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Press Releases For April: Here Are The Artists

press releases for April
Gooseberry – Photo Cred: Savannah Shealy

Uma Bloo, Calling Cadence, Xander and the Peace Pirates, Auditorium, Yotam Ben Horin, Flaccid Mojo, Gooseberry are the artists in these press releases for April.

Uma Bloo – “Don’t Drive Into the Smoke”: A quiet acoustic guitar with alluring vocals which soar above a layered and epic song fleshing out at each second with cathartic guitars. For five minutes, the intricate melodies and the emotive amalgam of instrumentation keep on surprising the listener. The song is the titled track of Uma Bloo’s new LP released via Earth Libraries. Speaking on the album, Molly Madden wrote:  “When I started writing the songs that ended up making the album, I didn’t know I was writing an album. I started playing guitar when I was eight years old and it was then I knew I wanted to be a songwriter. Unfortunately, music and art didn’t tie in with my family’s values, so there was a lot that stood in the way of me exercising my abilities and desires. So, I was an on again, off again musician until I got to Chicago at eighteen. Once I accepted the fact that I wanted to create my own music, these songs started pouring out of me in an effort to unpack the life I had and what I thought I wanted to build. In a lot of ways, this album has been in process since I was eight years old without me fully knowing it. So, I’d say this album was inspired by fate and how when you acknowledge destiny you cannot deny it, although that truth doesn’t always result in peace. At the time I was writing the songs, I thought I was trying to understand myself romantically. What was I like to love, what did I need from it? But now that I have a number of years between myself then and now, I realize it’s an album largely about processing loss during a coming of age. I had been feeling like a life I desired was unattainable and living inside of a dream.”

Calling Cadence – “California Bartender”: An old school approach for a heart-warming sound and Rae Cole’s bright vocals. With its wobbling organ, the song definitively has a vintage vibe mixing classic rock and country influences with elegance. This is the fourth single off the Los Angeles band’s forthcoming self-titled LP. Fronted by Oscar Bugarin and Rae Cole, Calling Cadence is a band rooted in harmony — harmony between voices, between songwriters, between genres like rock, country and Southern soul. The result is a sound that’s as warm and diverse as the duo’s native California, where Oscar and Rae first crossed paths. “California Bartender” was written from the real-life perspective of Rae working as a bartender in Los Angeles. While the song has an uplifting summertime feeling, at its lyrical core are the very real and sometimes heartbreaking stories overhead from across the bar. This song is a window into the ups and downs of aspiring artists in Los Angeles, a city that can be unforgiving and merciless. “I love having Oscar as a bandmate because we are able to work simple jams into meaningful songs in a way that feels effortless when we align. Most of the lyrics/chords from our original improvised jam remained in the final production,” says Rae.

Xander and the Peace Pirates – “We Cry”: A vintage southern rock tempo with blues rock guitars and soulful vocals. This is the new single off Xander and the Peace Pirates’ upcoming 10-track album “Order Out Of Chaos,” due for release on May 6. “This song is about how, when Humans become divided within themselves, they imagine enemies that are not there,” the band explain, “They no longer see that everything is part of what they are and divide up into things that they think they know and understand. Those who are in positions of power (or at least believe they are) are often living in a tightly held illusion that they are separate from the whole. Within that illusion, they appear to use their power to create enemies and wars between innocent people who would not usually have issues with each other; only to serve their personal agendas of control and power over the masses. ‘We Cry’ expresses the struggle of all of our Human family becoming divided through this persistent illusion of separation.”

Auditorium – “Young Man, You’ve Fallen”: Another song from emerging artist Spencer Berger and a very wide-eyed perspective with soothing harmonies, a whimsical indie-folk quality and a rare sincerity. The unreleased track will appear on the deluxe reissue of Berger’s debut album, “Be Brave,” set for release on April 8. “I recorded this demo for ‘Young Man, You’ve Fallen’ before I recorded any of the songs that wound up on Be Brave,” recalls Berger. “While I ultimately didn’t feel that the song was the right fit for the album, it’s a song that influenced several of the songs that made the cut. I was inspired to write the song because of a movie idea that a friend and I were collaborating on at the time, but the song wasn’t the right fit for the film either. But I’ve always remembered that there were a few close friends who I showed the demo to all those years ago who were very supportive of it—so the memory of their kind words spurred me to put the demo on the deluxe edition.” Berger recorded “Be Brave” with a single microphone in the bedroom of his first Los Angeles apartment, featuring only three elements—acoustic guitar, electric bass and vocals. By using just two instruments to propel the songs, Berger conjured a wholly unique sound, blended eloquently with his classically trained voice and multi-layered harmonies.  “Last year marked the 10th anniversary of ‘Be Brave,’ and I found myself exploring my old recordings from that era,” explains Berger. “Nine of the ten bonus tracks on the deluxe edition are demos for songs that didn’t make the final cut—but there are elements of those songs that made it onto the album. For instance, the rhythm guitar in ‘The Best Story I Know’ inspired the sound of ‘Sunday,’ and the background harmonies in ‘This One’s for You’ influenced how I approached recording harmonies throughout the album. The one live track is ‘Young’—it’s one of the first songs I ever wrote, and this is the only recording of it that exists. It was captured at a small coffeehouse across the street from my college campus.”

