Nick Cave And Warren Ellis Have Released A New Single On ‘Cave Things’

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Cave Things

A new song on ‘Cave Things’


Did you see what Nick Cave just did yesterday? As long as this stretching pandemic is still upon us, musicians have to be more and more ingenious and creative to sell stuff and pique their fans’ interest, and this is exactly what’s happening there.

Only a month after the release of their album ‘Carnage,’ Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have released a single that they put on sale on ‘Cave Things,’ Nick Cave’s official online store where he sells exclusive and eccentric objects of all sorts. The single is not available digitally, and this has, of course, triggered so much interest among fans that it is already sold out. I am not sure how many were on sale, but at £20 for each single, it is probably a good marketing stunt.

Here is the content of this new single:

A-side: Letter to Cynthia
Words by Nick Cave
Music performed and written by Warren Ellis

B-side: Song for Cynthia
Performed and written by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

A ‘Letter to Cynthia’ is in fact an entry of Cave’s personal blog, the Red Hand Files, that he wrote back in October 2018. It is a very moving piece, an answer to a fan who had experienced the death of several people of her close family. ‘if we love, we grieve. That’s the deal. That’s the pact. Grief and love are forever intertwined,’ Nick wrote (you can read the full text here), and he turned the piece into spoken words over another Warren Ellis’ looping soundscape. However, side B is a song, a real new song… for the same Cynthia. Now imagine being Cynthia! I bet we will hear about the song soon, fans may leak it at some point, but this is barely the point.

With this little shop of curiosity, Cave is having some lucrative fun: each object is unique or in limited supply and this is the trick. At a time when everything-digital and streaming are dominating the market, he is proposing polaroid, cards, necklace charms, madness pencils, provocative shirts, and exclusive recordings… This lands between art and merchandise, but this is actually much more satisfying than any nonfungible token.

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