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Press Releases For April: Here Are The Artists

press releases for April
Jacklen Ro in these press releases for April

Jacklen Ro, Zakoor, adam brian paul, Warpaint, Mondo Cozmo, Courtney Jaye, The Dip are featured in these new press releases for April.

Jacklen Ro – “Life With You”: There is a child-like quality in the vocal harmonies while the sweet song has a dreamy and uplifting melody that is really easy to like. This is the new single by Jacklen Ro – Jackie Giroux and Caelen Perkins – a harmonizing indie rock duo with the energy of young love and angst. As the duo says, “‘Life With You’ is a song about unconditional love that’s reciprocal. It’s about the people you’re there for and who are there for you when you need them. Like family. The people you want to shower with love cause they won’t judge.” The track’s accompanying music video is a cinematic gender-bent story, exhibiting with utmost accuracy the trials that many couples face, but ultimately are able to become stronger from. Jacklen Ro is playing shows around California, Oregon, and Arizona this summer. Their debut album is due this year via Lolipop Records.

Zakoor – “The Beauty Part”: A driven melody on the melancholic shoegaze side with dynamic beats and vaporous vocals that could be your escape for next summer. This is the second single off Austin-based indie-rock duo Zakoor’s upcoming album, “Life Cycle,” due out May 6th. In “The Beauty Part,” the band continues to explore themes of life, existential questions, and love, as singer/songwriter John Zakoor grapples with the dichotomy of “having a lot of love to give while unable to meaningfully connect with the world and everyone in it,” he says. Dealing with existential and heavier themes, the band manages to keep the sonic elements of the track, light, cheery, and infectious. The new full-length album is the culmination of the sounds and feelings that swept over its writers over the last two years of pandemic isolation. The lyrics draw on themes of love and death and accepting nature’s indifference towards our finding happiness. Each track attempts to probe a little deeper into the meaning of Big Things like living, trusting, loving, watching Netflix, scrolling Instagram, joy, despair, dignity, and meaning itself for those endeavoring to be–and feel–alive at this moment in time-space.

adam brian paul – “Already Know”: A mellow and sultry track with calming guitar, soft drums, and dreamlike vocals. The entire song has a nostalgic sound and works with relaxing sonic textures while adam brian paul’s silky vocals dominate the mix. This is his third single taken off his debut album “For the Good,” due out May 27th. “This song is just a vibe” adam brian paul says. The washed-out, dreamy guitar line melds perfectly with a bright yet slightly melancholic Rhodes to provide the perfect backdrop for the artist’s soft yet efficacious vocal delivery. This track takes us even deeper into the vast and uncharted landscape of adam brian paul’s creative mind, with a more chilled-out, soothing approach that urges the listener to slow down and just take the moment. Over the course of 10 intimate tracks, Montreal-based artist Brian Yim, a.k.a. adam brian paul charts a journey of self-discovery. “’​​For The Good’ documents my continued struggle in search for meaning and purpose—and reveals an answer, for now: to strive for the betterment of myself and my neighbors,” says Yim. “More importantly and more tangibly, having a place in this world, a goal to aim for, and a purpose to serve seems to provide a sense of guiding relief.”

Warpaint – “Stevie”: A sweet dreamy vibe for a love song by the celebrated L.A. quartet. The track is filled with yearning vocals and smooth harmonies, and the immersive video that comes with it was made in collaboration with Fascinated By Everything, an art and technology collective created by Chris Holmes. “Stevie is a love song, pure and true,” the band says. “Sincere as it comes with a little bit of Freak. A cosmic celebration of the thing we all look for in life. And our contribution to one of the most beloved song genres. Thinking of visuals for ‘Stevie’ we weren’t seeing a story or a performance, but a kind of ‘Tunnel Of Love’ image kept coming to my head, more like waves of serotonin, what love feels like,” Warpaint’s Emily Kokal says about the video. “Right around that time Chris showed us what he was working on and it was like, ‘Woah, this is way more ‘Tunnel Of Love’ than we could’ve imagined!’” “All of the visuals are made from physical objects, so all of the light color and texture come from the real world and not just computer-generated graphics,” Holmes says about the video. “It’s been such a joy to work with one of my favorite bands, Warpaint, and collaborate to make some inter-dimensional kaleidoscopic beauty to radiate some love and light into this world.” The new track is taken from “Radiate Like This,” Warpaint’s first full length in six years, out May 6.

