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On The Road To Marilyn Monroe

In a week or so I will post about a figure as iconic Mickey Mouse, as purely American as Abraham Lincoln, the actress singer, consort of President’s and their brothers, little orphan Marilyn. It might not be worth reading (I’m still mulling it over, but is there actually anything left to say about her?) but it might if I get lucky. I’ll write in anyway.

But this isn’t about that… it is about what I was listening to yesterday…

Early in the morning I finished off my albums round-up with the surprisingly sharp new The Pretty Reckless. I went from there to the Fania Allstars after reading that Johnny Pacheco had died at the age of eighty-five, and that lead Jahn Xavier to listen to Celia And Johnny, and I followed is lead.

By the afternoon, I had moved onto the Frank Sinatra- Duke Ellington, a bit of a disappointment (my review is up tomorrow) and the album (Francis A. & Edward K) concludes with Franks take of “Come Back To Me” from the musical On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, starring Barbra Streisand and the French leading man and singer Yves Montand. I would note that Montand does a better version than Sinatra, and that got me to thinking about Montand’s musical with Marilyn Monroe, “Let’s Make Love” -so I bought it and her take on Cole Porter’s “My Heart Belong’s To Daddy” stopped me dead and I thought… how about Marilyn Monroe as a popstar?


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