Phoebe Bridgers Has Launched Her Own Label

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Phoebe Bridgers Has Launched Her Own Label

Phoebe Bridgers’ label


Phoebe Bridgers has launched her own label: Saddest Factory. She released her last album ‘Punisher’ on Dead Oceans, a subsidiary of independent record company Secretly Group, but she has finally realized a personal ambition: launching her own label to promote her favorite undiscovered artists

Saddest Factory is supposedly a mispronunciation of ‘satisfactory,’ a joke entertained by former Sloppy Jane bandmate Haley Dahl, but it’s such an inside joke that I am afraid this will escape to many… But Phoebe has been trying to sell this sad girl image since her humble beginning, so we should not be surprised that she is exploiting the sade/depressed artist cliché… or is making fun of it, but who can tell the difference with these nuance-free social media?

‘It’s always been a dream of mine to have a label because I’m also such a music fan,’ said Bridgers to Billboard. ‘I brought it up, like, ‘Can I have a label? And they were like, ‘Yeah, totally.”

Her new label is supposed to sign acts across genres, based on the quality of their songs, ‘If I like it and I listen to it for pleasure, then other people will like it and listen to it for pleasure,’ she explained, ‘I don’t think I have any ethos other than, ‘Am I jealous?’’ Sure, song quality is a big deal, but with such a label name, I don’t expect many genres… If I were an artist, I would hate to be labeled this way, and as an Elliott Smith’s fan, she should know that. Sadness is not a brand or a marketing tool, but maybe it is one for her generation.

One act has already been signed but the name has not been revealed yet. Bets are open, but I doubt I will know anyone she will sign.

Phoebe Bridgers has surely been very successful very fast. And the crazy thing is that, before having any artist to promote, Saddest Factory already has accounts on all the social media you can name, from Instagram to Twitter, Facebook, Deezer, Spotify, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit, TwitchTV, YouTube, besides its complete website. And 36K followers on Instagram without one single post yet has to be a record.

‘I haven’t felt this yet, but maybe at some point, I’ll want to take a step back from the every two years album cycle and want to do other shit, like produce or just put out records,’ Bridgers said. ‘Music is always going to be in the forefront of my brain. I just want to explore.’ Let’s see what her exploration will be.


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