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Nicki Minaj Performs A Secret Show In LA, Bails Out Her Brother A Few Days Later


Minaj at the Teragram Ballroom


During the whole month of November, Red Bull Sound Select has offered 30 days of concerts to Los Angelenos, for a very low price, all over the city… I got to see TV on the Radio for $15 and wanted to see Foals too, but the show got sold out very fast… just like Red Bull’s grand finale, a secret show at the Teragram ballroom, just put on sale a few weeks ago, and this without revealing the identity of the artist playing! The secret was kept till the end, or may be it was not a secret anymore for certain well-connected people, but it was simply impossible to get a ticket.

Why people buy tickets for a show with a secret headliner? In the hope it could be a very big one? Yes and it was, Nicki Minaj showed up, so that was big if you were into hip hop… I am kidding, of course it was huge! Although the review of the LA Times is quite positive, it discloses that ‘She was fully present for a show that didn’t physically need her to sound the way it did; almost every song played with a full vocal track in the mix.’ Ha, these rappers and their karaoke tricks! I am sure it was a lot of fun anyway, I would totally have gone, especially for $15.

But when reading about other Minaj-related news, I may have a second thought,… can we have fun with a woman who has just bailed out a child rapist According to Page Six, Jelani Maraj, Minja’s brother, was charged with raping a 12-year-old, and his superstar sister brought up the $100,000 bond to free him.

‘She was prepared to do anything for her brother,’ a source said of Minaj, and this is very tricky, as much as you want to help your family when there is a tragedy happening, these are serious accusations, and a weird situation, may be Minaj is in denial and thinks he is innocent, although the $100,000 and the fact that he was accused of first-degree rape and first-degree sexual conduct against the 12-year-old several times between April and November, tell us it is very serious. What a weird thing, Minaj entertaining all these people in LA last Monday a few days before freeing her brother accused of rape from the Nassau County jail in East Meadow. I bet a lot of things were going through her mind at the Teragram ballroom… I hope she wasn’t too big on feminism and other liberating female /girl power statements, because what she did clearly negates whatever she ever said on the subject.

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