Mondo Cozmo – “Electrify My Love”: An ambitious and layered bombast with a gospellike appeal that aims to a powerful uplift. Guided by a mesh of electronic burble and guitar grind, the lyrics center on hope for the post-pandemic world, however, the visuals for the song, directed by Jade Wallis and filmed at Black LBC in Long Beach, are rather modest in comparison. This is a track from the band’s new album “This is for the Barbarians,” due April 8th via Last Gang Records. “‘Electrify My Love’ was the last song to make the record but it was specifically written to be the first song on the album,” notes Mondo Cozmo’s Josh Ostrander. “We wanted the long musical intro to have a calming effect and the opening lyrics to be of comfort.  ‘Good evening everyone, I hope this finds you well”. A sincere check-in on everyone after what we have all been through. I love how the chorus punches ya in the heart.” “This is for the Barbarians,” the title of Mondo Cozmo’s third album, was inspired by the Barbarian poets, a group of writers who gathered in San Francisco’s Cafe Babar in the 1980s. Specifically, frontman Joshua Keith Ostrander was drawn to David Lerner’s work, whose energy, fervor, and passion grabbed him. Reeling from loss in his family, mired in the pandemic, and searching for hope, Ostrander connected immediately to the dedication in one of Lerner’s books, knowing he’d found the title of his next album. Mondo Cozmo is returning to the road this spring, supporting The Airborne Toxic Event.

Courtney Jaye – “Three”: A retro tune with a hymn-like vibe, a doo-wop to torch song quality, poignant keys, and plenty of fervor in the vocals. This is a song from “Part Two: The Journey,” the second installment of Jaye’s highly anticipated short film and full-length album, “Hymns and Hallelucinations,” a body of work that she calls “an introspective, meditative, psychedelic exploration into the soul of a woman: her rage, her confusion, her sadness, her sexuality, her defiance, her darkness, her strength, and her light.” The accompanying video is a mini-movie that also includes two other songs, while the full film will be released in four segments over several weeks, revealing songs from the 10-track album that will be released in its entirety on Friday, May 20. Like the album, the accompanying Joshua Shoemaker-directed film is the story of a woman “discovering the deepest parts of herself as she faces her fears head-on, evolving along the way and becoming illuminated to the Ultimate Power behind it all,” as Jaye states. “This is my character’s ‘Through The Looking-Glass’ moment,” Jaye continues. “‘Part One’ saw her coming to consciousness and fighting her way through the world. In ‘Part Two’, all bets are off, and we see her facing and taking a deep dive into the darkest parts of her soul. It’s an annihilation of self and reality in order to shed all that no longer serves her. She faces a choice: to either be saved or to save herself.”

The Dip – “Paddle To The Stars”: A fun and infectious track with a joyous nostalgic tone, head-bobbing rhythms, horns, and vocal harmonies that provide a soulful Sam and Dave vibe. The Dip is a Seattle-based, seven-piece band, that was recently featured on “CBS Saturday Morning” as part of their “Saturday Sessions” series. The song is taken off their critically acclaimed new album, “Sticking With It” released earlier this month via Dualtone Records. Produced by the band and recorded at their self-made studio in Seattle’s Central District, the record is an intimate examination of the human heart, reflecting on matters both timely and irrefutably timeless, and capturing the mood of the current moment while simultaneously offering a much-needed escape. Across its eleven tracks, “Sticking With It” encapsulates the contagious energy of The Dip’s live shows and builds on their breakthrough grassroots success, which already includes over 100 million streams to date. Reflecting on the new album, drummer Jarred Katz shares, “It’s really important to us to catch those lightning-in-a-bottle moments when you can feel the momentum of a song taking shape…one of the main goals for the album was to create that feeling of all of us in a room together, instead of worrying too much about everything lining up perfectly,” while lead singer Tom Eddy adds, “With the lyrics, I tried to evoke certain emotions that aren’t often showcased in popular music, with the hope that people will come away feeling validated or understood.”


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