rest of the album would be about. Inescapable pessimism, family, and necessary distance from home are all things touched on in the song as well as elsewhere across Sinister Feeling.” “I always liked country music and classic rock, and I like a lot of other things too,” he also said. “But in some ways, it feels a little more natural to be in the South and like that stuff.” “Sinister Feeling “blends Langdon’s adventurous taste with respect for his artistic upbringing, always keeping a keen eye on his surroundings.

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