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Press Releases For April, Here Are The Artists

press releases for April

French 79, The Lighthouse and The Whaler, Bedroom, Regard and Ella Henderson, Tayla Parx, Ghost Love, and Ben Copperhead are the artists among these press releases for April.

French 79 – “Like is Like”: Hypnotic synth pulsating into a groove till beats and dreamy vocals join up for this electronic piece by acclaimed international electronic artist French 79—the musical alias of French producer, remixer, and songwriter Simon Henner. This is the latest single (and its accompanying music video) of his new album, “Teenagers” set to be released on May 5. The video was directed by a pair of Henner’s lifelong friends and creative collaborators who go by the name Cauboyz. Cauboyz says of the video, “‘Life is Like’ tells of a musician’s journey. If the music video embodies three phases of his life, it helps us give a glimpse at the intimacy of a character through a window. Here, architecture and time seem to intertwine and create a monolithic sequence. The perception of time evolves with age. The tender age was yesterday and yet, it is already so far away. What is left of our childhood? From the time when dreams were as powerful as life. Where building an ego was as much as when the architect completes a bridge. What is left of our adolescence? Our first experiences, our fleeting loves? These creative moments resonate in us as adults, with nostalgia driving our creative instincts. This music is so heady that the synths’ reverb seems to echo in these private places. The story of a piece, from its first dream to the release of the album. The position of the musician, at the center of our lives through his.” French 79 is also slated to perform a select run of worldwide dates this summer, including a headline performance at New York’s new venue Racket as well as appearances at Osheaga Music & Arts Festival in Montréal, Le Bon Air Festival in Marseille, Nuits de Fourviere Festival in Lyon and more. The 12-track album was produced by Henner and mixed by Damien Quintard (Brian Eno, Justice, Sade) at composer Jean-Michel Jarre’s home studio as well as the renowned Miraval Studios in France. Recently reopened after being purchased by Brad Pitt, Miraval Studios is in the heart of the 17th Century Provençal Estate of Château Miraval where legendary acts such as Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and The Cure recorded.

The Lighthouse and The Whaler – “I’ll Wait For You”: Light folk guitar with uplifting vocals, evolving into a heartfelt anthem-like pop song. This is the first release of 2023  (with its accompanying video) for Cleveland-born rock band The Lighthouse and The Whaler. This new track comes in anticipation of an upcoming EP, due this spring. Speaking on their brand-new track, the band wrote: “‘I’ll Wait For You’ is a song about how people change at different paces. Sometimes the change between people is insurmountable but I think that many times the changes we go through just require patience to be understood.” Alongside their upcoming spring EP, The Lighthouse and The Whaler are anticipating a tour through the midwest to support the new project, their first run of shows since the fall of 2021. Throughout their career, The Lighthouse And The Whaler have achieved 52.5m+ Spotify Streams, 9m+ Pandora Streams, 5.5m+ Apple Music Streams, and 2.6m+ YouTube Views. They have been featured on several editorial playlists, including Spotify’s New Music Friday, Fresh Folk, Infinite Indie Folk, Roots Rising, Folk Pop, Folk Rock Favorites, New Noise, Grade A, Pop Rock Shot, Rockin Vibes, Singled Out, Stomp & Holler, License To Chill; Apple Music’s New In Alternative, Best New Songs Chart, Today’s Acoustic, New in Singer-Songwriter; and playlists curated by Nike & NPR.

