Nick Cave Will Release A New Album And A 3D Movie In September

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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


If you are a big Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds fan like me, you can only rejoice after reading this. They are reportedly releasing a new album plus a concert film in September.

The new film does not seem to be another ‘20,000 Days on Earth’, the documentary musical drama that Nick Cave co-wrote 2 years ago, it’s simply titled ‘Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’, and according to Factmag and NME, it is already listed on the website of independent LA cinema group Laemmle. The film is described as ‘first and foremost, a performance film of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds performing songs from their new album’, and also as ‘the first medium through which anyone anywhere will be able to hear & experience the songs’. We also know that it will ‘be shot in black and white, color and 3-D’ … 3D? And I want to insert a big smiley face here because watching Nick Cave in 3D when he will be jumping at you while you will be comfortably seating in a dark room, has to be a powerful experience. Of course this will be creating ‘an experience that is immersive but also elegant, that feels both immediate and archival’, and this has to be a million times better than any 3D attraction at Universal Studios. The movie is set to premiere on September 8th… When can I buy a ticket?

As for the album, it will be released at midnight on September 9th and Factmag also reports that it will have an ‘intimacy and starkness that the film’s photographic style will reflect’

The other interesting thing is that no track will be ‘serviced to media or released as singles ahead of its release date’, it looks like Nick Cave still believes in the album concept and wants us to experience it as a whole, as one full and complete experience.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds’ last album, ‘Push The Sky Away’ was released in 2013, and because of the tragedy that Nick Cave went through – he lost his son last year in a tragic and freak accident – I was not expected to hear new work so soon.


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