Yotam Ben Horin – “Young Forever“: A vigorous power pop song with dynamic jangling guitars and a real punk energy in the vocals that is reminiscent of the ‘90s. This is the first single off Yotam Ben Horin’s forthcoming album, “Young Forever,” due May 20 via Double Helix Records. The track features Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World) and Bob Hoag (Pollen, The Go Reflex). Speaking on the track, the Useless ID frontman wrote: “‘Young Forever’ is an open letter I wrote to my younger self. When Covid hit and I was stuck in Israel, I decided to digitize all of my VHS and MiniDV tapes. I went on a trip down memory lane when I rewatched some of them and was reminded of what I felt at the time, living with not a worry in the world other than the love of making music. I was instantly inspired to write the song. It was also the last song written for the album. Sometimes, we get so caught up in life that we forget to step away from it for a second and look around to see what really matters to us. When I got into Flying Blanket Studios (Mesa, AZ) in April of 2021, I let my friend Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World) know that I was in town and he offered to stop by the studio and say hi since he and producer Bob Hoag are also friends. While we were trying to figure out which day would be best for him to come over, I asked him about the arrangement of the song ‘Young Forever’ since it didn’t have a bridge and was really short. He put it all together really quickly over the phone and we went ahead and recorded it with his suggestions. When he showed up at the studio, I just had to put a guitar on his lap and have him play something.”

Flaccid Mojo – “Slow Psychics“: A noise track and the work of Black Dice members Bjorn Copeland and Aaron Warren, but I will let Castle Face Records’ John Dwyer do the talking: “Twin giant towers of amps grinding out minimal beat bloop. The transient sound molecules smell of burning gear and the floor of the pit. This is organic electronic music at its finest. Dance ? Why not. Freak out? For sure. Brothers from a different mother (Bjorn Copeland and Aaron Warren) a la 2/3 of Black Dice have come together with this fantastic debut LP for us. These are mean beat vipers, spitting and tumescent on the abattoir floor. I would call it drug music, but I’m not sure what drugs these humans consume. Stem cell and adrenal gland cocktails I’m guessing. Futuristic and primal it is. Beats from the Thunder-Dome. Fight music for fuckers. I’ve seen them on two separate occasions blow the power for an entire building. Baller move, boys. Produced perfectly by Chris Coady (look him up to be impressed). This record is a burning car in a field and I love it. For fans of Black Dice, Container, Whitehouse, Negativland, Ralph Records, minimal beats a la Profan, vintage Japanese noise, severed heads, windburn and chapped lips.” Flaccid Mojo’s LP is out June 3 via Castle Face Records.

Gooseberry – “Broken Dance”: A poignant piano ballad with a bluesy-jazzy flavor, emotive vocals and a cinematic vibe. This melancholic slow burner is the new single and titled track off the 4-piece NYC-based band’s upcoming EP, out May 6. The song is a gentle exploration into a more blues/indie rock sound, with a theme about ambition, failure, and regret that has the sonic tinges of Cage the Elephant and early Alex Turner. The narrative follows the story of a young artist who sets off with a romantic partner to find success on the horizon. What unfolds is not only an account of the failure of those dreams (“We tried to make it, but somehow time was taken away from me”), but also an admission that the pursuit of those dreams came at the expense of someone else (“….and I never let you breathe…This dance, let’s break it. All those dreams were mine anyway”). On the track, the band says, “this is a song about the man who sets out to be someone and the woman who finds herself but a prop on which to lean. An upright piano sits in the foreground of this piece, undergirding the story as it unravels. A melancholic violin and a lilting guitar move through the shadows. The song’s bright enthusiasm for the future quickly dissolves into a chaotic expression of despair and regret.”

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