Bedroom – “Better Friends”: Bright vocals over an aching acoustic guitar and layers of instrumentation for a pleasant Americana, sometimes a bit reminiscent of Fleet Foxes. This is a single ahead of Bedroom’s upcoming LP, due on April 28. “This record is the result of many years of dedication to the craft and to continuing this career, of me being pretty creatively lost for a long time and then finding my new self in music that I was searching for,” says Noah Kittinger aka Bedroom. “It’s a testament to independent artistry. [Bedroom] isn’t an industry-designed project. ‘Thread’ is a very organic body of work that is the result of many years of just pushing.​​” “Thread” is the album the singer/songwriter & producer has strived to release throughout his career. It’s a stunning portrait of self-exploration, as Kittinger aims to find his place in life after a tumultuous period both in his personal life and artistry. In 2020, Kittinger sought to break away from his writer’s block and cut ties with business relationships that were limiting his creative path, while also confronting personal issues that halted his musical efforts and severely affected his mental health. To take a breather from the turmoil, he decided to take a trip late in the summer to Nantahala, North Carolina with his best friend Blake Parker, who co-engineered Thread. “There was just so much chaos going on in our lives and the world. We both were like, ‘Man, let’s get the fuck out of the city for a while, go somewhere, just make music and see what happens.'” What emerged from that initial trip was this lead single “Better Friends.” In the song, Kittinger gets brutally honest, admitting to himself that he wishes he had friends to look out for him instead of encouraging toxic coping mechanisms during times of struggle. Melodically, the track stands out for its introduction of pedal steel into Kittinger’s music, injecting southern-tinged flair to the record. Kittinger recalls that after asking his friend Bennett Littlejohn to play pedal steel on the song, it shaped his vision for the LP. “Once he sent that stuff over, I was like, ‘There’s something here. This is exciting to me, these textures and elements.’ That helped birth this whole path of making a new Bedroom album.” While self-producing in an at-home studio allowed Kittinger to reach the depths of his creativity, it was during his trips back to North Carolina that “Thread” began to take shape. “I think that there was just something about removing myself from that frequency that’s within a city, and just literally being in a house in the middle of nowhere, and just having a very limited amount of time and stuff to work on, that I think is what really brings out the important stuff,” explains Kittinger. In that time in serene isolation, Kittinger realized that to break his writer’s block, he had to process the emotional pain he’d experienced over the past couple of years through his writing, leading to his most intimate and compelling songwriting yet. “It was like a choice of [saying] ‘This is what I’m going through right now.’ This record is me very bluntly talking about what it is that I’m going through. I would say it is my most personal record,” says Kittinger. He half-jokingly notes that after Thread, he doesn’t want to make anything as personal as this again. “I just kind of want to make ambient, instrumental music for a while. I don’t really want to sing or say anything after this project for a second,” he says.

Regard and Ella Henderson – “No Sleep”: a club-ready dancefloor by British nominated DJ and producer Regard and chart-topping, multi-platinum selling artist Ella Henderson. “No Sleep” is the perfect pairing of moody trance-inspired synths driven by Ella’s soulful vocals, addressing moving past a lost love. The disco-inflected chorus glistens and is a testament to Regard’s penchant for crafting compelling dance tracks with infectious and nuanced melodies. Speaking further about the track, Regard says “I started creating the beginnings of what would become ‘No Sleep’ last summer. I was so consumed by making the track, I didn’t realize that by the end of my session, it was morning. I worked my way through the entire night on this song. Ironically, it went on to become ‘No Sleep’ thanks to Ella’s incredible performance on the track.”Ella adds “I’m so excited to have collaborated with Regard on ‘No Sleep’. It feels so empowering to sing such a defiant lyric over such a feel-good record! I believe many people will relate to this song & I think having more upbeat records with a strong & powerful message is something we all need right now! I’m excited for this one & I can’t wait to perform it live together at some point!!”

Tayla Parx – “Dream Hotel”: A pop anthem served by great vocals and dramatic orchestration while bending genres and styles. This is the new song from Grammy-nominated songwriter, singer, actress, and businesswoman Tayla Parx. Co-produced by Parx, Oliver Frid, and Heavy Mello with lyrical contributions from Lara Andersson, “Dream Hotel” is the third track revealed from her upcoming project, “Many Moons, Many Suns.” “I wrote this song on a couch in Nashville, clumsily finding the right chords and words that matched the way I was feeling at the time,” recalls Parx. “The Dream Hotel is a real hotel in New York City, and I’ve had so many crazy memories there, one of them being where I and my ex broke up. This song reflects on those moments in that room on that night and the growth I experienced in the many difficult months after. Sonically, it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve released yet.” Parx will star as Donna Summer in the Casablanca Records biopic Spinning Gold which is scheduled to hit theatres on March 31. Parx shares the screen with Wiz Khalifa, Jason Derulo, Pink Sweat$, and Ledisi who through their roles pay tribute to George Clinton, Ron Isley of the Isley Brothers, Bill Withers, and Gladys Knight, respectively. Watch the official trailer here. Parx penned a total of six tracks on Ariana Grande’s blockbuster album “Positions,” including “34+35” and “pov,” not to mention co-writing the double-platinum track “Love Lies” for Khalid and Normani, Anderson. Paak’s “Tints (featuring Kendrick Lamar)” and Dua Lipa’s “It Ain’t Me.” In addition, her Grammy Award-nominated catalog consists of songwriting contributions on Justin Bieber’s “Justice” (Triple Chucks Deluxe), HAIM’s “Women In Music Pt. III,” John Legend’s “Bigger Love,” Janelle Monáe’s “Dirty Computer,” Christina Aguilera’s “Like I Do (featuring GoldLink),” The Internet’s “Ego Death” and the film Hairspray.

