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Noel Gallagher Talks And Talks… But Not To Us


Noel Gallagher


Every time Noel Gallagher is interviewed, I can’t help myself, I have to read it, just for the fun of it! He has a new and fucking long one with Esquire, (to talk the same way) he gets very talkative…. So what do we learn we didn’t already know? Noel loves doing interviews, it’s actually his hobby:

‘No! This: doing interviews. I fucking love it. I could do this all day long. It’s sick.’

And what is his favorite subject… well almost anything!

‘Anything other than that [his new music, record]. I have an opinion on everything and if I don’t have an opinion, I’ll fucking make one up on the spot.’

I am totally confident he will and that’s why I love reading his interviews. He talks at length about his childhood, and if I will pass on most of it, this part about his mom talking to the priest who was asking her to come to the church, seems to confirm that the apple never falls far from the tree: ‘What’s the church ever done for me? I run my own life. These lads, they can go to church if they want.’ Go to fucking church? Fucking joking, man.’

This part sums up Noel’s childhood:

‘I laugh when I hear people moaning about their childhoods. It’s usually middle-class people. I think, “mine was worse.” Mine was wrapped up in violence and drunkenness and there was no money. And still we didn’t go around fucking robbing people. We stole things, we didn’t rob people.’

When he talks about his career and today’s music, this is where the fun starts… take this Thom Yorke:

‘Am I aware of a hierarchy? I’m aware that Radiohead have never had a fucking bad review. I reckon if Thom Yorke fucking shit into a light bulb and started blowing it like an empty beer bottle it’d probably get 9 out of 10 in fucking Mojo. I’m aware of that.’

And take this any pop-rock star:

‘I fucking hate whingeing rock stars. And I hate pop stars who are just… neh. Just nothing, you know? “Oh, yeah, my last selfie got 47-thousand-million likes on Instagram.” Yeah, why don’t you go fuck off and get a drug habit, you penis?‘

Noel goes back to Radiohead a bit later during the very long interview, they are his obsession

‘Have other people’s songs ever really touched a generation, though? Radiohead? When do people listen to them? Is it when they go out, or is it when they come in? Because I’m struggling to think.’

He basically can’t stand anybody except Kanye, probably because he is as unpredictable than he is:

‘I’ll tell you what’s wrong. Fame’s wasted on these cunts today. Bar Kanye. You watch him on the MTV Awards and you think, “You can fucking stay, you’re alright.’

‘Does anybody give a fuck about what any of these current pop stars are up to? Who gives a shit what fucking One Direction do? Cocksuckers, all of them in rehab by the time they’re 30. Who gives a shit what Ellie Goulding is up to? Really? Adele, what? Blows my fucking mind. It blows my fucking mind. Nobody cares! Fame’s wasted on them, with their fucking in-ear monitors and their electronic cigarettes. And their fragrances that they’re bringing out for Christmas. You fucking dicks.’

‘There are no rock’n’roll people anymore. What people think of as rock’n’roll now is you can buy The Rolling Stones’ 1972 tour T-shirt in Topman.

‘This new generation of rock stars, they look great: Alex Turner, Miles Kane, the guys from Royal Blood. They’ve got the fucking skinny jeans and the boots, and all that eyeliner. I’ve got a cat that’s more rock’n’roll than all of them put together. Pigeons? Rips their fucking heads off.’

You can’t deny that he has a great point when he says this:

‘Record companies now can sell a billion Ed Sheeran downloads tomorrow morning. They don’t want someone like Ian Brown in their offices, or Liam, or Bobby Gillespie, or Richard Ashcroft, or me. They want professionals. That’s what it’s become now.’

‘I guaran-fucking-tee you this: The Stone Roses never mentioned ‘career’ in any band meetings. Ever. Or Primal Scream, or The Verve. Oasis certainly never mentioned it. I bet it’s mentioned a lot by managers and agents now: ‘Don’t do that, it’s bad for your career.’ ‘What? Fuck off!” Like when we went to the Brits and we’d won all those awards and we didn’t play. The head of the Brits said, “This’ll ruin your career.’ Fucking, wow. I say to the guy, “Do you know how high I am? You know who’s going to ruin my career? Me, not you. Bell-end. More Champagne. Fuck off.’

You have to admit there are a lot of people who think they have a ‘career’ these days…

‘Everybody’s out to please The Guardian. And that’s the wrong attitude. I know people who live for their reviews. I once asked somebody how their new album was going, they said, ‘Fucking great. I’ve only got one bad review.’ Who gives a fuck? ‘Only got one bad review.’ Fucking hell, really? Shit, Jesus. Here’s your second.’

I could go on forever, but you can read the whole long thing here.

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