Ghost Love – “Iconic”: A dark, almost gothic song with dance beats, and a banging style that is curiously floating between hymn and industrial dancefloor. According to Ghost Love vocalist David Rancourt “Iconic is meditation and reflection on how we remember people after they are gone. Lyrically it was inspired by the dreams I was having of my mother after she passed away and the conversations we were having where we seemed to communicate without using words. She felt very close and far at the same time and it was an emotion I had never felt before. It was a very cathartic and emotional release for me to write this song, probably the most intense of any song I have ever written. It’s a song where I wanted to tell her that she would never be forgotten but it’s also a bit of a reflection on the myths we construct for ourselves after someone passes. I think we tend to create these myths and storytelling about people as a part of the healing process and I think they are an important way to deal with grief.” This is a single from Ghost Love’s upcoming LP, “Mourners Disco,” due this month. The Montreal three-piece, consisting of lifelong pals/seasoned musicians David Rancourt (vocals) and Antoine Rochette (synths/bass), had the desire to hit the reset button and craft a sound that would be all their own and found the missing piece in their puzzle of ethereal electronics care of Justin Metcalfe (guitar). The band delivers a thrilling soundscape of enigmatic moods and upbeat drum machine grooves, indebted in no particular order to Depeche Mode, Slowdive, My Brightest Diamond, Bronski Beat, and The XX.

Ben Copperhead – “Copperhead Vagabond”: An interesting anxiety runs through the psych-folk song, as it is filled with intriguing musical moments cultivating mystery and beauty reflected by the accompanying video (that features animation by Brian Zegeer). This is the first single from Ben Copperhead’s (previously known as Baby Copperhead) forthcoming LP, “Wailing Viridescence,” due April 28 via Shimmy-Disc. Copperhead said of the track and video: “‘Copperhead Vagabond’ is a mystic auto-biographical song that recounts the origin of his namesake: a venomous copperhead snake who bit him on his 18th birthday under the full moon. Vagabond is raw and immediate with acoustic guitar and voice recorded together straight to tape, overdubbed with psychedelic sheets of fuzzed-out electric guitar, hypnotic bass playing, and percussive drumming by Euan Rodger. This featured single is highlighted by Brian Zegeer’s animated music video, who contributed the original artwork for the album.” “Wailing Viridescence” is a 10-track album of sci-fi/psych-folk songs and instrumentals written by NYC-based multi-instrumentalist Ben Copperhead. The album was mainly recorded on a 4-track tape machine and features his exuberant Stringed Serpents: Jessica Pavone on viola, Tom Swafford on violin, and Brent Arnold on cello, who co-produced the string sessions with Grammy-nominated engineer, Mike Tarantino. The album was mastered by Kramer. A few of Copperhead’s past favorite recordings that were hand-picked by Kramer are also included. A key inspiration for Ben Copperhead’s new album, “Wailing Viridescence,” can be traced back to his appreciation of old recordings using analog reel-to-reel tape. Years ago, while on tour in the UK, Ben found a book called Tape Music Composition. Cherishing the warming qualities of magnetic sound, he started teaching himself through experimentation in recording techniques. Utilizing a restored 4-track machine, he relished the challenge imposed upon himself by the constraints and parameters of the medium. The results yielded what he believes to be his strongest album to date. Featuring a collection of songs and several instrumental tracks, Wailing Viridescence represents Copperhead’s deeply personal response to the physical, spiritual, and social injustice. It can be seen, in part, as having been born out of a desire for healing and self-expression under the paradoxical conditions of a need for self-reliance imposed from without and a longing for community coming from within. For Copperhead, this imposition of physical limitations and communal desire gave rise to unexpected inspirations. The album title was inspired by the concatenation of activities undertaken during the pandemic: the ambient wailing sound he often heard during his walks in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, which he later discovered were vocalizations from a peacock in the park’s zoo; readings of myths from India and the story of a peacock who ate a venomous snake, causing the bird’s colors to come alive; and the singing of birds outside his window. These serendipitous influences inspired in him a moment of synesthesia: his namesake, the copperhead snake; the iridescence of the peacock; the wailing calls of songbirds. Copperhead translated this experience of musical colorations through alternate tunings and original arrangements that can be heard in the present album “Wailing Viridescence” represents Ben Copperhead’s continued musical growth and transformation refracted through the collective challenges we face in these tumultuous times. The album was co-produced with longtime collaborator cellist and composer Brent Arnold. Kramer mastered the recordings and hand-picked the songs in collaboration with Ben to help create his extraordinary debut LP for Shimmy-Disc.


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